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16 Azar 1388: Info, Articles, Protest Routes, Posters and Videos

Another successful day of anti-regime protests completed

December, 7, 2009

Six months after the fraudulent election that returned Ahmadinejad to the Presidency of Iran, the regime is facing its toughest foe, its own citizens.  Led by the University students, the movement has once again defied the regime and  taken its greivances to the streets.  Under heavy security at all major Universities and streets leading to the public squares across Iran, the movement is braving beatings, arrests, tear gas and gunfire and yet is coming out in large numbers to demand their freedom.  The chants of protestors have evolved from the original post selection chants of where’s my vote – to, death to dictator- then, death to Khamenei -to the present chants of  * religion and politics should be separated, *Mousavi is an excuse, the entire regime is the target, *Khamenei is a murderer and his leadership is illegitimate, and *Death to Veleyat-e-faqih.    This shift shows that as the regime has raised the level of suppression, so too have the protestors raised their demands.  And it seems that their demands are finally reaching critical mass for this murderous regime.  There seems to be nothing the regime can do to stop what is the inevitable,  the taking back of the country by the people and returning  the clerics to the  mosques where they belong.  It is becoming ever clearer that even the reformers of the regime are out of touch with reality. Whether it is the Hojjatieh, who currently wield the power, or the reformists, the plain truth is, that the overwhelming majority of Iranians never wanted the “Islamic Republic of Iran”  in the first place.   And one day soon, SO IT SHALL BE! 


Here are some articles on 16 Azar:


Latest Iran Protests Show a Resilient Opposition

خشونت لباس شخصی ها شعارها را تند کرد

Iran student protests bring out tens of thousands

انتقاد جهانی از حمله به تظاهرات مسالمت‌آمیز در روز دانشجو

Iran’s 16 Azar protests were even more widespread than originally thought

December 9, 2009

As information and videos come out of Tehran with haste on days of large protest, some of the smaller and far removed city’s are delayed for a day or two.  With the news media’s rush to get out the story, we don’t get an accurate assessment of really how widespread the protests are.  Now, after a couple of days have passed,  more information and videos have surfaced.  And it appears that the regime’s worst nightmare is becoming reality.  The protests, although predominantly confined to Universty’s, are spreading.  What is compelling, is that all the efforts by the regime to shut the valve of dissent have not only not been effective, but quite the opposite, the valve seems to have broken.  On the otherhand, the University underground has apparently been highly successful in disseminating information and organizing.  As you can see ( below are links to protests all across Iran) the protests are starting to encompass all of Iran.  If this trend, which we fully expect, continues to consume Iran, the regime is going to be left with very few options, as the protests will start spilling into the greater streets again as well.  And when that starts again, well, it will be unstoppable!  We will be seeing you soon in a secular, democratic Iran.  Khoda Hafez mullahs!


Ahwaz University

Shiraz University

Tehran Azad University Medical Branch

Ilam University

Tehran Khajenasir University

Karaj Azad University

Mashad Khayam University

Kermanshah Azad University

Tehran Elm O Sanat University

Gilan University

Soureh University of Arts

Kerman Azad University

Isfahan University

Mashad Ferdowsi University

Kurdestan University

South Tehran Azad University

Qazvin University

Dezful Azad University

Gorgan Azad University

Semnan University

Hormozgan University

*Also, there were many street protests around the country.  See here Droi’s vodspot




 Here we come again,

And again,

And again…

The next planned protest is on 16 Azar ( Dec. 7 ), Students Day in Iran.  This year will be much different than previous years, as the protests will not  be confined to University Campuses.  Just as 13 Aban, every major city will be taking part.  Also, there will be some new tactics employed this time, as to minimize the number of student protestors confined to campuses by the security forces.  We will be adding info, posters and videos as they become available.  Please pass all of these along to friends, family, social sites, twitter, etc..  Help build momentum for 16 Azar.  As always, stay safe and stay focused. 



Countdown clock for 16 Azar

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock



 Note:   On 15 Azar the Greens will gather outside the “International Exhibition of household appliances” in Tehran at 3:oo p.m.


Attention:  Updated 16 Azar 11:00 a.m.

Due to heavy prescence of forces around Tehran University, routes have been changed.

Here is updated information:











1. Tehran – 16 Azar rally routes

  •      Azadi Square – Revolution Square – Tehran University
  •      Hafte-Tir Square – St., Karim Khan – Asr Square – Keshavarz Blvd – Street workers – Tehran University
  •      Tehran University dormitory complex – North Kargar Ave – Tehran University
  •       Amir Kabir University – Cross-Asr – Tehran University
  •       Ferdowsi Square – Street Revolution – Tehran University.

مسيرهاي راهپيمايي روز 16 آذر در تهران ساعت 5 بعدازظه ۱۶ةزار

  1. ميدان آزادي-ميدان انقلاب-دانشگاه تهران
  2. ميدان هفت تير-خيابان کريم خان-ميدان وليعصر-بلوار کشاورز -خيابان کارگر-دانشگاه تهران 
  3. مجتمع کوي دانشگاه تهران-خيابان کارگر شمالي-دانشگاه تهران 
  4. دانشگاه اميرکبير-چهارراه وليعصر-دانشگاه تهران
  5. ميدان فردوسي-خيابان انقلاب-دانشگاه تهران.

 – Click image to enlarge-






 2. Rasht –

  •  Protest outside Central building of Gilan Univ at 10:00 a.m.
  •  Protest for all students and people of Rasht outside Gilan University of Medical Science (Monzariye) at 4:00 p.m.


3. Mazandaran – Green traffic in Ghaem Shahr, Taleghani Sq at 5:00pm. Bring green banners

4. Mashad –

Protest outside Ferdowsi University at 5:00pm

  •  Chaharrahe Khayam – Azadi Sq.
  •  Esteghlal Sq – Azadi Sq.

– Click image to enlarge –







5. Shiraz –

Protest outside University 5:00pm

  •  Gaz Square-Azadi Blvd-Baghe Eram Blvd – Eram Square
  • Emam Hossein Square – Karimkhan – Namazi Square – Eram Square

– Click image to enlarge –









 6. Isfahan –

Protest outside University Nazar St 5:00pm

  •  Chaharbargh Bala-Univ
  •  Tohid St-University
  •  Sheykh Sodogh Shomali-University

– Click image to enlarge –









7. Ahvaz –

  •  Taleghani St. – Shohada Square – Azadegan St. – Paul Nader – Coast Road – University Square
  •  St. Nader – Paul Nader – Coast Road – Paul V – University Square
  •  Time Square – Sports Stadium – University Square

 – Click image to enlarge – 










8. Tabriz –

  •  Around the University & Abresan at 6 p.m.
  •  Green traffic in nearby streets at 5 p.m.


Tips for 16 Azar  

16 Azar street protests are another big test for the green movement. After the suppression of protests on 13 Aban, expectations are for a decreased turnout of 16 Azar protestors. According to the news received, Mr. Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami are preparing to be among the students. After consultation with several hundred active members of the green movement, the following points have been collated to help ensure the success of 16 Azar protests:

The authorities are trying to limit all protest and organising attempts by students, and have marshalled their efforts to suppress street protests and prevent people from joining. Forces are expected to position themselves heavily around Tehran University. To neutralize this tactic, an appropriate solution is holding protests dispersed in different areas. Streets near the university can be a meeting place to start scattered protests. Away from the University, you can gather in the streets and chant together. Although the green movement is building in strength, verbal violence and revenge is not sought through slogans. Both slogans and protests should be peaceful.

According to information received, instead of shooting, beating or detention, security forces plans to quickly disperse protests. To deal with this:
First: It is recommended that all join queues for public transport, as soon as entering the street, and refuse to be sent away or moved.
Second: Avoid all areas close to main roads and highway. Gathering in the streets and crowded pedestrian and shopping areas is the best way of increasing crowd population and prevent dispersal.
Third: If you are at a one-way street, only enter the street against the flow of traffic. If a one-way street is unusually empty, this probably means that the end is closed by officers and you should not enter.

According to additional information received, they want police activities exaggerated and to use traffic control cameras, to intimidate citizens with threat of fines and identification. There is no doubt that accurate identification of a population of millions, if possible, would not yield any benefit, because the arrest and prosecution of such a large population is not possible. However, it is necessary and useful to use masks to hinder identification attempts as well as guard against the possible use of tear gas.

Green traffic protests with private cars, blocking the routes of the repression forces, is one of the useful and effective methods for supporting demonstrators. All people unable to participate in street protests for any reason, can help their fellow citizens in this way.

The chanting of Allah Akbar, not only as a symbol of the government being anti-religious, but to the media and all Iranian as a symbol of solidarity and unity, from every nation and religion. All citizens can use this symbol of solidarity, and it is aslo important to advance the movement, and gain media attention. Thus all the green movement activists and supporters are reminded to remember to call Allah Akbar on the evening of Sunday, 15 Azar. Even if for any reason you are not able to participate in the protests, with the cry of Allah Akbar you become part of the movement in spirit.

As with all previous activities, you are the media. The world is watching.


Green Traffic Protests (پارسى)


Resistance Manifesto:  Strategies & Tactics to win & resist.


*Note:  Dependent on circumstances, all routes are subject to change.

               These are official routes as of 14 Azar.


* Warning statement  to the authorities by E. Azerbyjan Students Participation Front to avoid violence





15 Azar  Chant for Unity with students at 10:00 p.m. (Allah O Akbar)





16 Azar Posters 



Green traffic in Tehran: Enghelab Sq >>> Azadi Sq at 6:00pm


16 Azar1

16 Azar2


 16 Azar3

16 Azar4

16 Azar6

16 Azar7



16 Azar9

16 Azar10

16 Azar11




16 Azar13


16 Azar14

16 Azar 15

16 Azar17

16 Azar16


16 Azar18


16 Azar20


16 Azar24

16 Azar22



 16 Azar23


 16 Azar29


16 Azar25


16 Azar26



16 Azar28









































116 Azar30













 16 Azar55










































16 Azar Videos




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