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The Only Way Forward

Mesbah Yazdi’s Danger for Khamenei

Mohtashamipour’s Third Warning About the Mesbahiyeh Cult
Roozonline – A senior member of the reformist clerical group Assembly of Combatant Clergy [Majma Rohaniyoon Mobarez] Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour, warned about the increasing power of hardline cleric Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and his disciples, noting, “The Mesbahiyeh cult, which I have been warning about for years, is not sitting idle; this is a very dangerous and violent group that won’t show mercy to anyone, neither to the Imam, nor to ayatollah Khamenei. They are using him as a tool to reach their goals, and when they accomplish that, they would destroy the supreme leader too.”

He added, “I am certain that Mr. Mesbah Yazdi does not believe in the supreme leader. Mr. Mesbah did not believe in the Imam, and after the revolution, he was not present in the war, or in other positions to help the Imam. Why do you think he believes in ayatollah Khamenei?”

This is Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour’s third warning about the influence of the “Mesbahiyeh cult” in Iranian power structure. He had warned before in 1385 and 1387 about the gradual infiltration of Meshab Yazdi and his close disciples into sensitive power centers in Iran.

Mohtashamipour, who was himself close to revolutionary founder ayatollah Khomeini, has accused Mesbah of seeking to strip the Islamic republic from its republican core and “popular sovereignty.” Describing the Mesbahiyeh cult’s views, he said, “The Mesbahiyeh cult is extremely restrictive against women, the youth, students, journalists, and internal politicians. We don’t see anytime during Imam’s life when he accused the Iranian youth of being heretics; or to refer to students as secular, materialistic, and egotistical.”

Mohtashamipour revealed that he has warned the Islamic Republic supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei during a face-to-face meeting about Mesbah Yazdi’s increasing influence, adding, “I still believe that the danger posed by the Mesbahiyeh cult for the revolution and the Islamic Republic regime is much stronger than the one posed by many other groups and factions. God forbid, one day it will official wage war against the Islamic Republic and the person of the supreme leader.”

Despite opposition from many figures close to ayatollah Khomeini, including ayatollah Tavassoli, Mehdi Karoubi, Mousavi-Tabrizi, Mohammad Khatami, and even verbal clashes between Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mesbah Yazdi over the latter’s promotion of violence against political opponents, and Mesbah Yazdi’s clear remarks about the insignificance of popular votes and the divine sovereignty of the supreme leader, Mesbah Yazdi’s disciples have advanced so far into the Iranian power structure that his supporters and former students now occupy sensitive posts, particularly in the Islamic Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps, Basij and the police.


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