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Majid Tavakoli’s Physical Condition Severely Deteriorating

RAHANA – One of Majid Tavakoli’s prison mates contacted his family today and informed them of Tavakoli’s dire physical condition. According to those close to Tavakoli, he is now suffering from abdominal bleeding resulting from severe coughs.  Despite the concerns raised by Tavakoli’s prison mates, prison officials have yet to transfer him to the infirmary at Evin.  Tavakoli’s physical condition has deteriorated to the extent that he is no longer able to speak on the phone.  After days of no news, although he contacted his mother briefly today, he was unfortunately unable to speak to her for long due to his incessant coughing.

According to Daneshjoo News, Majid Tavakoli a renowned Iranian student activist who was transferred to Evin’s ward 350 in the later part of June, is suffering from a rapidly deteriorating physical condition. Unfortunately despite this fact, prison officials have ignored Tavakoli’s deteriorating health.

Tavakoli was previously transferred to solitary confinement and  subjected to extreme physical pressure by prison officials and Intelligent Ministry agents as a result of  letters he wrote criticizing prison conditions. It has also been reported that during this time, his life was even threatened.  Tavakoli’s health began deteriorating while he was on a dry hunger strike in solitary confinement. In the past few days, his physical condition has rapidly deteriorated for the worse.

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مهدی کروبی در پی حمله جمعی اراذل و اوباش بسیجی به وی: اگر زمان شاه یک شعبان بی مخ بود، اکنون این حاکمیت صدها شعبان بی مخ تربیت کرده است /Basij cause Karroubi to leave funeral service


This afternoon Mehdi Karroubi was attending the a funeral ceremony for the father of Dr. Aref, vice president during Khatami’s administration, in Sharif University (Tehran) when a group of pro-government organized Basiji thugs started yelling and cursing. Unfortunately these pro-government thugs by shouting curse words and insulting slogans were trying to create tension in the funeral ceremony, therefore Mehdi Karroubi in order to prevent further tension and disrespect in this funeral ceremony and save the sanctity of the mosque, where the ceremony was being held, from these hideous acts left the ceremony.

Recently there have been several attacks on Mehdi Karroubi by organized pro-government thugs and in an interview with SahamNews (Karroubi’s party’s official website) he made some comments in that regards. Karroubi said: “ I am very sorry that the Basij that during Imam [Khomeini] ‘s time and during the eight year [Iran-Iraq] was behind enemy lines fought and defended the country, today came to the point that in universities confronts the academia, beat people in mosques, cheats in election, Kills people in the streets, on the anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini (June 4th) prevents the grandson of Imam Khomeini to give his speech, attacks the houses, offices and mosques of the Grand Ayatollah and senior religious figure and does many other action in other places that brought shame to the name and memory of Basij, the Basij that was grown by the blood of many martyrs and veterans. Unfortunately the actions of the individuals have come to the point that the heritage of Imam Khomeini which was Islamic and Republic now have become weak and frail.”

Karroubi added: “I am saying if during Shah’s regime there was one mad thug (The Brainless Shaban, the famous thug at Shah’s time who was supported by the regime to create fear, disturb protests and intimidate the opposition), now this government has trained many mad thugs and these individuals must know that Mehdi Karroubi is standing to the very end and is ready to pay any price in this path and will not stop until reinstates people’s rights.”

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Osanloo’s Daughter in Law Miscarries Following Her Abduction and Beatings

Parvaneh Osanloo reports on the miscarriage of her daughter in law following her abduction and beatings by the intelligence ministry operatives. In an interview with the persian online magazine Rooz, Parvaneh Osanloo, Mansour Osanloo’s wife, has provided more information about the abduction and the motivation behind the pressures on Osanloo’s family.

Roozonline: Mrs. Osanloo, in the recent days, there have been several reports on the arrest and beatings of Ms. Zoya Samadi. Are you going to take a legal action regarding the incident?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Yes, definitely and we will make a formal complaint. Unfortunately, the incident happened on the eve of the weekend and three day break followed that, hence, we were not able to do much but definitely on Sunday we will take action and see whether for the first time these kind of issues will be looked into or not.

Roozonline: Why do you think such an incident has happened to a member of your family?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Just to create an atmosphere of terror for our family. They want to put pressure on Osanloo.

Roozonline: Mr. Osanloo is now in prison. Why should he be put on additional pressure?

Parvaneh Osanloo: This has to be answered by the gentlemen themselves. Why are they so afraid of Mansour who has been in jail for four years and why do they treat the family of one who is paying for his trade union activities in such a fashion?

Roozonline: Is your daughter in law involved in any political or social activity?

Parvaneh Osanloo: No, she is an engineer and is not involved in any particular activity. This incident is solely along the increased pressures on Mr. Osanloo that they have taken my innocent daughter in law and harmed her greatly, physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to intimidate Osanloo and us.

Roozonline: Do you know which organization or institution has been behind the incident?

Parvaneh Osanloo: No, Zoya has been blind folded and neither knows where she was taken nor do we know who they have been.

Roozonline: What have they specifically asked Zoya Samadi?

Parvaneh Osanloo: They have asked her to sign a paper and pledge that Mr. Osanloo would not engage in any activity following his release and would leave the country along with his family!

Roozonline: Has Mr. Osanloo been notified of the incident? What does he think?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Initially, we decided to not tell him anything. We did not want to add to his worries but he had heard the news and I then had to tell him everything. He was extremely pained and told us to pursue the issue legally and I have also promised him that we will definitely follow up on the incident.

Roozonline: Have these issues occurred before and had you received any threats?

Parvaneh Osanloo: My daughter in law was receiving threatening phone calls since last year. They had gone to his work place several times and even one time put a gun to her side and had threatened her. She was also summoned once to the [court] branch number 14; they, however, denied having had summoned her. But we never thought such an incident would occur. Mr. Osanloo is a trade union activist and has not done anything outside the bounds of law and order. He has always operated within the law and his daughter in law is also innocent. She has only seen Mr. Osanloo once during her engagement eve and has not even gone to the prison to visit Mr. Osanloo. She does not have anything to do with Mr. Osanloo’s activities. This incident was truly unimaginable to us.

Roozonline: On the incidents and the threats that you have mentioned since last year, have you particularly followed them up?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Yes, we have written several times to the head of the judiciary, Tehran prosecutor, and the citizen’s rights office in the judiciary and described all that has happened. But there has not been a single follow up. They neither contacted us nor pursued the cases and it all led to what we now have faced.

Roozonline: How is Ms. Samadi feeling physically and spiritually now?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Unfortunately, she has been hurt severely. She is still in a state of shock. She has not regained her psychological balance yet. Besides the nose bleed, and the injuries on her gums and teeth, my daughter in law was two months pregnant and we did not know this at all. She had severe bleeding and after looking further we noticed that she was two months pregnant and unfortunately she had a miscarriage.

Roozonline: These days there are rumors on possible releasing of Mr. Osanloo.

Parvaneh Osanloo: Mansour has now been in jail for four years and there is one more year left in his sentence. We have also heard these rumors but neither us nor Mansour has seen any indications on his release.

Roozonline: In what condition is Mr. Osanloo under currently?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Mansour is now in ward three of Rejaishahr prison in hall number 8. Unfortunately, his eyes need treatment as well as his heart is in need of Angiography. But they do not pay any attention.

Roozonline: With what you have described, what are the actions you will be taking?

Parvaneh Osanloo: We can not do much. We can only resort to the judiciary officials and wait for their follow ups. We do not feel safe at all. Similar problems could be instigated on any other member of our family at any moment. The incident for my daughter in law was an alarming incident for all of us. I ask the international human rights organs to come to our aid and not allow such measure be taken any where in the world. I say right here that if any one of the members of our family gets in danger or something happens to us, the judiciary authorities and the authorities of the Islamic Republic will be responsible for it.

The translation of the interview with Parvaneh Osanloo is provided by Iran Labor Report.

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Activists call for renewed protests to mark student-led uprising of July 1999

Tehran, June 28 – Pro-democracy activists in Tehran have written graffiti, urging people to stage protests to mark the anniversary of the 9 July 1999 student-led uprising.
In Javadieh and Tehran Pars districts, as well as in Naqdi, Jashnvareh, Abdollahi, Park-e Shahrak, Sajjadieh and Hashemi streets, there were political slogans on the walls, including “Death to Khamenei” (Iran’s Supreme Leader) and “9 July is on the way”.

9 July marks the 11th anniversary of the start of a student-led uprising across Iran which broke out after members of the hard-line Bassij militia and Ansar-e Hezbollah, a paramilitary force that acts as the clerical regime’s storm troopers, raided a dormitory in Tehran University and attacked the students there. One student was killed when he was thrown out of the window in the raid on the university dorm. The ensuing nationwide protests that erupted came as a shock to Iran’s clerical leaders and lasted for over a week.

Iran Focus

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دانشگاه آزاد نمایندگان احمدی نژاد را راه نداد /Azad University Board of Founders invite Mousavi to their meeting and exclude Ahmadinejad representative


The first meeting of the founders of the Azad University (country’s largest private university) after the recent widespread controversy and the efforts of Ahmadinejad’s administration to gain control over this institution by mobilizing their thugs in front of the parliament and pressuring the members of the parliament, was held.

In this meeting the founding members not only did not let the newly appointed representative of Ahmadinejad be present in the meeting but also by inviting Mir Hossein Mousavi once again expressed their firm objection to the recent legislation by Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council (chaired by Ahmadinejad) in eliminating Mir Hossein Mosuavi’s name from the list of founding members of the University.

Of course this was not the only important event of this meeting, but also in this meeting the founding members of Azad University once again stressed on endowing the properties and belonging of the university in order to keep them safe from the hands of government and even passed the budget of the list of endowments.

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مهدی کروبی: وحدت با خس و خاشاک خواندن ملت بزرگ ایران بدست نمی آید /Karroubi:Unity wont be achieved by calling people “Dirt and Dust”


Mehdi Karroubi in a meeting with the families of the martyrs of the tragedy of June 28, 1981 (when Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 of high ranked governmental officials were killed in the terrorist bomb attack in the head office of the Islamic Republic party 29 years ago) said: “The recent events and the attacks on the members of the parliament and other senior and prominent political figures proves that those who are in power today are after eliminating and isolating the figures and revolutionary fellows and not only a certain political party but even the independent individuals from the revolution and country’s scene, and I have warned about this many times before and caringly talked about.”

Mehdi karroubi by pointing to the importance of having unity in the country said: “One of the necessities of having a progressive society is having unity in that society. But unity will never be achieved by words and slogans. Unity will never be achieved by applying pressure and force, arrests, long detentions, insults and disrespecting senior religious figures, intimidation and threats, unjust disqualifications, shutting down press, preventing the activities of political parties and these kinds of ridiculous methods. The unity will not be achieved by calling the great nation of Iran “dust and dirt”…. We cannot achieve unity with flattery and sweet talk… Comforting the families of victims, release of political prisoners, identifying and firm and legal confrontation with those who use violence against the people, lifting the ban on media and legal activities of the political parties, freedom of speech, tolerance and listening to the opposition as far as they don’t use weapons and the return to the principles of the constitution and the high values of Imam [Khomeini] and the revolution can be the essential steps toward establishing unity in the society.”

Mousavi Facebook

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New video’s of the attacks on Ayatollah’s Montazeri and Sanei’s offices in Qom

On june 13, 2010, it was reported that these attacks started around 4:00pm, prompted by Mehdi Karroubi’s travel to the city of Qom and meeting with Ayatollah Sanei and the son of the late Ayatollah Montazeri, and continued late into the night with the breaking of windows and painting of grafitti at the offices of the Grand Ayatollahs, and eventually ended in the invasion of the offices and vandalizing the property at 4:00am on Monday, 14 June 2010.

Below, are two new videos of the attacks

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The Statement of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association


In the Name of the God of Soul and Wisdom

Two months have passed since the arrest of the general secretary and the spokesperson of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association. Two months that we spent with difficulty but patiently. At the time of their arrests, the first question for everyone was: for what reason?

The Iranian Teachers Trade Association, considering the delicate situation in the country in the current school year, despite our criticisms and objections with the performance of the education officials, refrained from any public protest actions and even issuing critical statements. The Association patiently stayed silent on the lengthy incarceration of our colleagues especially Rasoul Bodaghi and the cutting of his salary hoping for speedy judicial process and resolving of his case and his freedom. We remained witness to the difficulties faced by his family especially his small children not having their father around. We are also witnessing the continued incarceration and summoning of our other colleagues Hashem Khastar, Abdollah Moemeni, Mohammad Davari, Esmael Abdi, and others.

Dear Colleagues,

Now that two months have passed from the time of the arrest of Messes Baghani, the general secretary, and Beheshti, the spokesperson, of the Teachers Trade Association

– Parliament doors are closed to the families of the incarcerated and their colleagues.

– The respectful minister of education, despite his relatively past positive record in the parliament, is declining to visit with the representatives of the teachers trade organizations.

– The newspapers and the news agencies have been banned from reporting on the news of the teachers trade organizations.

– The weblog of the Teachers Trade Association, while having low number of visitors during the course of the day, has been blocked and hacked.

In this situation, the individual initiative by the spokesperson of the Trade Association in keeping the cases of people like Bodaghi alive in his own private home is considered a crime and gets arrested for the very same reason!

Issuing an statement in the coordinating council of the all national teachers trade associations is considered a crime for Tehran Association general secretary and he gets arrested!

Now this is the question:

Who benefits from creating a police atmosphere around the trade organizations? Why should the trade activities be so unsafe?

The respectful minister rightly calls certain demands of the teachers to be regaining their lost social respect. But at least in the last year alone, which the unrespectful treating of the teachers has been on the rise, we have not heard a single word from the respectful minister. Why was Rasoul Bodaghi transferred to Rejaishahr under improper circumstances? Why Rejaishahr prison at all while still no court sessions have been held to hear his case?

Do messes, Beheshti, Baghani, and others incarcerated, assuming the validity of their allegations, have the means to escape or trample with evidence that they have been kept in prison? Could it not be possible to release them on bail until their respective court days?

In the one sided atmosphere that is prevalent in the country, is it even possible to talk about mutual trust? In whose right mind shall the civic entities working within the law be treated the way that they are?

Is the security of the country truly so vulnerable to a single statement on trade issues or an individual act or even talking with the foreign media (when all other legal means are denied)? Is not labeling these activities as disturbing the security by itself degrading the repute of the judicial and security organs in the country?

Assuming the validity of the charges against one head of a house hold, what rational or religious argument or a humanistic one justifies cutting the salaries in order to put pressure on the accused’s spouse and children?

The Iranian Teachers Trade Association is patiently waiting for the release of all our colleagues and the examination of their cases in a non-security atmosphere.

It has to be noted that the Iranian teachers, because of the role they have played during and after the revolution, find themselves as one of the owners of this revolution. A revolution of which main aims have been justice and freedom. Therefore, the Association finds the continued incarceration of its colleagues and the restrictions imposed on the trade organizations to be against the values and the principles of the revolution.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association
June 22, 2010

Iran Labor Report

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حمله مردم معترض رشت به ماشین گشت ارشاد و پلیس 3 تیر 1389

ساعت 7.30 پنج شنبه سوم تیر ماه سال 89 پلیس قصد دستگیری یک مادر به همراه

دخترش را در خیابان مطهری داشت. دلیل این امر به زعم پلیس بدحجابی این افراد بود که

پلیس با مقاومت مردم،از صحنه گریخت.درحالی که شیشه ی عقب… ماشین پلیس نیز

توسط مردم شکسته شده بود

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Parliament Again Becomes Battleground for Ahmadinejad-Rafsanjani Split

insideIran – The Iranian parliament passed a bill June 21 in which any changes to the constitution of Azad University, a network of private universities in Iran, must be approved by the so-called “Board of Founders,” and cannot be changed by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, which is chaired by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This bill is significant because it prevents President Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from taking over Iran’s most profitable educational system estimated by Kayhan, a hardline newspaper close to Khamenei, to possess assets worth up to 250 billion dollars.

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani is the chairman of the Board of Founders and was the person behind the creation of private universities in Iran some 29 years ago. The current head of Azad University, Ahmad Jasbi, is considered a close ally of Rafsanjani. Jasbi is the longest serving executive in Iran for heading Azad University since its founding. Rafsanjani’s son, Mehdi Hashemi, is also a high-ranking executive of Azad University. The Iranian judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Mehdi Hashemi, but he left Iran last summer before the warrant was issued in order to avoid prosecution.

The Supreme Council on the Cultural Revolution and President Ahmadinejad’s allies pursued a number of goals by seeking to take over Azad University. First, pro-government forces would have assumed control over a significant amount of money currently in the hands of Rafsanjani’s allies.

Second, by eliminating a major source of funding and removing Jasbi from his post, the hardliners would have moved one step closer to making Rafsanjani less relevant.

Third, Azad University operates campuses in the most remote corners of Iran, where public universities have traditionally failed to reach. Controlling this network of universities would have allowed hardliners to tighten their hold on Iran’s university campuses from where they have received stiff resistance and disobedience.

The parliamentary vote against the Supreme Council on Cultural Revolution and in favor of the Board of Founders is a victory for Rafsanjani. But this victory may not last long.

The parliament has come under enormous pressure by hardliners inside the government. In reaction to this bill, President Ahmadinejad canceled his meeting with Ali Larijani, the speaker of parliament, and Sadegh Larijani, Iran’s chief justice, Monday June 22. Supreme Leader Khamenei is also believed to be on the side of the government. Pro-government protestors have been demonstrating outside the parliament demanding the bill to be overturned.

The bill, if not overturned by the parliament in another vote, will go to the Guardian Council. The Guardians will most likely reject the bill, which will then go to the Expediency Council chaired by Rafsanjani.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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