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The Only Way Forward

مهدی کروبی: هزینه را پذیرفته ام و و تا آخرین لحظه از حقوق مردم کوتاه نخواهم آمد /Mehdi Karroubi’s interview with RASA following the Basij thugs attack on his residence

Mehdi Karroubi’s interview with RASA following the Basij thugs attack on his residence (Please scroll down for FULL English translation of the transcript of this interview)

The Basij thugs attacked Mehdi Karroubi’s residence for the fifth consecutive night and while shattering the windows and vandalizing the building opened fire. Also the head of Mehdi Karroubi’s protection team who went to take to the thugs was brutally beaten such that he was transferred to hospital and has been in coma.

Following these events Mehdi Karroubi in an interview with Rasa TV once again announced that he is ready to pay any price and will stand in this path till the end.

Karroubi also once again stressed on attending the Qods Day demonstrations.

Mehdi Karroubi in this phone interview said: “Following the elections many events happened in the country and everyone witnessed the consequences. We also expressed our positions clearly and caringly. But my clear and frank positions regarding country’s issues has not gone well with these guys and [therefore] they plan these events and attacks.”

Mehdi Karroubi once again by stating the problems such as the fraud in the tenth presidential election and also the problems with foreign policy said: “Regarding the elections not only there was fraud but also there was mainly engineering of votes and from the very beginning the outcome of the election has been decided. We made mistake to enter the election race, we were optimistic and thought that we have elections in this country but later on we realized that this is not the case!”

Mehdi Karroubi once again while emphasizing that he does not regret taking the path he took stressed on his readiness to have a debate with pro-government representatives.

Karroubi in continuation while naming the issues that have made the ruling powers angry said: “Regarding the sanctions and the problems with foreign policy I am announcing that essentially a part of Revolutionary Guards is after this situation and they create tensions as much as possible so that in the shadow of sanctions they can plunder people’s wealth.”

Karroubi also by reinstating the incompetence of the current administration in solving the vital problems stated: “This administration that cannot solve the foreign policy problems or solve the economical and cultural problems and in fact cannot do anything, of course is after creating tension and its life depends on the crises.”

Mehdi Karroubi by emphasizing that he supports the Islamic Republic said: “But the current government is not Islamic Republic. Neither its Islamic aspect not its Republic aspect have been preserved. What the people wanted and carried out a revolution for it is different from what is in power today, but if it was many of the problems of the people would be solved. The people of Iran are Muslim and are not at fight with Islam and are not at fight with Republic [system] what is in power today is neither a Republic nor an Islamic [system]. Of course they get upset from these remarks I make.”

Mehdi Karroubi by emphasizing on his previous remarks regarding participating on Qods Day rally, stated that the reason for the thugs gatherings in the recent nights is this issue and said: “They have been gathering for five nights, chant slogans, break the windows and tonight it was escalated to its peak. But I am standing. Both myself and my family are ready to pay any price; I am staying here, I am not going anywhere and I have my plans [as decided before].”

Mehdi Karroubi while expressing sorrow regarding the discomfort and harassment that the thugs have imposed on his neighbors and family said: ” Where in the world, they organize a bunch of juvenile thugs and muggers to make chaos and insult a political opponent because of disagreement. At this moment that I am talking with you and it is passed 12 midnight they are chanting slogans in the street and it is even more tragic that after all these scandals, insults, breaking the windows they start reading Quran in the street and mourning for Imam Hossein (Shia’s third Imam). Apparently they are determined to disgrace Islam.”

Mehdi Karroubi in another interview with SahamNews urged people to avoid coming to his neighborhood tonight.

In this short message, Mehdi Karroubi emphasized on protecting the lives and security of the people and asked them to avoid going toward his home tonight. He also apologized from all the neighbours and loved ones who were troubled and distressed over the past five nights and has asked for forgiveness.

Mehdi Karroubi said:” In this holy night (Qadr Night) whatever the almighty God has destined for me, I will welcome with open arms and till my last breath, I will not give up on people’s rights.”

Despite the insistance of his guards and family, Mehdi Karroubi refused to leave the building and added:” I am standing until the end.”


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