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موسوی: کشور با آزادی وعدالت اداره می شود نه با زندان اوین /Mousavi: Country is run by freedom and justice not by imprisonment


Mir Hossein Mousavi met with a group of political prisoners who were detained during Shah’s regime, whom according to Mousavi fought in an atmosphere where there was no clear overlook of future and the only thing was the sense of pure duty of the individuals, an atmosphere where all efforts were made with the desire for achieving the principles, rule of Islam and a healthy society. Mousavi in this meeting said: “The beginning of the revolution started with the same atmosphere.”

If the general frameworks were preserved, Iran would have moved in a good direction

Mousavi while noting the problems of the early days of the revolution said: “No system is without problems” but also added: “If the general frameworks were preserved, Our Iran would have moved in a good direction.”

Mousavi by referring to the anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini and recalling the unique and historic funeral of Imam Khomeini in which millions of people participated, called this great participation a sign of the support of the nation for the revolution and what have had happened in the first decade of the revolution and said: “ Without trying to ignore some of the problems, but this [great participation] was a sign that many of the principles were achieved [at that time].”

We knew the front lines as a sign of our rightfulness

We cannot answer to the younger generation because we were derailed from the path

Mousavi said: “Always different governments give a series of indices as the indicators of their success, such as GDP, wealth prisuctivity or in case of non-material aspects such as education, human dignity and etc. which their significant is meaningful and can be discusses individually. At the beginning of the [Iran-Iraq] war the massive number of pure and loyal individuals whom the revolution gave to us, was the index and sign of the rightfulness of our system. We have always known the front lines as the sign of our rightfulness and also as a sign that the system have had been successful in achieving its principles. But unfortunately there has been gradual deviation and in the recent years we have also found some main problems such that today we cannot answer to the younger generation, and even when we explain to them that what were the goals of the early days of the revolution and after the revolution what changes happened in the country, yet we cannot convince them; and its only reason is because we were derailed from the path.”

Compare the unprecedented events of this year’s Book Fair with …

Mousavi in describing the before revolution atmosphere in comparison to after revolution by citing an example said: “Before revolution there was no freedom. The topics of printed and main books were very limited and [books] were circulated in an underground network. But after the revolution there were Book Fairs to show that this system does not believe in limiting thoughts and indeed a cultural revolution was formed. But even in this one case compare what we wanted to the unprecedented events of this year’s Book Fair in which even the books and writing of some of the Marjas (senior religious figures) were also banned. They eliminated the booth displaying Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti’s books, who himself was one of the founders of this revolution and as usual there have been restrictions on books on literature and social sciences. These are only small signs of the divergiance from the principles of the revolution.”

System is moving toward monologue

Monologue leads to tyranny and dictatorship

Monologue is the most important factor inhibiting the development

Mousavi while warning about the continuation of this trend said: “The system is moving toward monologue so that it does not tolerate any other view. Monologue by itself leads to tyranny and dictatorship and there is no one that does not know that in addition to tyranny and dictatorship the most important factor inhibiting the development.”

Policies that targeted the transparency and free flow of information

Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized: “What we are witnessing now is the policies that targeted the transparency and free flow of information and it is not surprising that in our country the issues of corruptions, lies and dictatorship is expanding, because if there are no free thoughts then in a monologue environment these issues are natural.”

Green Movement is for freedom and justice

There was a time that we wished for celebrating the day Evin prison would be shutdown but…

Mousavi in another section of his remarks discussed the relation between the Green Movement and the principles of the revolution and said: “Green is for freedom and justice. Justice for the people who participated in the revolution and this country with all its diversified ethnicities, cultures and languages belongs to them and justice in social, political and economical aspects is part of their rights, as well as freedom which has been one of our principles and if does not exist people’s rights will be violated. There was a time that we wished the prisons would be empty and we celebrate the day Evin prison would be shutdown, but now there are new constructions in Evin to make more cells in order to imprison more human and this is another sign of corruption and divergence which will no result.”

We did not want a government empty of content

Is it possible to defend such a system in the world?

Mousavi noted: “We did not want just to form a government and define a framework in the name of Islam but empty of content that has no sign of the principles and dreams that were emerged from our religion and beliefs. If a system is to stay but by filling the prisons or by beating and arresting students, Muslim workers and teachers, artists, filmmakers and journalists, can one defend such a system in the world?”

Movement that emerged from the true needs of a nation

Green Movement is a four season movement

Mousavi stressed that seeking freedom and justice is a serious demand in this atmosphere and said: “Green movement is an ongoing process which will not stop by arrests, threats and imprisonments or even by killings; because it contains the demands that have emerged from the true and human needs of our nation. This movement is a four season movement. It revitalizes and appears in different forms. It is so that it would be insignificant in a period or depends on a specific individual but rather it has emerged from the human demands of our nation and it is in continuation of the long-time struggles of our nation to achieve freedom and justice.”

The goals of the Green Movement are simple and clear

We don’t expect them to act fair, either in state-run TV and radio or…

Mousavi called the goals and mottos of the Green Movement, simple and clear and said: “when we say the constitution the issue is clear; when we say there must be no corruption and lies and there must be justice, the issue is clear. For sure promoting awareness is the greatest tool of the Green Movement. We don’t want to fight with anyone. We just are defending our rights and our tool is to spread awareness among the people and we are not blocking anyone’s path. They can propagate against us that we are not telling the truth. We don’t expect them to act fair, either in their state-run TV and radio or in their other media.”

“No Lies” was the serious demand of all the people

Mousavi by recalling the slogan of “No Lies” chanted by the people on the eve of the Election Day said: “During the election campaigns one of the most important and most effective posters that was made, was the poster that had “No Lies” sign on it. I saw it for the first time in Tehran and within 24 hours I saw it in one of the most remote areas of the country because it was the tangible and serious demand of the people.”

They cannot tolerate to see even one normal weblog free

Awareness is the Achilles Heel of the government

Mir Hossein Mousavi once again talked about the issue of awareness and the necessity of spreading awareness and emphasized: “The fact that they cannot tolerate to see even one normal weblog free and today even in cyber space there is not even one media in our hand that could be safe from filtering, all are signs that awareness is the Achille’s Heel of the government and it’s source of weakness. Therefore anyone in any place who feels responsible should make efforts based on his/her capability to spread political and social awareness even if it would be by saying a minor point in a gathering.”

Where are the focal points of spreading awareness?

Mir Hossein Mousavi outlined the focal points for spreading awareness and said: “We should spread awareness from family environments to the gatherings of friends and relatives and among the different classes and provinces. The Green Movement does not have a complex goal; we don’t want corruption and lies; we want respect for the people; we want to have a proper judiciary system that would not be oppressive. It must not be such that they force someone to confession then based on that confession execute him/her or beat the prisoners or release the prisoners and after a couple of weeks contact him/her and ask them to give forced interviews [and say as dictated in it] or if not agreed call them back to prison! It would be sufficient just to explain these issues to the people.”

How unfamiliar are those who have created these extensive prisons to the truth

Mousavi added: “I always say that how unfamiliar are those who have created these extensive prisons to the truth. How many times during the month of Ramathan and our national and religious celebrations there was the opportunity to return freely to the principles despite the past. This would have automatically made people optimistic. Even now if they say that free and competitive election will be held and there will not be cheating, you’ll see that people will breathe a sigh of relief.

Kahrizak prison was a national issue; tell it in front of the people so that it does not get repeated.

He emphasized: “A regime that cannot investigate the attack on university students’ dormitory with bravery and explain to people that what really happened and also cannot deal with those who cheated, is a weak regime. The strength of a regime is in its ability to explain problems. Regarding Kahrizak they claim to have sentenced three persons. Kahrizak is a national issue and for this reason all discussions about Kahrizak must be in front of people’s eyes so that it will not be repeated and people also be convinced that justice was served. Even this vague result that they (the authorities) announced and three people were sentenced must be explained that who these three people are and how they relate to those whose names were announced in the parliament [for being responsible for the crimes of Kahrizak] (reference to Mortazavi who was declared by the parliamentary committee responsible for the death of political prisoners at Kahrizak prison); the parliament that we know how restraint its reports are.”

We hope that the false path turns into the right path

Mousavi said: “We all hope that this false path turn into the right path. [Should this happen] people will be satisfied no matter who does it or in what circumstances. People have fought and have suffered to achieve freedom and justice and to not be under tyranny and dictatorship; to have posts and statures rotate so that everybody in any position remains responsible to the people. “

Did arrests manage to save Shah’s regime?

Mir Hossein Mousavi addressed the political prisoners from before the revolution and added: “These attacks and arrests don’t solve the issue. Didn’t Shah’s regime fall despite putting you in jail? The regime fell and I remember the result of those arrests but the question is whether those arrests saved Shah’s regime? The status of media and the flow of free information and news around the globe is very different from the era that you were imprisoned. First thing in the morning with reviewing a few websites, one can get all the news. Before, announcements were spread hand to hand with all kinds of difficulties and sometimes with dangers and at the end they would have reached only a few. Satellites and the international media and the communications are all very important [today].”

The country should be governed with freedom and justice, not with Evin prison

Mousavi emphasized: “Some think that by creating an atmosphere of fear and terror can manage the affairs but [the truth is that] the country must be governed should be governed with freedom and justice, not with Evin prison.”

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