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Regime’s 5-Phase Attack Plan for 22 Khordad!?

Disclaimer While we cannot confirm the authenticity of the “leaked document,” we will post it, as it comes from a trusted and reliable source,  One thing is for sure, and that is that the regime has already begun to up the ante (intimidations, arrests, executions, etc) in the run-up to the coup anniversary.

Note:  A document was recently leaked that claims to reveal a five-phase plan members of the ruling Iranian regime wrote to create tension and fear among protesters on the June 12th anniversary of the presidential election. The document was sent to Persian2English from a reliable source.

Leaked news:

On April 24, 2010 there was a meeting held in Qom, Iran.

 The address of where the meeting took place:

  • Shohada Street (formerly Safa street) – Koocheh 22 – Bon-bast Shahid Alian – Mahdaviad Center – Cultural Unit of Soldiers of Mehdi

Goal and Plan:

  • To arouse Hezbollahi people out onto the streets in order to defend Islam
  • This will take place a few weeks before the anniversary of the June 12th presidential election.

Participants in the meeting headed by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati:

  • Rahim Moshayi (Advisor to Ahmadinejad)
  • Mohammad Ali Ramin
  • Farhad Rahbar
  • Seyed Mohammad Saeedi
  • Mohammad Najjar
  • Hojatoleslam Shajoni
  • Hojatoleslam Ali Saeedi
  • Mojtaba Zolnoor
  • Ahmad Reza Radan
  • Yadollah Javani
  • Ali Mobbasheri
  • Farhad Daneshjou

Representatives for Khamenei:

  • Agha Vahid (officer manager for Khamenei)
  • Mojtaba Khamenei

Plan of Action:

To create hit groups in Tehran, Mashad, Shiraz and Isfahan.

*5 -Phase Attack:

Plainclothes agents from the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Unit will roam around the universities.

During the first three phases, young girls will be attacked, beaten up, and their clothing will be removed in public using the excuse of not abiding by Islamic hijab. The aim is to create an atmosphere of fear where young people will be too scared to leave their houses. This will begin three weeks prior to the anniversary of the June 12th presidential election.

* The note does not break down the phase in five specific steps for attack. The phases are consolidated.



Attacks will be headed by:

Tehran: Hojatoleslam Shajoni

Shiraz: Farhad Daneshjou

Isfahan: Ahmad Reza Radan



Estimated costs:

For the first phase: 1.8 Million dollars USD (has been paid out of Khamenei’s account)

Cost for all phases: 68 Million dollars USD



Side notes from the meeting:

Ahmad-Reza Radan suggested an effective way to create fear is to kidnap young boys and girls during the day on busy streets.  He suggested that the vehicles used by ‘kidnappers’ should be unmarked vans.


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