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کروبی خطاب به نمایندگان مجلس: شما ننگ تصویب این طرح را برای خود نخرید / Karroubi warns Majlis not to pass humiliating and destructive Oversight Bill


Mehdi Karroubi, one of the leaders of opposition and former two-time speaker of the parliament (Majlis), in an open letter addressed to the members of the parliament, warned them about the “oversight on members of parliament” bill and urged them not to pass this humiliating bill. The “Oversight on members of parliament” bill is a new bill introduced by the ruling powers, which would allow the hardliners in the Guardian Council to dismiss elected members of the parliament anytime during their term if they behave against the interests of those in power, and in some cases even prosecute and arrest them. This is in addition to the fact that all members of the parliament are vetted by the Guardian Council even before they can have their names on the ballots!

In part of his letter Mehdi Karroubi stated: “The content of this bill shows that those who proposed it do not want to have oversight on the members of  Parliament, but rather want to threaten them.  The greed of these fellows is not satisfied with having a biased vetting process by the Guardian Council, they now have made efforts to enforce another agenda.  If a member of parliament  says anything that is not desired by those in power, they can be confronted, threatened or dismissed from their post easily.”  

Mehdi Karroubi in the end of his letter by emphasizing that “power will pass and governments come and go one after another”  urged the members of  parliament to learn from the history and do not let such an injustice be done to the democratic nature of the parliament during their term.

 He also stated: “If some are determined to destroy the parliament, I, as a religious brother, old colleague, and defender of the constitutional Revolution, urge you not to give in to the shame of passing this bill which will be a fatal blow on the legislative body and let them (totalitarians) go ahead with their plans in an organization outside the parliament.”

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