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The Only Way Forward

موسوی: مهمترین خواسته های فعلی ما، مشروط کردن قدرت است /Mousavi: Our main current goal is to restrict power


On the eve of the Journalist Day, Mir Hossein Mousavi met with a group of editors, reporters and families of imprisoned journalists and shared his views with them.

At the beginning of this meeting Mir Hossein Mousavi by pointing to the importance of the activities of journalists in promoting awareness in the society said: “The issues of promoting awareness and free media have been one of the most important issues of us in the recent hundred years and this demand was seriously followed up on during the Islamic Revolution as well. Therefore a meeting likes this and being present among those who enlighten [the society] is very precious for me.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “Our voice should reach our imprisoned friends who are on hunger strike to gain their very basic rights; so that they know that the Green Movement, freedom-seekers and all layers of the nation are supporting them to achieve their rightful demands.”

Mousavi noted: “Having this great number of imprisoned journalists is both very sad and also very meaningful; and shows that spreading awareness is to the disadvantage of some individuals. The great number of imprisoned journalists proves the legitimacy of the path that the Green Movement has chosen, because the knowledgeable, wise and justice-seeking members of the society are in prison due to their protest against the re-eruption of tyranny.”

Promoting awareness is the most important tool to restrict power

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “There are key phrases in the literature of the Iranian nation since the Constitutional Revolution that we constantly refer to them, which the most important ones are seeking justice and freedom as well as the rule of law. Among these key phrases it seems like we have paid the least attention to very word of constitutional. The experiences of the past year showed that the current most important of us is to restrict power and if we success in restricting the power most of the fundamental problems of the country will be solved. In my opinion the resistance that exists against the prosperity of the country today is due to the same point of view and the price that the journalists are paying today is because the element of spreading information and promoting awareness is the most important tool in order to restrict power.”

He added: “The high sensitivity that exists toward the role of the reporters and the media activities and the main reason behind the attacks against newspaper and the journalists is the very fact that they have targeted the most important issue of the country.”

Mousavi by pointing to the fact that the largest number of imprisoned journalists are in Iran, said: “It seems like that as the Green Movement is gradually getting focused on the main issues, should stress more than before on the issue of freedom of press. When the topics of free elections or full implementation of the constitution are being discussed, they all are constitutional on being able to restrict power and therefore are not being accepted.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “It seems like for some of the authorities involved in current affairs talking to foreigners, retreat, drawing back and then going forward a bit are easier than fulfilling people’s rights, returning to the rule of law and opening the path, while this method can solve many of our national problems, gradually dry the roots of crisis and return us to normal situation.”

Mousavi said: “The power always tends to go rouge and those countries are successful that were able to put power, or as Hobbes quotes the Leviathan, in a framework and harness it , but we were not able to restrict and harness this power. Constantly we are asked to obey an individual or a word while even in Islam we don’t have such a thing and the Islamic Revolution was not following this goal as well. Imam [Khomeini], himself, many times said that we don’t have the rule of only a person; we don’t have the rule of only a religious figure (pointing to the role of the supreme leader which according to the constitution is a religious figure); we don’t have the rule of only a president; we only have the rule of the law, and was using the concept of law with a meaning of limiting and restricting power.”

The path of Green Movement is peaceful

Mir Hossein Mousavi in another part of his remarks pointed to the rise and fall of the civilizations and said: “The Green Movement should be able to live in order to win, it means that any action that put all the military and security forces united against the people and increases the pressure, is harmful for the Green Movement and should be avoided.”

Mousavi by referring to what has happened in Thailand said: “Single widespread, extensive and full-scale repression can set back the victory of this rightful movement of the people for long time. Therefore in my opinion persisting on the peaceful aspects has been vital and is the best way to achieve people’s rightful demands.”

He added: “Our main goals are to restrict power, achieve justice and freedom, returning to the fundamental principles and moving toward the society that in which pressure and threat does not exists. This takes time and one year is not a long time to achieve these goals. Although in this one year the awareness of our society has grown a lot. In my opinion of an idea is born well, its victory is certain and I believe that the idea of change was born in our country.”

Mousavi continued: “The big celebration of Velayat (supremacy) was held in Tehran University in which a cleric was giving a speech in that and said: If there would be a division in a society and one group would gain power over the other group, it can execute all in the other group. The question is that why such a view should be discussed in celebration that is supposed to be held for joy, delight and unity? Its reason is the fear from losing forces and the birth of an idea that I mentioned it.”

We are not happy regarding the pressure on the country

Mir Hossein Mousavi in another part of his remarks said: “The victory of the Green Movement and its goals is not the only issue of our country. Preserving the national unity, long-term interests, integrity and unity of the nation are among the fundamental issued of the country that make the movement and all those who are active in this field committed in order to not to take any uncalculated actions.”

He added: “We do not believe in the victory of the Green Movement by any cost and we want the country and the national interests are preserved. We are in no way happy and pleased about these sanctions and the international pressure.”

The prime minister of the holy defence era during the Iran-Iraq war by pointing to the text of the resignation letter referenced to him at 1988, stated: “At that time I warned about the damages that we would suffer due to extremism and adventurous actions in international scene and believe that we did not harm from referring to the principles and adherence to the fundamental values in domestic and international policies and the damages we suffered were mostly due to ignorance and adventurous actions.”

Mousavi told a memory from the war days and said: “The day after the [chemical] attack by Saddam Hossein on the city of Halabja, we went there and saw those tragic scenes up close. By inviting reporters and publishing vides and photos the international atmosphere from media point of view change a bit for us. Exactly at the same time- I am not going to say by whom and how- an airplane was hijacked and wanted to land in Mehrabad airport (Tehran’s airport) we asked to shutdown the airport and that airplane landed in the city of Mashhad. This situation was not defendable by us and imposed [harmful] impacts on us.”

Mousavi continued: “But revealing these issues, unless at times that is necessary, is not for the benefit of the Green Movement. We should attract forces and gather all forces that care about the revolution regardless of their different views and opinions. It is important for us to have those fair conservatives who are interested in the progress of the country in the right direction beside us and tell them that we all have common goal and agenda which is to reform affairs.”

There are many untold facts from the holy defence ear (Iran-Iraq war)

The prime minister during the holy defence ear (Iran-Iraq war) by pointing to the new topics raised regarding the continuation of the war said: “I felt that these remarks were made in line with a project. At the anniversary of the [presidential] election few media groups published few materials and special editions which were with the aim of changing the history. On the anniversary of the day the resolution # 598 was accepted [by Iran and the end of the war], the same groups published materials regarding the holy defence ear. I even heard that someone told that if the administration (which Mousavi was the prime minster of it at the time) would have had given us its resources we could have conquered Baghdad on the fifth year of the war, this is absolutely not true. I pointed to some issues so that these remarks would be controlled but it yet continued. We have many fact [untold] facts from those days.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “Apart from the issue of war, my impression is that all the values of that time are being attacked and in this course there are efforts to create hard feelings between us and our allies. We should be aware of this agenda and don’t be fooled in an atmosphere that the other side is creating.”

The first decade of the revolution cannot be just criticized

Mir Hossein Mousavi regarding the ambiguities about the first decade of the revolution said: “I have repeatedly said that that era is not perfect, but in the atmosphere they have created these days, all the values of the 30-year revolution is being buried and this is very dangerous.”

He added: “All the vague topics can be discussed and reviewed, even about the filtering in the early days of the revolution. I was witness that the administration of Mr. Bazargan separated itself from the governing movement by its own actions. In the Revolutionary Council I was witnessing the affairs up close. I was friend with him and the members of the movement and we had good relations. Many of those who the temporary administration considered as its enemies were trying to prevent its fall.”

He continued: “Following the resignation of Bazargan, Mr. Beheshti announced that the new members of the Revolutionary Council will be introduced soon and I want to convince Imam [Khomeini] to keep Bazargan’s name in the list. This is while in the newspapers owned by these friends, they were calling Beheshti Jahanami (from hell), and I still remember those titles. Beheshti was the guy who went to Imam [Khomeini] insisted and convinced him to give the assign the appointment to Bazargan.”

Mousavi said: “Therefore talking about the first decade of the revolution is possible and of course there are some criticisms but it should not be reviwed from only one point of view and every event should be analyzed. The revolution was in a situation that from the second day of the establishment the Langeh port was chaotic, few days later Turkmen port had problems, Balouchestan [province] was chaotic, Khozestan and Kurdestan [provinces] were having problems. One should consider these situations, comprehend and then criticize. I defend the collection of the principles and values that were introduced at the beginning of the revolution and I defend the general values of people’s movement.”

The power of the Green Movement is in its moral values

Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed to the many questions regarding the events of 1988 (the mass execution of political prisoners) and said: “The issue of 1988 should be discussed considering its historical perspective and then see if the administration (Mousavi’s administration at the time) had any information regarding this issue or not. Did the administration have any involvement? Could the administration even have any involvement? Is there any name of the administration in the existing documents and evidence? The administration had no role in this issue; many others also had no information. But for opening up these issues in details I have restrictions.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi stressed: “The power of the Green Movement is in its morality, in the fact that it called white, white and black, black. We do not accept what has been bad but if someone keeps quite in an issue, it does not mean that person agrees and has been on the same page, and we should consider this right for all.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed to the way a topic is distributed in the society and said: “In those days that I resigned [from Prime Minister Office] the text of the resignation letter was published but the society showed no reaction the issue of hijacked airplane. This might be because at that time such an act was socially acceptable. This means that we should pay more attention to the history of our Islamic Revolution. Some resistances and sufferings only find meanings when the situation of the country [at that time] is analyzed correctly.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi who was the deputy of Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti (one of the founders of the Islamic Republic) referred to the manners of Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti and added: “He was a very moral and freedom-seeking human and one of the reasons of the greatness of his character is the fact that the very main values that we seek today, both his personal and work lives were based on them at that time. He believed in the freedom of opinion which resulted that TV debate between Kiyanouri and the representative of the Fadaiyan Khalgh party was held with his insistence.”

Mousavi added: “I understood such a character and believe in him, so I cannot lose respect for him because of the lack of knowledge and approval of the society or so-called the atmosphere; because we have done poorly, because a cleric in a celebration said that half of the society can be executed, and then they tie these to Beheshti, Imam [Khomeini] and the revolution.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “These remarks are made so that if someday a massacre happens in prisons or anywhere else, it has a historical tie to the life of Imam Ali (shias fist Imam), as they said that such a thing a happened in Nahrovan war (a war at the time of Imam Ali) but we should see how Nahrovan war started, what conditions emerged and how can someone accuse Imam Ali of such an act?!”

Resisting for the demands

Mir Hossein Mousavi by pointing to the demands of the Green Movement said: “Emphasizing on the independence of the parliament is a key demand. Today thoughts are being filtered before reaching the parliament. One of the Friday Prayer Imams said that the Guardian Council (an appointed body that oversees the elections) is a filter, and this filter is also approved by the hidden Imam! I am asking how it could be approved by the hidden Imam and why don’t you reveal your documents so that we would be convinced as well. During the sixth term of parliament’s election, they manipulated the votes so much that Mr. Rajai (reformist) was eliminated and instead of him a guy who is now appointed to the Academy of Literature found way to the parliament.”

He added: “The independence of the parliament and free elections are key demands that are recognized by the people. In my opinion as a companion of the Green Movement, persisting on our well-defined and clear demands will result in many of our other problems get solved as well.”

At the end of this meeting honorary plaques were handed to Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard in appreciation.

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