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Iran’s Sufi’s attacked after pledging support for the Green Movement

Iranian militiamen have raided a Sufi house of worship in the northern city of Karaj, a Sufi community leader told RFE/RL’s Radio Farda.

Mostafa Azmayesh is a representative of the Sufi Nematollahi Gonabadi order, which suffered the attack.  Azmayesh told Radio Farda on May 12 that roughly 100 Basij security forces, accompanied by plainclothed agents on motorcycles attacked the house of worship on May 10 in this city west of Tehran.

The attackers were prevented from entering the building and were later dispersed by police.

The attackers shouted slogans against Sufism, a branch of Islam regarded as heresy by some conservative Muslim clerics.

Azmayesh said the Basiji “tried to break into the house of worship saying ‘we should settle accounts with dervishes.’

This was apparently in response to a meeting between Sufi representatives and green movement supporters.  

According to the young guests at this meeting members of the Freedom Movement requested that the Grand Master of the Sufi order support the Green movement and its leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Furthermore, according to those present Noor Ali, who during last years presidential election year supported Karroubi, vowed in this meeting to support the Green movement and give financial assistance as well as encouraging the Sufis to attend the June 22nd schedule protests.

 Its said that after death of the previous Grand master of the Sufi order (Mahboob Alishah) the current Grand master Noor Ali Tabandeh gave this order a political stance. Noor Ali who was a known a member of the National Freedom movement seems to have found the Sufi order a useful tool in opposing the current policies of Iranian Islamic Republic.

 Although his father and brother were also the Grand masters of this order he himself because of his anti-religious beliefs did not show any interest in Sufism. But with the death of his nephew Noor Ali Tabandeh became the leader of the Gonabadi Sufi order.

 Noor Ali who had previous experience in dealing with the Iranian Islamic Republic, and was even imprisoned for his views and activities by the regime, after he became the Grand master of the Sufi order he found that the order can be a useful a tool with which he could provide support to the National Freedom Movement.

 It is also important to note that after of Khatami’s presidency, and also after last years post election riots, the Gonabadi Sufi order with the use of its foreign members intensified its political campaign against the sacred system of the Islamic Republic outside of Iran. 

Also, twenty-four dervishes from Namatullahi Gonabadi order were accused of disturbing public peace and order through holding illegal gatherings and were sentenced to punishments ranging from lashings to imprisonment and exile.

The sentencing was issued by Branch 101 of the criminal court in the city of Gonabad and the dervishes have been identified as:
1. Abdulreza Kashani
2. Alireza Abasi
3. Nazarali Marvi
4. Mohammad Marvi-Shahri
5. Shukrullah Hosseini-Baidokhti
6. Ali Kashani-Far
7. Mohammad Kashani
8. Saeed Kashani
9. Amir-Roshan Mojaver-Sufi
10. Ali-Mohammad Amanian
11. Ruhullah Safari
12. Ehsan Amanian
13. Ali Abasi-Baidokhti
14. Ebrahim Abaszadeh
15. Mohammad-Ali Jaafari
16. Hossein Mahdavi
17. Hossein Abaszadeh-Baidokhti
18. Rahmat Hosseini
19. Ramin Sultankhah
20. Reza Kakhaki
21. Behrooz Mojaver-Sufi
22. Ali Mir
23. Zafar-Ali Moghaymi
24. Hasan Baluchi-Baidokhti

Fourteen dervishes received three-month and one-day suspended jail sentences, which will remain in effect for the next three years, combined with 25 lashes. 

The following ten dervishes identified below were accused of organizing the gathering that took place last July, and provoking others to join their band, and were sentenced to five-months imprisonment, 50 lashes and will be forced stay in a distant location for one year.

1. Abdulreza Kashani
2. Alireza Abasi
3. Nazarali Marvi
4. Mohammad Marvi-Shahri
5. Shukrullah Hosseini-Baidokhti
6. Ali Kashani-Far
7. Mohammad Kashani
8. Ehsan Amanian
9. Ramin Sultankhah
10. Zafar-Ali Moghaymi

Sources:  Payvand, Inside of Iran, Harana

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