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The Only Way Forward

سخنان اخیر آقای جنتی موجب حیرت و وهن شورای نگهبان است /Zahra Rahnavard calls for elections free from the Guardian Council


Zahra Rahnavard in a meeting with a group of veterans of Iran-Iraq war while congratulating the holy celebrations of the month of Shaban said: “Green Movement is a pluralist movement and belongs to all those who seek freedom and all the Iranian nation; also this blessed moth of Shaban and the holy celebrations in this month belongs to all the people of the nation and the Green Movement.”

Wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed to the opportunities that have been lost by the current ruling powers and said: “The ruling powers have lost great opportunities to compensate people.”

By stating that the coming days are opportunities for the government to take some appropriate actions, Zahra Rahnavard said: “Holding free elections without the preapproval [of the Guardian Council], eliminating the preapproval process completely from the nation’s political scope, freedom of press, and unconditional release of the political prisoners. These actions can let people enjoy the celebrations.”

Zahra Rahnavard suggested that the unconditional release of the prisoners be initiated with the release of women and nameless prisoners. She added: “The way women and unnamed prisoners are being treated in the prisons [by the government] is in no way appropriate for a government that has the claim of seeking Islam and believing in Imam Mehdi’s emergence.”

Zahra Rahnavard warned: “This project is making the enemies and the foreigners that armed Saddam [Hossein] to the teeth and supported him, happy and worse than that this project breaks the hearts of the families of the martyrs that sacrificed their children, spouses and fathers and makes them disappointed, and is an insult to the commanders and solders that with pure sincerity and till their last breaths and the moment that they were martyred fought in this holy defence.”

Zahra Rahnavard by pointing to the false accusations of Ahmad Jannati (the hardliner appointed chairman of the Guardian Council, the body that oversees the elections in Iran) in which he claimed that he obtained documents showing that those he called the “heads of the conspiracy” (referring to the leaders of the Green Movement) have received one billion dollars from the Saudis, said: “The new project and the remarks of Mr. Jannati causes shock and disgust in the minds of any wise and patriotic individual toward the Guardian Council. One asks that O God who were in charge of this nation and the elections till now?! … those who even a cooked chicken laughs at their remarks.”

NOTE: complete transcript of the remarks of Mir Hossein Mousavi will be published soon


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