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دیدار میر حسین موسوی و سید محمد خاتمی / Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mohammad Khatami held a joint meeting


Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, in a joint meeting discussed the current affairs of the country. Khatami and Mousavi by expressing sorrow that on one hand some individuals monopolized the revolution and on the other hand they know no other means but to lie, insult and falsely accuse, emphasized on the continuation of the existing coordination between the reformists in all areas.

They also condemned the failed efforts of a specific movement to induce difference and diversion among reformist figures. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami also by stressing that the society is aware that many of these claims and subjects that are being unofficially or officially spreading are baseless reiterated: If there is any sorrow it is because these behaviors and remarks are being spread in the name of the revolution which its goal was to establish honesty, purity and justice and its risen establishment which was emphasized on the importance of people’s votes, freedom and dignity of all the people of society as well as the salvation and caring of the authorities; and based on these very wrong behaviors and remarks many of the caring figures and valuable recourses of the country have been arrested, tried and imprisoned, and even their complaints regarding the improper treatments [against them] are not being investigated and still other movements and forces are under increasing pressure and restrictions.

Former president and former prime minister while once again emphasizing that the political prisoners must be freed, open and secure environment must be leading the society and the constitution must be implemented fully and comprehensively, expressed sorrow that still opposites of these demands are being happening and even those dear ones who feel that they have been oppressed and have been wrongly accused and even used their legal rights to file complaints, instead of  having their complaints being followed on justly are being called back to prison.

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi also by commemorating the memories of the epic e defence era (Iran-Iraq war) and honoring those who heroically defended the country and paying tribute to the martyrs, those who got injured while defending the country, veterans and their respected families, demanded serious confrontations against those who insulted and attacked the dear families of great martyrs Hemat and Baakeri*, two commanders who bravely sacrificed their live to defend the country during Iran-Iraq war, and other prominent figures of the revolution and country. They also condemned the growing and numerous restrictions imposed against the critic figures and movements whom have always emphasized on abiding by the principles and values of the revolution and the constitution.

* Few days ago the families of martyrs Baakeri and Hemat invited Mehdi Karroubi for dinner but security forces threatened Mehdi Karroubi that if he attends this dinner invitation so-called organized plain-clothes militias will attack the house of martyr Baakeri who was supposed to host the dinner. Therefore Mehdi Karroubi in order to prevent any disrespect and harm to the honorable families of these great martyrs called them and told them that despite his personal desire he cannot attend the dinner. Following this the families of martyrs Baakeri and Hemat  decided to meet with Mehdi Karroubi in his house but when they arrived by his door they were stopped and prevented to enter Karroubi’s house by the security forces stationed in the area and when they protested to these illegal and ugly action they were brutally attacked and the wives of these great martyrs were severely beaten and attacked with pepper spray and son of martyr Baakei when protested to these hideous acts was arrested for few hours. Also the families of martyrs Baakeri and Hemat tried to meet with Mir Hossein Mousavi on the day marking the start of the eight-year war in which their loved ones were martyred, but they were stopped and prevented by security forces. Just recently when a group of reformist women tried to meet with the families of these two great martyrs to comfort them they also were attacked and prevented by security forces and plain-clothes militias who were stationed outside the house of these great martyrs!

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