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اعلام جرم هفت قربانی کودتای انتخاباتی علیه پرونده سازان/Seven renowned political activists file lawsuit against senior military and intelligence officers in Iran


Seven renowned political activists, who are among those arrested in the aftermath of the rigged presidential election, have filed a lawsuit against some senior military and intelligence officers.

Seven renowned political activists, who are among those arrested in the aftermath of the rigged presidential election and are victims of the made-up accusations and illegal actions of a group of dictators, have filed a lawsuit against some senior military and intelligence officers including “Commander Moshfeq” for the comments he made before the election. Commander Moshfeq is the senior intelligence officer at Sarallah base (main Revolutionary Guard base in Tehran province). Recently an audio file revealing the voice of the individual that the letter was identifies as “Commander Moshfeq” surfaced on the web that was talking in a security meeting and explaining methods of identifying and confronting opposition forces in the aftermath of the rigged presidential elections of 2009.

The reformist figures have considered these comments an important document for clarifying the events behind the scene of the tenth presidential election as well as the illegal actions of the authoritarian group during and after the election and the actions that in the public language have been called the “coup election”. In part of this complaint, seven prominent reformists write: “According to this person (Commander Moshfeq) Mr. Ahmadinejad not only from the beginning was the definite candidate of this totalitarian group, but this mentioned group had also made their definite decision to either defeat or eliminate his opponents long before the election and even before the opponents (Mr. Khatami or Mr. Mousavi) officially become candidates. From the beginning of election campaigns, this group considered the competing candidates, not as official presidential candidates, but as “the enemy” and by using all secret intelligence and military tools, acted to undermine, intimidate and disrupt the legal activities and ultimately disrupt the surveillance tools of the electoral opponents.”

 In another part of this complaint, they write: “The document indicates that this law-defying group imagined the competitive election was the scene of fight with “the enemy” and based on their self-made imaginations and fantasies prepared themselves for a full operation and acted in such a framework. The speech of Officer Moshfegh is full of war, intelligence and security literature and dialogue. He has used phrases such as mobilizing soldiers, overthrowing, human division, unknown soldiers, penetration, operational action, heavy psychological operations, the final blow, weapons and equipments, dike, identification, keeping on the ground, the war room and etc to describe the electoral opponents of Mr. Ahmadinejad as “the enemy” and how to confront them.” In this complaint, which is signed by Mohsen Aminzadeh, Mostafa Tajzadeh, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, Feizollah Arabsorkhi, Mohsen Safaei-Farahani, Mohsen Mirdamadi, and Behzad Nabavi who are all senior members of the Islamic Iran Participation Front and Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution Organization (two main reformist parties), the various insults,lies and slanders including accusation of conspiracy and overthrowing against the signatories of have been pointed out and it has been emphasized that none of the accusation raised against the signatories are true and all fall under the section of law dealing with spreading lies and slanders.

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