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The Only Way Forward

مهدی کروبی در پی حمله جمعی اراذل و اوباش بسیجی به وی: اگر زمان شاه یک شعبان بی مخ بود، اکنون این حاکمیت صدها شعبان بی مخ تربیت کرده است /Basij cause Karroubi to leave funeral service


This afternoon Mehdi Karroubi was attending the a funeral ceremony for the father of Dr. Aref, vice president during Khatami’s administration, in Sharif University (Tehran) when a group of pro-government organized Basiji thugs started yelling and cursing. Unfortunately these pro-government thugs by shouting curse words and insulting slogans were trying to create tension in the funeral ceremony, therefore Mehdi Karroubi in order to prevent further tension and disrespect in this funeral ceremony and save the sanctity of the mosque, where the ceremony was being held, from these hideous acts left the ceremony.

Recently there have been several attacks on Mehdi Karroubi by organized pro-government thugs and in an interview with SahamNews (Karroubi’s party’s official website) he made some comments in that regards. Karroubi said: “ I am very sorry that the Basij that during Imam [Khomeini] ‘s time and during the eight year [Iran-Iraq] was behind enemy lines fought and defended the country, today came to the point that in universities confronts the academia, beat people in mosques, cheats in election, Kills people in the streets, on the anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini (June 4th) prevents the grandson of Imam Khomeini to give his speech, attacks the houses, offices and mosques of the Grand Ayatollah and senior religious figure and does many other action in other places that brought shame to the name and memory of Basij, the Basij that was grown by the blood of many martyrs and veterans. Unfortunately the actions of the individuals have come to the point that the heritage of Imam Khomeini which was Islamic and Republic now have become weak and frail.”

Karroubi added: “I am saying if during Shah’s regime there was one mad thug (The Brainless Shaban, the famous thug at Shah’s time who was supported by the regime to create fear, disturb protests and intimidate the opposition), now this government has trained many mad thugs and these individuals must know that Mehdi Karroubi is standing to the very end and is ready to pay any price in this path and will not stop until reinstates people’s rights.”


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