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The Only Way Forward

رهنورد در دیدار با خانواده شهید حسن پور: فقط تقلب نیست بلکه کودتایی بزرگ در کشو رخ داده است / Zahra Rahnavard: ” The blood of the innocent that has been shed will not go in vein and will bear fruit one day”


Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi and university professor, in continuation of her visits to the families of Green martyrs and political prisoners who were arrested following the rigged presidential election, visited the family of one of the Green martyrs whose funeral anniversary is in few days. Zahra Rahnavard along with a group of women reformist activists went to the house of martyr Ai Hassanpour and expressed their deep sympathies with them. Green martyr Hassanpour was buried on Sep 28, 2009. Although he was martyred on June 15, 2009 when he was participating along with millions of people in the peaceful protest to the outcome of the rigged presidential election, his body was handed to his family 105 days since he was shot.

Wife of martyr Hassanpour in this meeting talked about the hard days she went though and said: “On June 15th when my husband did not return home I was very worried and concerned. I cannot explain what I went though those days until on a Wednesday of that month I was a photo of an injured protestor, with bloody face and head in Azadi Street, in news websites whom was similar to my husband.  This injured person was on the ground near a Basij base near Azadi square. I started to investigate soon but nobody was giving us a clear and direct answer.”

Since martyr Hassanpour was shot in the head his face was not very clear in the photo and although the family was seeing similarities between their loved ones and the injured in the photos but still they were hopeful that he would not be the person in the photo and one day Ali Hassanpour would come back home healthy.


The wife of martyr Hassanpour added: “We spent 105 days without any information and in anxiety. We went any place you can think of everyday so that maybe we could find some information about my husband but nobody was giving us any clear answer until after all these days they gave me the news that my husband was martyred.”

When the news of martyrdom was confirmed, the investigations of wife of martyr Hassanpour also started in order to find out why his innocent husband was shot in the head on the street in the middle of the day. Wife of Hassanpour added: “Those who witnessed this event later told me that after shooting toward people started, Ali went to the scene of shooting to help a 18-19 year old boy who was shot and injured but when he was helping that young boy he himself was also shot.”

Wife of martyr Hassanour has started to investigate to find out who shot his husband since that time but until now his efforts has come to no conclusion.

Zahra Rahnavad after hearing the remarks of the wife of martyr Hassanpour said: “The way this martyr was killed is the true meaning of martyrdom and is a proof of noble character and high statue of martyr Hassanpour.”

Zahra Rahnavard added: “The events that took place showed that in fact a coup project was planned and has been carried out and those who carried out the coup are not hesitating to commit any action in order to reach their goals and preserve the coup; and even have been willing to shed the blood of innocent people.”

She emphasized: “As it was mentioned many times it was not only the issue of election fraud and the protest to the outcome of the election but rather a great coup has happened in the country.”

Zahra Rahnavard also regarding the way the cases of the martyrs have been handled said: “Finding the murderer or murderers is not enough to regain the rights of the martyrs and their families, but the more important issue is that the perpetrators of these events should be tried and introduced to the people; because the events that took place following the election have had very heavy prices such as martyrdom, imprisonment and injury of many innocent people which are not that easy to move on from them.”

She also at the end of this meeting while hope for peace for the spirit of martyr Ali Hassanpour and patience and perseverance for his family once again stressed that the blood of the innocent that has been shed will not go in vein and will bear fruit some day.

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