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کروبی: سودای تک حزبی در ایران محکوم به فناست / Karroubi: The illusion of having single party system in Iran is doomed to fail


In a meeting with a group of students of children of martyrs and veterans Mehdi Karroubi emphasized: “All citizens from ethnic minorities to people with different political views have the same rights and no injustice upon any citizen is allowed.”

He added: “Never has someone so obviously and shamelessly been lying and spreading superstition. Morality has been destroyed and has been replaced by lies, slander, and superstition; and all immoralities like cancers are gaining control and increasing their influences.”

Mehdi Karroubi continued: “With the efforts of some and of course at the expense of the people, slanders and lies against others have become a duty and daily routine [for some] in a way that if we want to pay attention to them we should issue one or even several objections every day.”

He added: “The pathology of the political currents can be a successful approach to advance the progressive goals of the Islamic Republic which unfortunately now, thanks to the country’s administrative steersmen and institutionalizing of lies, slander and hypocrisy, we have gone miles away from them.”

He continued: “The illusion of having a single party in Iran is not only bound to failure but also the political structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not accept it. Of course, there have been people who have had this illusion in their minds and even in the previous regime they announced it as Rastakhiz (the resurrection) [party] but they took this illusion and idea to their graves.”

Karroubi continued: “It was supposed for the supreme leader to be on top so that creates the appropriate background for maximum participation and healthy competition among the parties and groups and expands the room for critiquing in the country to expand; not to rather bring it to this low level and in portray in the form of a single party.”

At the end, Mehdi Karroubi referred to the youth and students present at the meeting and said: “No government has been able to remain with lies, hypocrisy and repression. The human experience has proven that those who seek to remove diversity and want to create monologue in the society, have not learned the great lesson of the history and have put themselves on the historical path of destruction. Bad management in the global stage, not abiding by the law, weakening public institutions through lack of acceptance and bullying, misuse of sacred beliefs, lying, intervention and making decision for people in their personal lives (like telling people how many kids they should have), calling the great nation of Iran scratches and chips and read the great nation of Iran … were all not enough that today they bring up the single party!”
Karroubi added: “But know that victory definitely belongs to the great nation of Iran. Because no government anywhere in the world has been able to remain with such means and of course the people of Iran have proven that they will give in to tyranny and bullying.”

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