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کروبی خطاب به جنتی: کسانی که در مقابل فرزند تروریست تو مقاومت کردند فتنه گر می نامی؟ / Karroubi slams Guardian Council head Ahmad Jannati in interview with Saham News


Mehdi Karroubi in an interview with SahamNews reacted to the comments recently made by the pro- government hardliner cleric Ahmad Jannati during this week’s Friday prayer in Tehran, in which Jannati criticized the judiciary for accepting bail and for giving a few days time off from  prison to some of the political prisoners and called on the judiciary not to show any mercy to political prisoners even at the request of Grand Ayatollahs.


In his remarks Mehdi Karroubi spoke of the true stature of clergymen and spiritual leaders: “They have always been the support for people in front of the governments. We have many cases in history that whenever the spiritual leaders were frustrated with the government over its arrests and pain on people, they would negotiate with the government for the release of the prisoners. Currently, according to the families of the political prisoners, some of the Grand Ayatollahs such as Vahid Khorasani have promised the families of political prisoners to follow up on their cases.”

In continuation, Mehdi Karroubi criticizes Ahmad Jannati’s remarks and reminds him that Jannati himself was one of those who during the Shah’s time would go to the houses of Grand Ayatollahs to ask them to negotiate with the government for the release of some of the prisoners. Mehdi Karroubi added: “How come now that the government is in our hand (in the hands of clerics), we (the clerics) call for killing and imprisonment of the people…. Are these people who were arrested murderers of Amir al-Momenin (Imam Ali, the first Imam of Shi’a)? Have they used weapons? A group from within this very establishment has emerged and said “where is my vote?”, should you show brutality to this group that you have arrested?  Let’s survey and see who are these people that are in prisons. These are the people of this country and are from the families of martyrs or veterans. They are students and professors. Instead of encouraging the courts to be humane and display Islamic behaviour you call on them to show brutality?!…. I tell the families of these prisoners, I swear to God this is not clergy!”

Mehdi Karroubi then addresses Ahmad Jannati directly and adds: “Mr. Jannati! You have lived a long life. Your son, Hossein, was in prison. Do you know what the mother of that boy was feeling? I reveal an issue which is an advice for you and not a criticism. Wasn’t your son Hossein a prisoner and member of MKO? Wasn’t he in your home after being released from the prison? Didn’t you provide him to get a wife and house?  He and his wife were then killed in their team base during a fight with the forces of the revolution. Then, you adopted their child and raised it. Did anybody question you? I have no intention of criticizing you. I want to revive the feeling of being a dad in you. I want you to know the feeling of a prisoner’s family from any group, Muslim or not, Sunni, Dervish or other religions.”

In continuation of his remarks, Mehdi Karroubi adds: “Mr. Jannati! Did you, during the Friday prayer, defend the blood of those [political prisoners] who were killed under torture [in the prisons] and mention these tortures? Did you in Friday prayer, warn the armed and security forces, beware that three doctors were assassinated; look for who killed them? Why don’t you talk of the murdered doctors and university professors? What happened to the case of Dr. Motamedi? What happened to the case of the university professor, the late Mr. Mohammadi?… See what horrifying and horrendous monsters you create from clergymen with your remarks in the minds of the children of these people and their families.”

In another part of his remarks, Mehdi Karroubi refers to Jannati and by reminding that he has been appointed by the supreme leader as a member of the Guardian Council, which by law has no control over the judiciary, asks: “What do you have to do with the judiciary? Do you know what is the result of your remarks? Its result is the same murders by rogue individuals (plain clothes militia) that happen all across this land. The result of these remarks is the same as the chain murders that happened in the city of Kerman. These comments and behaviors result in these actions. Mr Jannati! You accuse these people (the political prisoners) of sedition. They call you seditious because of what you say and the sedition that you are creating. You should be responsible for your actions. If there was a just system in the country with a jury, then we would show what you did during the past 21 years and how much you violated the rights of people. You sit down with the armed and security forces and review and approve or disapprove [from being on the ballot] whomever you like. These [selections] will determine the members of the Assembly of Experts (who are supposed to be able to oversee the actions of the supreme leader and dismiss him if granted)…. You are responsible for the things that have happened.”

Karroubi added: “Mr. Jannati, the very same actions hurt the independence of Judiciary branch. Your remarks are the reason why the interrogators tell the prisoners that the judge has no power and we have all the authority! … I wonder how come the Society of Combatant Clergy and the Society of Qom Seminary Instructors don’t confront him (Jannati)?!”

Mehdi Karroubi continued: “Mr. Jannati, you as the General Secretary and head of the Guardian Council threaten the members of the parliament against their right to impeach the administration, and are trying to cut the oversight power of the parliament on the actions of the administration and ministers; with these actions would anything be left of the stature of the parliament and the representatives of the people?!”

He noted: “Mr. Jannati I remind you that the very same individuals who are in prisons today and those who you accuse of sedition and demand to be confronted harshly, are those who at the early days of the revolution resisted and fought against terrorists like your son.”

At the end Mehdi Karroubi stressed: “At the end I urge all Grand Ayatollahs and senior religious figures to act in order to preserve the dignity of Islam and the clergy, and also to prevent the violation of rights of prisoners so that God forbid in the future we would not witness actions that we cannot compensate for them.”

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