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Sept. 3, 2010 خلوت بودن خيابانها در روز قدس وشكست حكومت آخوندي / Empty streets on Quds Day in Tehran – Sep.3,2010

‘Quds Day’ in Iran – Sept. 3, 2010

The seven paths that the Iranian regime had determined for the Quds Day March was so empty that the government was forced to park public transportation automobiles in these paths and streets. From Azadi Square to Enqelab Square in all the paths, the crowds barely reached one thousand. Regime supporters were walking in groups of two or three towards Enqelab Square which was the main site of the gathering in despair because of the lack of public participation.

 Millions of colorful posters, pictures and other propaganda were left unused in the hands of regime forces because there were no mass crowds to distribute the posters to.

The crowds participating in the Quds state-run marches were those who usually participate in Friday Prayers.  Even those who usually came just to get food and drinks did not participate in the march.

به گزارش خبرنگارآژانس ايران خبــــــــــــرخيابان هاومسيرهاي هفتگانه راهپيمايي حکومتي آنچنان از جمعيت خالي بود که حكومت آخوندي مجبور به پارک خودروهاي عمومي در اين مسيرها شد.از ميدان آزادي تا ميدان انقلاب ودر تمامي طول خيابان آزادي جمعيت به هزارنفر هم نميرسيد.گروه هاي دو يا سه نفره طرفدار حكومت در پياده روها با نااميدي وياس از عدم حضور مردم به سمت ميدان انقلاب محل اصلي تجمع وراه پيمايي حرکت مي کردند.ميليون ها برگ پوستر رنگي، عکس ونوشته روي دست نيروهاي حکومتي مانده بود.
سران حکومت انتظار داشتند از ساعت 9 يا حداکثر 10 صبح همه ي خيابان ها ومسيرهاي هفتگانه ميادين مشخص شده پر از جمعيت باشد اما جمعيتي نبود, بارديگر مردم نشان دادند كه اين حكومت مشروع نيست ودر راهپيمايي هاي حكومتي كسي شركت نميكند

An Iranian man mocks the pro-regime demonstrators as he films.  The marchers chant “death to America, death to Israel, etc.” and the man behind the lens mockingly chants “death to Khamenei.”  He also jokes, “here comes the ship” and “look at the sheep following the ship.” 

Iranian people laughing at the few number of pro-regime people present compared to buses.

روز قدس در کرج – شکست دیگری برای حکومت

Qazvin also had very little turnout on Quds day

Karaj had massive security presence and very low turnout as well


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