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مصاحبه اختصاصی رسا با مهدی کروبی; 13 آبان 1389 / RASA’s Exclusive Interview with Mehdi Karroubi for 13 Aban

English summary below:

Mehdi Karroubi in an interview strongly criticized the restrictions imposed on the members of the parliament by the totalitarian rulers. He particularly condemned the newly proposed bill in which the members of parliament – after going through all the harsh vetting process by the hardliners in the Guardian Council in order to be able to run for parliament- can be dismissed of their posts even during their terms as soon as they act against the interests of the ruling powers.

In this interview Mehdi Karroubi by referring to the importance of the stature of the parliament as one of the main foundations of democracy and the fact that it has been named the House of Nation said: “Parliament has had a special and unique stature both before and after the Islamic Revolution; and even on the days before the revolution Imam Khomeini – the founder of Islamic Revolution – had been raising concerns [during the Shah’s era] that the government had been shutting down the parliament or had been making it ineffective. Therefore in the constitution of the Islamic Republic there have been particular emphases on the stature and power of the parliament. I am going to give you an example from the constitution which demonstrates how important the parliament is: The constitution says that the country must never be without a parliament and elections must be held and go through their process so that there would always be enough members of the parliament to hold sessions; however the most important article states that even if the situation of the country is such that election cannot be held, for example when the country is in special situation during war and it would not be possible to hold elections and the four-year term of the parliament ends, the constitution specifically states that the parliament must stay functional and cannot be closed”

Mehdi Karroubi by adding that even those who have conservative views close to the ruling powers that were involved in the process of codification the laws were arguing that parliament must not be such that it could be influenced as it was by monarchy during the Shah’s ear said: “With regards to the parliament the phrase Oversight by the Guardian Council which has been stated in the constitution only means that the Guardian Council oversees how the parliament is functioning and does not mean that they can influence or meddle with its affairs. Unfortunately they have been interfering in the affairs of the parliament since 1992 and have been imposing more restrictions on it as well as increasing the power of vetting [by the Guardian Council] but regardless of all these they have seen that some can pass through all the harsh vetting process and get in to the parliament; and when they get in [to the parliament] they learn more about the issues such as domestic and foreign policies, economy, budget and judiciary and as a result they start confronting issues and giving their opinions and views. So as they increased the restrictions they saw that some individuals can still pass through who can become problematic for them, therefore they have come up with a new proposal which would make it possible for them to have control and oversight on the members of the parliament such that the members of the parliament don’t get an idea that- after they pass through all the hoops of vetting by the Guardian Council to get their names on the ballot and then get actually elected by their constituency – everything is done [and they would be free to express their minds], they should learn that no, this is not the case as any day he can be confronted and banned from getting in to the parliament! They (totalitarians) have come up with a proposal which in summary says that if a member of parliament does something wrong [in their views] after being confronted and prevented from giving his speech and his salary being seized, he could even be easily dismissed from his post [in the middle of his term]! This means that the member of the parliaments must know that they are never immune from being dismissed from the parliament [if they act against the interests of the ruling powers] and the actual votes of those who elected the members of the parliaments will become worthless! I have knowledge that these days the situation is such that when a member of the parliament goes to specific events or visits, he/she is confronted that “why did you even go to visit such and such person!”; before it was such that he/she knew that at the end of his/her term the Guardian Council would not pass his/her qualification to run for the next term but now they (the totalitarians) have come up with this proposal so that the members of the parliament would not dare to go anywhere [that is not approved by the ruling powers] … They want to make the situation such that if a member of the parliament dares to raise an issue or criticize the ruling powers they would be able to dismiss him/her instantly!”

At the end Mehdi Karroubi, former two-term speaker of the parliament, emphasized “Today members of the parliament don’t even have the right to visit someone [without the approval of the ruling powers] and this is really odd! I raised these issues so that we know what a disaster is happening in the parliament.”See More


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