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The Only Way Forward

خاتمی:امام علی هرگز به محض اینکه کسی مخالفتی می‌کرد با آنها نمی‌جنگید/Khatami: Elections must be free and fair


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami in a meeting with members of central council of Islamic Youth party said: “Unfortunately today insults, lies and false accusations even against those who were allies of Imam Khomeini even before he came to the scene and after the Islamic Revolution were major figures of the revolution has become common and they are being accused of various kinds of accusation without being able to defend themselves.” 

Khatami emphasized: “When in the national-TV constantly false and biased issues are being mentioned (even if they were right, insults and cursing are wrong) is a catastrophe.” 

Khatami said: “Let the legitimate freedoms mentioned in the constitution exist and people will be the judge and this will solve many of the problems.”

He added: “Many of the good individuals who have been arrested or are wanted should be able to come to the scene, the groups and parties should be able to restart their legal activities, we never want to confront the system although are being accuse unjustly to all sorts of accusations and those who are accusing us are causing the most damage to the system.” 

Khatami added: “We are for compromise but a compromise that fully defends the demands and requests of the people.” 

He stressed: “Freedom means that the oppositions would be able to mention their views in front of powers.” He also added: “The constitution should be implemented fully and no one can violate it.”
Khatami said: “If we did badly, why religion should pay for it? Why should we say that any of our actions are the exact religious and revolutionary values and this method have bad consequences on the society and damage public trust? This is a disaster.” 

Khatami added: “We want people to govern their own fate. It means they can participate in a free and fair elections and the prerequisite for that is freedom of parties and freedom of speech. Press freely acts within the boundaries of the law and of course there should be no self-interest interpretation of the law.” 

Khatami also stated: “According to the constitution holding a rally without weapons does not need a permit. If the law is broken, then it should be dealt with according to the law, while now we witness the presence and activities of a group referred to as self-assertive, whom of course I don’t consider them self-assertive because they do whatever illegal and illegitimate act in complete security and come with instruments and gears that are not available to ordinary people (such as guns, batons, tear and smoke gas, radios and etc.) and also have immunity.” 

Khatami recommended: “Let people who defend the religion and the revolution and have an opinion other that the one in control say their words so that a great portion of the society doesn’t lose interest in the religion. Is it in the best interest of the revolution and the country that the atmosphere changes and the [political] prisoners be freed and the activities of all groups, who act within the boundaries of the constitution, be free.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami continued: “Today while the groups who are so-called rouge are free and have security but legal parties and organizations who serve the people are restricted and have become banned, the change of this environment is for the benefit of all and then we all will look forward to the future.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami reinstated: “A future is desired that in which elections that are the most central base of the democracy would be free and healthy with such conditions that people’s rights would not be violated; and the conditions of free and healthy elections can also be mentioned and come to agreement, then we can all pass from the bitter past and look forward to a united future with a condition that the reasons behind the current bitterness would be eliminated.”

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