Democratic Republic of Iran جمهوری دموکراتیک ایران

The Only Way Forward

Head of Evin’s ward 350 threatens prisoners “We will turn this place into another Kahrizak”

Last Monday, ( political prisoners of Ward 350 visiting day) the prisoners protested against the improper behavior of the guards and the limitations they imposed on their visits. The political prisoners started a sit-in at the visiting cabins. The anti riot guards were called in and attacked the prisoners and beat them.

The head of the ward, Bozorgnia threatened the political prisoners and told them: “we will turn this place into another Kahrizak”.

After the attack, Sedaghad Nejad (the head of Evin Prison) told the prisoners that he will punish the guards, but instead, he took two of the protesters, Ahmad Amooie and Kayvan Samimi to solitary cells.

 Other political prisoners of the ward protested the transfer of the two prisoners to solitary cells. The head of Ward 350 told the prisoners: “our president will cut the hands of the US, who are you to resist.”  Then, late Monday afternoon, guards read the names of 10 political prisoners of the ward and wanted to transfer them to solitary cells, and again, they were confronted with prisoners’ protest. 

Again, prisoners were threatened, “we will turn this place into another Kahrizak”. 

 Around midnight, special guard units and anti-riot guards returned and raided the ward and took 15 of these prisoners to the solitary cells of Ward 240.

This act led to the hunger strike of all 17 prisoners.

The phones of the ward have subsequently been cut and nobody knows now what is going on in there.

Students Committee in Iran


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