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کروبی: در راهپیمایی روز قدس مانند هر سال شرکت می کنم / Karroubi: I will participate in Quds Day demonstration like every year


Mehdi Karroubi in a cyber interview announced that he will participate in this year’s Quds Day demonstrations (held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan) as he has been done in the previous years and said: “Regarding the formation of the initial cores and organizing for this day’s [demonstration]  we are consulting with our allies and will announce the outcome.” Karroubi also in answer to a question regarding religious or secular government stressed: “The people are the ones who should decide on having a religious or secular government and can choose any kind of government they want for themselves.” Mehdi Karroubi added: “This government that you see today is neither based on Republic aspect nor based on religious aspect and this government is not what the leaders [of the revolution] promised people; the republic aspect should become stronger. I don’t denounce other forms of government and whatever the people desire I will accept as well.”

According to Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s website, Mehdi Karroubi in a cyber interview responded to questions of various groups of people. In this interview Mehdi Karroubi emphasized: “Regarding this year’s Quds Day demonstration I should say that this demonstration is held every year and we also will participate in it and regarding the formation of initial cores and organizing for this day we are consulting with our allies and will announce the outcome.” 

Now a movement is in power that is ignorant to people’s demands 

The chairman of Etemad-Melli party (National Trust Party) added: “Unfortunately now a movement is in power that has all the tools and is ignorant to people’s demands. We should try having the constitution implemented, and based on this very law I can assure that we can fulfill the demands of the majority of the people with various views. It is natural for any book or law that is emerged from human brain to have shortcomings and flaws and in a free environment that free and independent media and press also exist in it, one can review the laws but one should pay attention that the most important articles of the constitution which are about honoring people’s rights and accepting people’s will is being violated and ignored by the ruling powers and we should try to implement them. Different views in politics should exist and we should allow them to present themselves, even the very same totalitarian view which ignores people’s demands should also exist but cannot be decisive and leading.” 

If we had serious parliament and healthy judiciary, our children would not have gone on hunger strike in prisons due to injustice 

Mehdi Karroubi emphasized: “30 years ago people voted for a system in which the right to govern was in people’s hands, we believe that the system that people chose does not exist at this time. We are at the beginning of the way we should try to have the constitution implemented so thereby we can achieve our other demands. With all the respect to the members of the parliament, I am adding that be sure that if we had a serious parliament, if we had a healthy judiciary, definitely our situation would not be like this that the executive branch argues that it would not implement the law and our children suffer from injustice in prisons and go on hunger strike and are tortured. 

He continued: “be sure that one day in a free government in which the laws are executed and naturally would have active media, other topics would be discussed as well.  But today we believe that even this very same constitution is not being implemented. In my opinion by arguing about issues like “This constitution is incomplete, or can it fulfill people’s demands?” we will waste our energy. By implementing this very same constitution the demands of the majority of the opposition will also be fulfilled. For instance imagine that we would have free elections, free media and independent parliament, naturally people’s situation would be improved.” 

In the constitution the Guardian Council is an overseeing body but in practice it is a ruling body 

The chairman of Etemad-Melli party also stressed: “Our problem is that the outline of the law is not being implemented.  For instance this very same Guardian Council is an overseeing body in the constitution but we see that in practice it is a ruling body. It means that it is even ruling the executive branch.  I am saying that this council should exist but in its overseeing role. By putting public pressure on the ruling powers we can force them to abide by the law; that is pressure not confrontation. These gatherings as well as promoting awareness will have results. At the end of the day, willingly or unwillingly, they must govern the country and we cannot live on oil revenue forever.” 

He added: “Infrastructural and developmental works are needed, as the world is progressing fast. If we don’t move with the world people will not accompany the ruling powers, unless they give in to people’s demands. This way they will be forced to follow the people. We should not want to win soon, because we will lose the rushed win and will forget.” 

On Quds Day don’t let the government find an excuse and  take advantage 

Karroubi at the end emphasized: “I have an advice and I emphasize that the Quds Day is around the corner and we will also participate in the demonstrations, the issue is a right that was denied from a nation. I urge you to please be careful; don’t chant slogans that the government can take advantage of it. They might send some of their agents among you to create tension in environment. I urge you to please invite others to calm down. Respect the sanctity of fasting. I urge those few who have legitimate excuse or are not fasting to respect the sanctity of fasting so that the government would not make up a story out of it. They showed someone’s hands tearing up a photo of Imam [Khomeini] but his face was not shown [and blamed the people for it so that they can repress them]… God bless you all.” Mousavi Facebook


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