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The Only Way Forward

The Statement of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association


In the Name of the God of Soul and Wisdom

Two months have passed since the arrest of the general secretary and the spokesperson of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association. Two months that we spent with difficulty but patiently. At the time of their arrests, the first question for everyone was: for what reason?

The Iranian Teachers Trade Association, considering the delicate situation in the country in the current school year, despite our criticisms and objections with the performance of the education officials, refrained from any public protest actions and even issuing critical statements. The Association patiently stayed silent on the lengthy incarceration of our colleagues especially Rasoul Bodaghi and the cutting of his salary hoping for speedy judicial process and resolving of his case and his freedom. We remained witness to the difficulties faced by his family especially his small children not having their father around. We are also witnessing the continued incarceration and summoning of our other colleagues Hashem Khastar, Abdollah Moemeni, Mohammad Davari, Esmael Abdi, and others.

Dear Colleagues,

Now that two months have passed from the time of the arrest of Messes Baghani, the general secretary, and Beheshti, the spokesperson, of the Teachers Trade Association

– Parliament doors are closed to the families of the incarcerated and their colleagues.

– The respectful minister of education, despite his relatively past positive record in the parliament, is declining to visit with the representatives of the teachers trade organizations.

– The newspapers and the news agencies have been banned from reporting on the news of the teachers trade organizations.

– The weblog of the Teachers Trade Association, while having low number of visitors during the course of the day, has been blocked and hacked.

In this situation, the individual initiative by the spokesperson of the Trade Association in keeping the cases of people like Bodaghi alive in his own private home is considered a crime and gets arrested for the very same reason!

Issuing an statement in the coordinating council of the all national teachers trade associations is considered a crime for Tehran Association general secretary and he gets arrested!

Now this is the question:

Who benefits from creating a police atmosphere around the trade organizations? Why should the trade activities be so unsafe?

The respectful minister rightly calls certain demands of the teachers to be regaining their lost social respect. But at least in the last year alone, which the unrespectful treating of the teachers has been on the rise, we have not heard a single word from the respectful minister. Why was Rasoul Bodaghi transferred to Rejaishahr under improper circumstances? Why Rejaishahr prison at all while still no court sessions have been held to hear his case?

Do messes, Beheshti, Baghani, and others incarcerated, assuming the validity of their allegations, have the means to escape or trample with evidence that they have been kept in prison? Could it not be possible to release them on bail until their respective court days?

In the one sided atmosphere that is prevalent in the country, is it even possible to talk about mutual trust? In whose right mind shall the civic entities working within the law be treated the way that they are?

Is the security of the country truly so vulnerable to a single statement on trade issues or an individual act or even talking with the foreign media (when all other legal means are denied)? Is not labeling these activities as disturbing the security by itself degrading the repute of the judicial and security organs in the country?

Assuming the validity of the charges against one head of a house hold, what rational or religious argument or a humanistic one justifies cutting the salaries in order to put pressure on the accused’s spouse and children?

The Iranian Teachers Trade Association is patiently waiting for the release of all our colleagues and the examination of their cases in a non-security atmosphere.

It has to be noted that the Iranian teachers, because of the role they have played during and after the revolution, find themselves as one of the owners of this revolution. A revolution of which main aims have been justice and freedom. Therefore, the Association finds the continued incarceration of its colleagues and the restrictions imposed on the trade organizations to be against the values and the principles of the revolution.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association
June 22, 2010

Iran Labor Report


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