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بررسی صلاحیت نمایندگان در طول دوره توسط شورای نگهبان / Article 90 Commission preparing proposal that would give Guardian Council unprecedented power


August 22, 2010 – ParlemanNews is reporting that recently a committee has been formed in the Article 90 commission* of the parliament that is preparing a proposal so that the Guardian Council can have oversight on the actions of the members of the parliament even during their terms in addition to the initial vetting of the nominees before they can run for any public office.

According to this proposal, the Guardian Council at anytime based on its own opinion, which was proven to be very biased and pro-government based on its performance and stand in the events that happened after the rigged presidential election, can dismiss any member of the parliament from his/her post if they “determine” that a member of the parliament has lost his/her “qualification”.

With this proposal the Guardian Council will have unprecedented power to control the members of the parliament and should it decided that the actions or remarks of any members of the parliament is not in line with the political views of this council, whose members are chosen by the supreme leader, it will have the capacity to remove such member from his or her seat in the parliament at any time.

Currently, the Guardian Council vets every candidate for any election, including even the highest ranking religious leaders who become nominees to run for the Assembly of Experts (the body responsible to oversee the performance of the supreme leader) particularly to determine if their behaviour, remarks and actions have always been fully obedient in front of the supreme leader; a clause which is referred to as “complete obedience in front of the supreme leader in action”.

According to the new proposal whenever during the term of any of the members of the parliament, the Guardian Council determines that such member does not exhibit full obedience in front of the supreme leader, it can and will remove the member from the parliament.  According to this proposal all the communications of the members of the parliament and their assets will also be recorded.

* The Article 90 commission is the legislative body that is responsible to investigate public’s complaints against the parliament, the administration or the judiciary, and fully respond to them and in the cases that the complaints are about public matters provides complete information to the public.


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