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Iran’s security forces increase their suppressive activities

Security forces shoot and kill young man in Iranshahr

A 26 year old man identified as Abdolrahim Kanbarzehi (Qanbarzehi) was killed in the Gharib Abad region in Iranshahr by the SSF ‘Relief Unit’.

According to eyewitness reports, security forces stopped his car and violently pulled him out of his vehicle while beating him. It seems that he shielded himself from the beatings by hugging a security agent. When these agents saw that they had not been able to arrest him after 10 minutes of beatings, an agent shot him in the back.

Despite seeing his condition and that he needed to be taken to hospital because of his open wound, they refused to take him to hospital and banned others on the scene from taking him to the hospital.  After about 6 hours, Abdolrahim died on the scene in front of the security forces because he was not given medical treatment.

Security forces violently attack and arrest five people in Marivan

Agents of the Inteligence agency attacked the homes of villagers in the village of Ney in Marivan and arrested five people. They were taken to an unknown location. Keivan Nikpey, Jamal Parvazeh, Farzad Badakhsh, Qane Kaveh and Zana Kasrayi were among the detainees.

Iran takes 15 year old son of labor activist hostage as ransom for father’s arrest

According to reports, labor activist Gholamreza Gholam Hosseini was forced to leave his home after agents of the ministry of intelligence raided his home in his absence.

On Monday October 11, at about 9 am intelligence agents raided the home of Gholam Hosseini in Karaj intending to arrest him but he was not home.

These agents then took his 15 year old son hostage until 8 pm. In this time, they threatened and interrogated 15-year old Amir. In calls to Gholam Hosseini’s wife, they said that she had to turn her husband in for her son’s release. 

These agents searched his home for a long time and then confiscated his computer, legal documents, telephone book, books, CDs and other things…

Gholamreza Gholam Hosseini, 44, was arrested in 2005 during the strike of bus drivers of the Vahed Bus Company in Tehran and was subsequently suspended from work for 4 years. About 8 months ago he went back to work but on July 24 he was once again suspended under baseless pretexts.

Intelligence agents threaten jailed labor activist’s daughter-in-law to death

According to reports, the threats and mental abuse of the intelligence agency against Zoya Samadi, the daughter in law of detained labor activist Mansour Osanloo has increased in the past few weeks.

Intelligence interrogators constantly call Zoya Samadi and blatantly threaten her to death. These threats have increased in the past few weeks.

“You experienced what we did last time. You can be sure that this time you will not live through it”, they tell her over the phone.

Some time ago, intelligence agents in a car and two motorcycles went to the home of Mrs. Samadi and her husband in their absence and relayed their threats through their neighbors. This psychological and inhumane war is going on daily against this family.

Intelligence interrogators aim to increase the mental pressure on Osalu’s family and especially Mr. Osanloo.

Zoya Samadi was abducted before this by intelligence agents and was violently tortured and beaten. She sustained serious physical and mental injuries as a result which she is still suffering from. Samadi was forced to quit her job after her abduction to stay at home for treatment.

Saving a young girl from the hands of repressive agents

People of Zarin Shahr saved a young girl from the hands of repressive agents who wanted to arrest her. These agents wanted to arrest this girl under the excuse of fighting with improper veil.

Security agent killed in armed clash in Zahedan

In an armed clash in the town of Zahedan, a state security force agent was killed and four others were injured.

Abdollahi, the assistant head of Security in Iran said, “This attack took place on Friday evening in the path of a security forces between Khash and Zahedan. In this attack, a SSF employee was killed and four others were injured”.

Imprisonment of 11,000 people in the central prison of Mashhad with the capacity for 2,500

Zoghi the criminal judge of Mashad confessed about the intractable arrests and said: imprisonment of 11000 people in central prison of Mashhad, with capacity of 2500 people shows our decisive action of our Judiciary system.

He added among a group of reporters: Adding 4000 prisoners to this prison in the last few months shows our growing strikes with those who are convicted and are the elements of disturbing the discipline and public security.



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