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کروبی :نمی توان با رعب و تهدید حکومت کرد / Karroubi: No one can rule by relying on terror and fear


According to SahamNews, the official website of Etemad-Melli Party (National Trust Party), yesterday Mehdi Karroubi visited Mohammad Reza Jalaipour, the political prisoner who has just been released from prison on bail. At the beginning, the family of Jalaipour thanked Mehdi Karroubi for his presence and Mohammad Reza Jalaipour also gave a brief report of his arrest and his time in prison. During the visit, Mehdi Karroubi asked about the condition of the prisoners, especially the unknown ones. In part of his remarks, Mehdi Karroubi said: “At this time we should remember the unknown prisoners and show gratitude for the efforts and resistance of them and their families. In this month (holy month of Ramadan), expecting the release of the [political] prisoners is not an unreasonable and irrational expectation that our nation demands.”

We show gratitude for the resistance of the unknown prisoners and their families

Mehdi Karroubi, the chairman of Etemad-Melli Party, added: “I am distressed that the situation has reached this stage that the country’s children are arrested for various excuses and held in prisons. This is not good for our establishment.” He added: “There are many who are not well-known and have innocently paid a great price. At this time we should remember the unknown prisoners and show gratitude for the efforts and resistance of them and their families.”

No one can rule by relying on terror and fear

By expressing that no one can rule by relying on terror and fear, Mehdi Karroubi said: “They have sworn to crack hazelnut with hammer! It is not possible to rule by relying on fear, terror and scaring people. We had never imagined the country’s political situation to be like this. Unfortunately, the issue of funerals has become a great challenge for the establishment. This is not a cause for pride that the establishment has reached a point that even passing of people turn into a great crisis and they (the government’s officials) have to hold a security meeting to determine if they can give permission for funeral to the family or not. If they give permission, then they should decide at what [remote] location of the country this ceremony can take place so that only a few can attend! Of course, this is not the end of the task of this council, for assuring the “security” and finally it has to put some people in the list of those banned from attending the funeral and also threatens these individuals as well as the mourning family [not to invite certain figures].”

Mehdi Karroubi, the two-term speaker of the parliament, added: “Recently, the same issue was bitterly repeated for [the funeral of] the late Mr. Tatari, the former member of parliament and a true Basiji (as opposed to those who call themselves Basiji but are paid by the government to suppress the people), a war veteran and responsible for the Basij of Nomads, and also for [the funeral of] Hojat-al-Islam Darchei, of the Combatant Clergymen and reputable. Both of them were respected by all groups and parties. See what has happened! Is this the appropriate way of governing?!”

Mehdi Karroubi added: “They behave in such a way as if they have solved all country’s problems and now have enough time to interfere and decide on the people’s personal affairs from wedding ceremonies to funerals!” In this merciful and generous month of Ramadan, we are expecting the release of the [political] prisoners Mehdi Karroubi added: “The holy month of Ramadan is the month of mercy and generosity and the great feast of God among the world’s Muslims.

In this month, expecting the release of the [political] prisoners is not an unreasonable and irrational expectation that our nation demands

We hope that soon we witness the freedom of the[political] prisoners. God willing, it will bring happiness for their families and the dear nation of Iran in this dear month.”
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