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درگیری درب منزل مهدی کروبی،تیراندازی و حمله با ککتول ملوتوف / Karroubi’s home attacked, windows smashed and gun fire


As reported by SahamNews, Mehdi Karroubi’s residence was attacked by Basij thugs armed with weapons. Basij entered the building after breaking the entrance of the building. Mehdi Karroubi’s guards had to fire warning shots to deter them.

Despite the police having been present on the seen but they have not done anything.

According to SahamNews report, Mr. Yari, the head of Mehdi Karroubi’s body guards has been transferred to hospital. Mr. Yari had gone toward the Basij attackers to talk to them but was brutally beaten by them and is currently in coma. After this incident Mr. Yari was immediately transferred to hospital.

The attacking Basij thugs, while firing gun shot at Mehdi Karroubi’s residence, cut the power to all the street lights. They have also damaged the water pipes and stopped the water flow.

Unfortunately, at this time the police have completely left the scene.

Hossein Karroubi, Mehdi Karroubi’s son, Wednesday night local time, in a phone conversation with RadioFarda reported of the continuation of the blockade of Mehdi Karroubi’s home and said that the attackers were firing shots at the building and set the building entrance on fire and were trying to enter the home but faced the resistance of the bodyguards.

Hossein Karroubi added: “The home is completely in blockade. Our neighborhood is now just like the desert of Karbala (where Imam Hossein was martyred after being denied of water for days) and the occupied Palestine. The building is completely surrounded. There were gun shots fired directly at the building. The bodyguards in return fired some warning shots. All windows of the building are broken. They shot all the street lights in the ally by gun and turned off and broke. Apparently some were also injured and ambulance has taken them.”

He added: “The situation is very chaotic now and the attackers are continuously chanting slogans and their attack word is also “We are responding, O! Khamenei (the supreme leader)”.

Mehdi Karroubi’s son added that the attackers were trying to enter the home by setting it on fire so Mehdi Karroubi’s bodyguards fired warning shots. As a result of this attack of the Basij attackers some were injured.

Hossein Karroubi who was speaking from inside Mehdi Karroubi’s home in response to the question about Mehdi Karroubi’s condition said that his father was reading Quran and his mother, Fatemeh Karroubi, is by their sons and daughter-in-laws.

Hossein Karroubi pointed out to the situation and addressed the supreme leader and said: “You that think of yourself to be just like Imam Ali; is this the way of Imam Ali? When at a corner of the city, someone stole jewel from the ankle of a Jewish lady, his holiness, Imam Ali, showed such an anxiety (he said if I die over this shame now it is just). Is this the way of Ali; that you want to confront someone, have attacked the home of a 73 year old man and have blockade his home and set it on fire.”

Hossein Karroubi added: “This savage act was only done by Yazid against Imam Hossein and attacked his wife and children.”

During the phone conversation with Hossein Karroubi the noise of attackers can be clearly heard.

Also, Mehdi Karroubi’s wife, Fatimeh gave a phone interview with BBC Persian


 Following the severe attack of the Basij thugs, after hours, a group of Special Forces has stationed in the area. According to the report by SahamNews, since a few minutes ago and after the arrival of Special Forces Unit, the attackers have stepped back. Currently these people are stationed at the beginning of the alley and are carrying the Qadr night sermon. Mehdi Karroubi is in complete health and has called this action in such a holy night result of lack of wisdom and pious awareness.

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