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Mousavi: Is rulers’ telling lies in line with religion?

Mir Hossein Mousavi in a meeting with a group of teachers and clerics of Seminary Schools for the anniversary of the martyrdom of Fatemeh, daughter of Prophet Mohammad, said: “If a system claims to be Islamic and a follower of Prophet Mohammad and his family’s path should truly pays attention to the way they treated people and make that their role model.”

Mousavi by pointing out to the question on how the government should follow the teachings of Fatemeh (peace be upon her) in the current society added: “Now the question of the people is that whether the path taken by those in power, who claim to be Muslim and follower of Islam but then lie, has any compatibility with the path of Fatemeh (peace be upon her), who one of her titles has been Sadigheh which means honestly and staying away from wrongdoings and slightest lies? “

Mousavi also raised this question that: “Would the prophet [Mohammad] that we know ever have made such prisons in the territory of Islamic and religious state?”

According to Mousavi’s belief the Iranians have respect for Prophet Mohammad and his family and this respect has roots in the national identity of them and therefore there should not be actions taken in the country [by those in power] in the name of religion and Islam that, God forbidden, would damage this belief and respect.

Mousavi by pointing out the colour Green chosen for his campaign during the presidential election said: “Some people gave us the idea of choosing the colour Green in one of the campaign trips Ms. Rahnavard and I had to the holy city of Mashahd, with religious intentions. Therefore this shows the link of this movement to the verdure, beauty and spirituality of our religion and the family of the prophet Mohammad; we also considered this as a good sign and because of the respect of the people for the family of Prophet Mohammad this colour and Green wave have become so popular among the people.

Mousavi added: “Currently this point is still valid. The Green Movement has roots in our religious thoughts and as long as the Green Movement is in this path the people of our country support it.”

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