Democratic Republic of Iran جمهوری دموکراتیک ایران

The Only Way Forward

A battle won by the workers of Iran

Protest gathering of workers of Sazmayeh Factory (a brick making factory)
Pakdasht- July 21, 2010
About 200 fired temporary workers of Sazmayeh Factory gathered at the factory and their number increased each minute since morning of Wednesday July 21.
The fired workers demanded returning to work and receiving their unpaid wages.
Each of these fired workers must receive 15 to 20 million tomans from the factory.
The governmental managers affiliated with Ahmadinejad’s band have also fired old workers of the factory with years of history of work and have hired new workers to be able to violate the rights of the workers easily.
During last 5 months about 350 to 400 temporary workers of this factory have been fired and are in deplorable living conditions.
In addition to the fired workers some other workers of this factory have problems with their retirement status.

At 1030 Tehran’s time- July 21:
Instead of solving the problems of these deprived workers Ahamadinejad’s government deployed SSF to the factory.
The deputy of Intelligence and Security of the Province and the deputy governor of Pakdasht were present.
They tried to promise the workers so that they would stop their protest.
They told the workers that the factory will borrow money and will pay them in 15 days.
The workers shouted back that these were just lies for dispersing them again.
They said that they will stay at the factory until they get an answer for their demands.
The protesters prevented the workers from working saying that if the factory did have work to be done why did it fire them. “You did this just for not paying our wages” the workers said.

Protesting workers threw governmental managers out of the factory
The protesting workers said that they will disclose all the stealing of regime’s mafia-like bands with presentation of documents.
In continuation of their protest the workers threw the governmental managers out of the factory.
The workers said that if their rights are not met and their wages are not paid they will put the company for sale in the newspapers through auction. If until a week there would be no buyer for the company all the workers will gather together and buy it on price of 100 million tomans and will own it.
They emphasized that they will regain their rights from the government.
The members of Province’s Council became desperate and were trying to do something.
The workers said that they have a large bunch of documents about plundering and stealings of the governmental managers and other governmental authorities in Pakdasht in the Governor Office and other governmental organs.
They said that all the documents are creditable in legal organs and media and they can be pursuit.

Final agreement after the workers stood firm and ousted the governmental managers out of the factory
Due to the withstanding of the brave workers governor’s deputy was tasked on behalf of the head of judiciary of Pakdasht and the governor to get a one billion tomans loan and pay the wages of the workers.
Also some representatives of workers were appointed to put the factories mines on auction.
The resistance of the protesting workers made the governmental managers of the factory to pay their wages in 10 days otherwise the factory would be put on auction. The representative of the workers will bring a specialist in 3 days to evaluate the price of the factory.
Representatives of the workers said that they know that Ahmadinejad’s government will not solve their problems and lies to them all the time to buy time.
They added that they will stand until they gain their rights.


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