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تهاجم لباس شخصی ها و بازجویی خیابانی از زهرا رهنورد / Zahra Rahnavard surrounded and interrogated by Basij


Plain clothes militias attack and interrogate Zahra Rahnavard on the street:

 A few days ago, Zahra Rahnavard was attacked and interrogated by plain clothed militias after exiting her home, and only a few meters away from it.  According to eyewitnesses, near  sunset when Zahra Rahnavard left her home alone and was walking in one of the alley’s near Pastor street (in southern part of Tehran), suddenly a small group of plain clothed militia surrounded her. One of the thugs said: “Hey! Rahnavard! Why have you covered your face?” Zahra Rahnavard who was trying to continue on her way, responded: “Do you consider my Hijab hiding my face? If I had covered my face you would not have recognized me.” Another thug ran to Zahra Rahnavard and started interrogating her and said: “Tell me, during the revolution where were you? Did you have religion? Did you agree or disagree? With whom you were working?”

 Another plain clothed militia started walking side by side Zahra Rahnazard who was trying to ignore them but in respond to the insulting questioning of these Basij thugs, she said: “If seeking freedom, defending people’s rights and defending the rights of women is a crime, then certainly, I am a criminal. You can add whatever other crime that the government likes to that.”

The thugs, that are not clear by which organization had been organized, yelled: “Don’t argue! You are lying. Answer our questions that during the revolution where were you and what did you do?” Zahra Rahnavard answered: “I don’t answer to street interrogations. I am a fighter and freedom-seeking woman. If you really want to hear my answers, instead of interrogating me on the street, come to my office one day and at least interrogate me in my office instead of on the street.”

Over the past year, Zahra Rahnavard has been attacked several times by the plain clothed militias and special unit forces of the police. She was attacked by a group of women plain clothed militia in the Art School of Tehran University during the commemoration of National Student Day. The group by following her out of the school attacked her by spraying pepper spray into her face in her car from very close proximity which led to serious injuries for her and serious difficulties in breathing and vision.

Another time, a group of 12 or 13 women plain clothes militias were lurking in the school that were confronted by the security personnel of the school. On the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, when Zahra Rahnavard intended to join the rally from Sadeghiyeh Square (west of Tehran) a group of plain clothes militias attacked her with batons and punchs and hit her on the head and waist. The assaults on Zahra Rahnavard have not only been physical but rather the autocrats’ and pro-government media have attacked her character several times and attempted to assassinate her reputation.

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