Democratic Republic of Iran جمهوری دموکراتیک ایران

The Only Way Forward

خاتمی: در حکومت‌های خودکامه انتقاد یعنی براندازی / Khatami: In dictatorships criticism is considered overthrowing


Former members of the Union of Islamic Associations of Students in Europe met with former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami. During this meeting, Mohammad Khatami said: “The answer is clear; the religion in the Islamic Revolution was supporter of freedom and wanted the people to rule their own destiny. It was calling for the situation in which the relationship between the rulers and the people would change from [the rulers] being Gods and [the people] being slaves to the relationship in which people were masters and the government their servant and responsible [in front of the people].”

Former president Mohammad Khatami continued: “The result of the Revolution was of course the Islamic Republic; “Republic” with the same meaning that is defined everywhere in the universe in which the base and the focus should be the people, plus the religious standards and Islamic values, especially morality, justice and human dignity are also respected.” By stating that “in authoritarian governments criticism means [attempt for] overthrowing”, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami added: “This is while in our revolution, we wanted a regime and government in which the freedom of expression and criticism was not only the right but even the responsibility of the people (the Islamic rule of invite to good deeds and oppose bad deeds); and we heard this great remark from the late revolutionary leader(Imam Khomeini) that the rulers should not think that no one has the right to criticize and rather the right to criticize is a God-given right.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami continued: “Today we clearly and loudly announce that we do not regret that we carried out the revolution; we are not sorry that we voted for the Islamic Republic; we are proud of our support for the revolution and the Islamic Republic; but we say that the Islamic Republic should not divert from its path even in the name of Islam.”

He reiterated: “We say that in the Islamic Republic the opportunity to participation and have presence in deciding their destiny should be provided for all and its necessity is to have open environment, free parties and organizations, and to allow their activities, and that criticism should not only be allowed but rather considered value.”

Khatami added: “We say immorality and misconduct is major pest of a government and we say that oppression in any form and by anyone is rejected and condemned; and it is amazing that people who talk and act compassionately like this are accused of all sort of accusations and are called conspirators.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami reiterated: “The real conspirators are the persons or movements that bluntly lie and leave the responsibility on the establishment, attempt to squeeze out everyone and every movement that they don’t like and abolish legal freedoms, discredit the law and portray the face of religion and the establishment indecent and obscene, reduce people’s satisfaction, and weaken the society’s trust in the government and make it easier for the enemies who want to bring the fatal blow to the establishment and the country.”


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