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The Only Way Forward

حسین کروبی: پیام محاصره برای جلوگیری از رفتن پدرم به راه‌پیمایی روز قدس می باشد، آقای کروبی همچنان بر سر قول و قرارشان هستند / Hossein Karroubi (son of Mehdi Karroubi) in interview announced that Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi are going to invite people to participate in Qods Day rally


Tens of plain clothes militias and Basij thugs gathered in front of Mehdi Karroubi’s house in the past two nights and prevented Mehdi Karroubi from leaving his home. These organized pro-government thugs by chanting insulting slogans threatened that they would not allow Mehdi Karroubi to participate in Qods Day rally on Friday. Hossein Karroubi, son of Mehdi Karroubi, in an interview with Deutshe Welle explained the situation and also announced that Mehdi Karroubi met with Mir Hossein Mousavi and they are going to invite people to participate in Qods Day rally.

The full transcript of the interview with Hossein Karroubi is as follows:

Deutshe Welle: Mr. Karroubi at this moment (12 midnight local time) the house of Mehdi Karroubi is surrounded. Explain what is happening there and who are these individuals? It seems like they are armed.

Hossein Karroubi : Now it is 10 minutes that these individuals have left. I myself was trying to get in to the house for about an hour but could not get in the house. These individuals were cursing, chanting slogans in support for the supreme leader and threatened that they would come back on Friday morning and would gather tens of times more individuals and will bring them in front on Mehdi Karroubi’s house and would not let him leave the house to go for the Qods Day rally.

Deutshe Welle: Do you think that these events are in continuation of the events that had happened last night in order to prevent Mr. Karroubi from participating in Ghadr night religious ritual?

Hossein Karroubi: It is both for preventing him to participate in Ghadr nights religious ritual and also what is very important is to prevent him from participating in Qods Day rally.

Deutshe Welle: Were you able to get in to Mehdi Karroubi’s house now?

Hossein Karroubi: Yes, Mr. Karroubi is fine and is in very high spirit. My mother, my brothers and myself are all beside him.

Deutshe Welle: Who were these individuals that were gathered there today? Did they have any specific characteristics?

Hossein Karroubi: These are the plain clothes militias that the government fully supports them. It means that they are armed with both guns and machetes. According to Mr. Karroubi they wear thick jackets and beneath their jackets they carry all sorts of weapons. These individuals are completely under the order of the Revolutionary Guards.

Deutshe Welle: Mr. Karroubi talked about participating in Qods Day rally, is he still determined to carry on with his decision?

Hossein Karroubi: Mr. Karroubi is very much determined to carry on with his promise and decision. Today he had a meeting with Mir Hossein Mousavi in Mir Hossein’s house. In fact they are going to invite people to participate in Qods Day rally.

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