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خاتمی:نمی توان گفت نظامی منتسب به خدااست،وقتی ظلم وجود دارد/Khatami: The State cannot claim to be attributed to God when there is oppression in it


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, said: “It cannot be claimed that an establishment is attributed to God and the Prophet when there is oppression in it. Of course, in the social world of the human, the law and just order must be in control; the most important symbols of justice in social life is recognition of the human’s right to govern his fate and be respected.” 

He continued: “In the heart of this same issue freedom also lies. But it must be specifically said that the desirable social order in the view of God, the Prophet and social activists is one in which there is freedom and justice.” 

In continuation of his remarks, Khatami added: “It is appropriate to point out the relation between justice and freedom. What has been said about the contradiction between justice and freedom in the recent history shows that neither freedom nor justice has been recognized correctly; because justice and freedom, although in their meaning are different but in practice and reality, it is not possible to separate one from the other and rather these two are coincident and together.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami added: “Justice is the right of free human and claiming to have justice while people are in chain, captive and insulted is a big lie, just like claiming to have justice while there are people who are hungry and dispossessed is an obvious lie.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami at the end of his remarks while explaining one of the definitions of a government based on Islamic Republic’s constitution added: “One of the definitions [of the government] is that the government is the one that has the sole right to bear arms; and it is obvious that whenever there is a right there is a responsibility as well; and the more significant the rights is, the more significant the responsibly will be. An ordinary individual has responsibilities toward the law, but a minster or a member of the parliament has more responsibilities and obligations.” 

By raising this question, that whether a government can use arms anyway it wants or to achieve some especial goals, he emphasized: “Obviously in order to protect the sovereignty, public safety and national interests, if necessary, arms should be used but of the most important responsibilities arising from this right is the exclusive right to defend the freedom and security of the citizens, in other word, a just government cannot use this right and ability against the citizens to suppress [them] and force its demands. But rather it should use it for protecting the freedom and security of the citizens, and this is a criterion to recognize a just government.”


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