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رهنورد: من برای چوبه دار آماده ام , مردم مقاوم خواهند بود / Rahnavard: I am ready for the gallows; people will be resistant


On the anniversary of the rigged presidential election the Corrier Della Sera news paper did an interview with Dr. Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi. This newspaper published its interview with Zahra Rahnavard with the title: “The godmother of the Green Movement: I am ready for the gallows; people will be resistant.”

Full transcript of this interview is as follows:

Q: Dr. Rahnavard, are you and your husband afraid?

A: Mousavi and I have never been afraid to reach our goals: freedom, democracy and removing discrimination between men and women. I have made myself ready for gallows.

Q: Exactly one year ago Ahmadinejad and your husband, Mir Hossein Mousavi, simultanuously announced to be the winner of the election and then the protests began?

A: The protests after the election were the result of the shocks, accusations and insults until after three days on Khordad 25th (June 15th) millions of people took the streets with the question that “Where is my vote?” and since then a great suppresion started.
We beleived in democracy and freedom and we were enthusiastic but instead of an aswer to our natural demands, the government confronted us with bullet, imprisonment and torture. This was not a rational response.

Q: It was not rational but the scene was gradually emptied. There is great expectation for this anniversary but they have extremely terrorized everyone. Shirin Ebadi, the lawyer and Nobel Prize winner last night was accused by her husband that said he was beaten by her although they have taped this footage from him in prison and under pressure. Is this a way of punishing two people to teach a lesson to millions of others? How did they punish you?

A: In the past twelve months most of the friends, colleagues and families of Mousavi and mine were arrested and imprisoned. They imprisoned my brother Shapour Kazemi, an electrical engineer, and his son, as well as my nephew and kept them kidnapped in frightening solitary confinement. The government want to terrorize us this way but they will not succeed. People will continue their resistance.
The Green movement is a diverse, popular, spontaneous and national movement and can only succeed if it stands on its own feet.

Q: Aren’t you sad that your decisions have caused suffering for some? Are you in touch with the families of the prisoners?

A: We do whatever we can for the families of the prisoners. Mousavi and I visit the families of the prisoners and martyrs of the movement especially when a family has not been allowed [by teh government] to hold memorial ceremony. When official permit to hold a rally for the anniversary of the coup election, we asked people not to take the streets because we didn’t want people to be harmed.
I strictly try that my personal decisions be only mine and therefore their consequences also only affect me.

Q: The movement is dead or alive?

A: Our demand is having free and healthy elections so that whoever people vote for takes control of the power not that the one who makes the decisions, changes the results. The movement is still alive.

Q: At least remind me of a victory in the past few months?

A: In Tehran’s Mohseni Square there is a statue designed by me which is called the “mother” statue. The supporters of the government have for long put a rope around her neck to bring her down but couldn’t do it because people announced that if they do so they will rename the square to Zahra Rahnavard Square and so far they have stopped.

Q: Will you be a candidate in the next election?

A: No! Not personally. I consider my self an artist and an intellectual and prefer to serve my country as an artist and intellectual.

Q: Do you have the option of leaving the country?

A: I have travelled to four corners of the world. Why should I leave my country when my people are living in suffering and cencorship?
Also I have not tested to see if my passport is still valid or not. I was born in Iran and I will die in Iran.

Zahra Rahnavard Facebook


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