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مزدور می فرستند که ایجاد وحشت کنند / Fatemeh Karroubi – They Send Paid Thugs to Our House To Terrorize!


In an interview with RoozOnline, Fatemeh Karroubi, Mehdi Karroubi’s wife confirmed that surrounding their residence, threats and slander against Mehdi Karroubi has no effect what so ever on his determination to continue to fight for the rights of the people of Iran. Fereshte Ghazi of RoozOnline contacted Mrs. Karroubi first at around 11 pm Tehran time when their residence was still surrounded by plain clothes agents and Basijis.  According to Mrs. Karroubi, the individuals who had been organized to come outside their residence carried tear gas, batons and weapons and although the police were also present, they were nothing more than mere spectators watching the events unfold. As Ghazi interviewed Mrs. Karroubi, she could hear chants such as “Karroubi is illiterate and a puppet in the hands of Mossad” and “Even the army of the entire world can’t stand against us.” According to Mrs. Karroubi, during the commotion, Karroubi himself was in his room, meditating and reading the Quran. When Ghazi contacted the house an hour later at around midnight, the crowd had dispersed, though they vowed to be back on Friday morning.

Fatemeh Karroubi stated: “We have put ourselves in the hands of God.  We sit here with a clear conscience, meditating and reading the Quran.  Karroubi is also in his room meditating and reading the Quran.  We are however truly distressed by the fact that the regime has reduced itself to a level of governing in this manner; that in these nights of Ramadan, they have chosen to inflict such stress and anxiety on the families and neighbors living in our area.  They came with tear gas, batons and weapons.  It is only natural for our neighbors to be frightened and stressed out about a potential attack.”

Mrs. Karroubi added: “We are concerned about the foundations upon which this regime was based and the rights of the people. We are concerned that the regime has stooped to these levels; dispersing individuals in certain areas of town and giving them carte blanche to wreak havoc and do as they please, while police forces do nothing but act as spectators.  They arrive in cars and motor cycles, do as they please and are protected by the security forces.”

Mehdi Karroubi will attend the Ghods Day demonstrations

When asked whether the fact that Mr. Karroubi announced he will attend the Ghods Day demonstration is the reason behind this recent tactics, Mrs. Karroubi responded: “They are telling ridiculous lies such as the fact that Karroubi plans to lead the Eid Fitr [Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan] prayers, or that he will be leading the Qhods prayers, when Karroubi has clearly stated that he plans to participate in the Qhods Day demonstrations.  Qhods Day is in memory of Imam Khomeini and Mr. Karroubi will participate. Does this decision frighten and terrorize them so much that they need to gather so many people to insult, threaten? I was not aware that they were this impious, however, these types of tactics have no effect what so ever on Mr. Karroubi’s decision to participate.”

This was not the first time that the residence of Mehdi Karroubi was attacked by plain clothes agents.  His house has been repeatedly surrounded by these types of individuals and in the past the building was even smeared with red paint and covered with graffiti and insults.

May God Give their Direct Reports Wisdom

Mrs. Karroubi who believes that these types of incidents are organized said: “I hope that God will give them and their direct reports who send them to our neighborhoods some wisdom.  This is not the way to dispute issues.  If they have anything to say to Mr. Karroubi, they should pursue it through legal channels, logic and rationality.  Unfortunately since they have nothing to say, they choose to behave in this manner instead, to come to our residence, to threaten and slander. They come to the pilgrimage of Ahsura with obscenity, insults and slander.  This is the utmost level of non religious behavior.  Can one damage religion any more than this when one engages in obscenities and insults on the wake of Ashura?”

Mrs. Karroubi, a former member of the parliament continued: “Mr. Karroubi’s crime was that he had the audacity to say that if rape and torture is taking place in the prisons, then the government should put an end to it right away.  Thank God they understood that they must put an end to that type of unacceptable and inhumane behavior, and as a result they finally accepted the atrocities that took place at Kahrizak.  Karroubi’ s crime is nothing more than this.  We stand with him and these tactics have no effect on us what so ever. They engaged in the most evil and ugly accusations without any evidence what so ever.  Even the Information Minister spoke of the millions that supposedly came from abroad and the U.S. All we say in return, is that words are meaningless unless you have any evidence to prove them.  Provide your evidence to the nation of Iran, if you have any evidence that anyone received anything.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Karroubi said: “They forget that we have been residents of Shemran for 51 years and that two of my children were born here. Today we live in a small but comfortable apartment in the same neighborhood.  They continue to insult and slander without any regard for logic, all during Ramadan, the nights of Ahya and mourning.  These tactics, threats and insults have no effect what so ever on Mr. Karroubi’s determination to continue to fight on behalf of the people’s rights.  My children and I will continue to stand with Karroubi. We are ready to face anything.”

Translation by Negar Irani


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