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موسوی: سرنوشت اقتدارگرایان در سراسر جهان شبیه هم است /Mousavi: Fate of totalitarians all-around the world is similar


Mir Hossein Mousavi in a meeting with a group of professors stressed that the spread of lies in the country is one of the signs of descend in the society and emphasized: “The organized lying causes illegitimacy and today we are facing organized lying so the cyber Green media should do all their best to unveil the context of this hideous and growing phenomena.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi at the beginning of his meeting with a group of professors of the Islamic Association while congratulating the Shi’a celebrations in the month of Sha’ban said: “Some have tainted the beliefs of the Muslims especially the Shi’a regarding the wait for the return of the hidden Imam with many superstitions and have gone to the point that are using the hidden Imam to justify all their issues and problems, while the saint Imams we believe in are pure from any oppressions and superstitions. A Friday Prayer Imam even claimed that the hidden Imam supported their actions in imposing restrictions in disqualifying candidates [in elections]; of course we are waiting to hear how he could make sure that the hidden Imam was satisfied regarding the disqualifications and the oppressions imposed against the candidates during the appointed [Guardian Council’s] oversight ?!”

Attacking the Social Sciences is a reminder of the experience of totalitarian governments
Mousavi by pointing to the organized attacks against the Social Sciences in country’s universities said: “By witnessing these attacks I recall the very bitter and awakening experience of the former Soviet Union and other totalitarian Eastern European governments. They, from Stalin’s ear, recognized the Social Sciences risen from capitalist and bourgeoisie societies and therefore banned teaching them except in some limited cases. The banning and limitations on these fields shut their eye on the fast tend of changes of the world and their own society and damaged the flexibility of their system in face of social changes of their own society and the world and the lack of knowledgeable scientists and theorists in Social Sciences was one of the causes of the fall of these systems.”

Mir Hossein Mosuavi reinstated: “What one gets from the remarks of Martyrs Beheshti and Motahari is they believed in an open scientific environment in this field in the country and even Martyr Motahari had been saying that Marxism should be thought in the universities by the professors who believe in Marxism.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi by expressing sorrow and regret regarding the unprecedented wide-spread of lies, insults and false accusations in the society said: “A comprehensive special edition consisting of lies and fabrication of history was published on the eve of June 12 (anniversary of the tenth presidential election) by the pro-government newspapers and with public funds and also in addition to that parts of the programs of the national state-run TV and radio channels were also dedicated to these kinds of spreading lies; it is apparent that the fate of all totalitarians from all across the world is similar to each other and their methods is also similar to each other.”

Old methods for hiding the truth

Mousavi in another part of his remarks gave an historic example and said: “From Stalin’s time there were books written on the history of the Communist governments which the most important and official one was the History of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. In these books by justifying the restrictions imposed during Stalinist system there were changes made in each ear. For instance if in the first edition of this book a picture of Trotsky was printed alongside the other Soviet leaders in next editions this picture was removed by using editing tricks and it was similar situation about the context as well. Of course at that time there was not all these editing resources that have been developed by computer software today.”

Mousavi emphasized: “Unfortunately also today in Iran the same totalitarian methods in fabricating and manipulating the history and truth is being used. This fact is not limited to the history of the revolution. Listen to the words of the officials today, it seems like our country has the lowest rate of the inflation in the world or like the unemployment rate has reached its minimum or like our country is attacking the most foreign investments in the world or like the international investiors are in line behind the gates of our country to get permit to invest in our country! The lies have grown to the point that they say our people are the most free in the world. I think one should wonder, either they know they are lying or their memory has developed some problems. Just pay attention to the recent photos published from Issa Saharkheiz (imprisoned journalist) or the lady who her only crime was that she witnessed the police car run over a citizen (during street protest); these are enough to realize where the government is standing today. It is interesting that the sister of the same lady is also sentenced to six year in prison only because of expressing condolence to the family of one of the martyrs of [Bloody] Ashura. Then given all these case and hundreds more similar cases they still claim that our nation is the most free in the world!”

The extensive scale of lies and fabrications in the government

Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “The extensive lying among the governmental officials have come to the point of creating myths and fabricating strange conspiracies. One should also add political, social and ethical insults and false accusations and similar cases to the methods used by the government, the insults and false accusations that have heavy sentences from legal and religious points of views. I bet the judiciary officials will also claim that our judiciary system is the most independent and neutral one in the world!”

The Green media must stand to the organized and systematic governmental lies

Mousavi by pointing to the fact that everyone should know that the widespread of lies to this extent is one of the signs of the downfall of a regime, added: “Organized lying abolish legitimacy and today we are facing organized lying and the Green virtual media should put all their efforts to reveal the extent of this growing ominous phenomena. Just the way they created a wave of concern toward lies by creating the everlasting poster of “Lying is Prohibited”, artists should today also confront with this ominous phenomena by creating video clips, caricatures, posters and other means. In response to every commentary mixed with lies, we should offer people a commentary based on truth and reality, even though our capacity and asset in this path does not measure up to that of the authoritarians.”

Paying attention to ethnic groups and border areas has the very important priority

Mousavi in another part of his remarks by condemning the terrorist attack in the city of Zahedan said: “Everyone condemns this crime. The aim of this operation was to damage our national and religious unity across the country. Reaction and finding the roots of such actions should not only limit to security approaches. Eliminating terrorism can be achieved with development and justice. The root of such actions can be eliminated with the participation of the people who feel being treated justly and can participate in their own fate. Today paying attention to the issues of ethnic groups and border areas has very important priority.”

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