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The Only Way Forward

زهرا رهنورد: کوچک نمی شوید! فرصت را از دست ندهید! به پاسداشت زهرا(س) زندانیان را آزاد کنید /Zahra Rahnavard: Release all prisoners, starting with the women


On the eve of the birthday commemoration of Fatemeh (daughter of Prophet Mohammad) and the anniversary of Women’s Week, Dr. Zahra Rahnavard (wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi) issued a statement in which she revered the esteemed character of Fatemeh and stated that the Prophet Mohammad’s daughter is a role model for all Muslim women.  She also advises the ruling powers to take advantage of the anniversary  and release all political prisoners, starting with the women.

As per Kaleme the complete statement of Zahra Rahnavard is as follows:

I would like to congratulate the noble people of Iran on the anniversary of the birthday of Fatemeh the daughter of Prophet Mohammad and Women’s Day.

I hope that this unique woman, with all her dimensions, such as her spiritual and holy teachings, her political and social role, her role as a gentle mother and wife has an everlasting place in the culmination of human aspirations.

In addition to its unmatched unity, the Green movement is also filled with duplication and freshness. This variety creates an opportunity for us to appreciate all beautiful human behavior, and to respect all justice seeking models across the globe.

Within the framework of our Islamic beliefs, we follow the example of Fatemeh and bow our heads in honor of her transcendent character.

We will not forget, not even for a moment the extreme suffering she went through to promote and advance Islam. Even though her young body is now connected with the darkness of the earth, her cause and spirit still remains for the believers and those who seek freedom.

The Green movement as a reform seeking movement realizes the importance of new religious thinking, narrated through the approach of Fatemeh to modern day individuals. Fatemeh is not only a role model for women, but also a complete and consummate symbol of Islam and this orthodox religion has been crystallized both in her personality and in her face. It is regretful that in the name of Fatemeh and under such conditions, the current ruling government is preparing for Women’s Day and Women’s week, particularly when they have digressed kilometers from her character, her religious behavior and ideals and are acting in a way that is contrary to her views. Justice and seeking freedom were only one of the dimensions of her personality and her example and holiness continue to provide light and hope for the believers.

Can we accept that the current ruling government believes in Fatemeh, whom one of her titles is the honest? Can they be believers when they lie to this extent? Can they be believers when they repress women and men? Can they be believers when they block and stifle the airways of freedom?

It is not surprising that in this day and week, the ruling government is incapable of hearing the cries of the children separated from their mothers – those innocent children who wait endlessly for the grace and caress of mothers that are either in prison or have been killed. Children who have no one to turn to but to the grace of God.

The ruling government chuckles at the faces of mothers waiting behind prison doors, hopeful to see their sons and daughters. Mothers who leave no stone unturned, running from one place to the next just to be abused, humiliated and given false promises. They chuckle at women whose husbands have either been buried for a long time or are being threatened and tortured in prisons. Mothers who look forward to their children marrying and completing their university education. Mothers who rather than celebrating with their loved ones are standing at their grave site engulfed with sadness and pain and participating in a festival of tears and sorrow.

As the day and week of Women is arriving in the holy name of Fatemeh, I announce to the ruling government to take advantage of this immense opportunity and for once prove the credibility of their words and actions. These occasions should not always be excuses for the robbers of freedom and murderers. For once take advantage of an occasion and use it as an excuse to free political prisoners.

Release all prisoners in the memory of the passing of Fatemeh. Start with female political prisoners. Be sure that you will not lose face and no one will claim that you have retreated. Later in subsequent steps provide freedom of press, individual freedoms, non interference in people’s private lives, free and fair elections, etc. in order to establish freedom and democracy.

We women ask the scholars and Grand Ayatollahs in all their religious glory, to force the ruling government to free prisoners and respond to the demands of the people.

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