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The Only Way Forward

پیام میرحسین موسوی به مناسبت آذر، ماه دانشجو / Mir Hossein Mousavi’s statement for the National Student Day


In the name of God, The Compassionate and the Merciful

Students, companions of the Green Movement:

Young, loving and brave friends:


On the eve of the month of Azar [1] – The Month of Student – to commemorate your perseverance and your struggles for defending the rights of the nation of Iran and the rights of the people to have sovereignty over their own destiny, I saw necessary to write few words to you dear ones, to thanks you and pay my respect to you; especially now that the possibility of direct meeting with you has become dim!

In the recent two years, in the meetings that I had with you or in the letters and notes that you sent, I have always been witness to your concerns for the future of our beloved Iran and the freedom-seeking Green Movement of the people of Iran. Of course nothing else is expected from you, as in our land and all throughout the history, the students have always been cautiously vigilant regarding the dangers that have threatened the Iranian society; and in this path – as documented in the history – they, themselves, have always boldly faced the great dangers in the path of defending the people and the nation. Isn’t it true that the anniversary of the 16 Azar [2] every year is a reminder of the bitter events that in which the vigilant and progressive students of this land who had protested against the domestic tyranny and its foreign colonial supporters were brutally butchered? On that day following the repressions and killings, the dictators and the totalitarians had thought that the voice of criticism and protest would have been silence forever; the very same mistake that all those who rely on victory based on intimidation make, and what a bad anchor the tool of repression is, for surviving few days longer in power!

Dictators are becoming lonelier every day / Dictators wake up when it is too late

Dictators don’t realize that using money, force and deception is increasing the gap between them and the people and will push them to an illusory seemingly safe corner that is designed and implemented by the opportunist trucklers and bootlickers and enemies of the people to maybe make them forget about the pain of losing people’s support.

Dictators are becoming lonelier every day and are paranoid about everything and everyone, they drive their old friends away and consider any criticism and advice as a conspiracy plotted to destroy them; and worst of all they acknowledge their own [personal] interests equal to national interests and in such a situation they have no other option but to rely on armed forces, and they look for those who obey their orders with closed eyes and ears and [those who] do not have slightest doubts and concerns in their hearts even for a moment regarding  their ideologies and actions.

 Dictators are so busy running in the tight circle they have created around themselves that cannot hear the echo of the fall of their palace of tyranny and totalitarianism, and they wake up when it is already too late to return to the embrace of the people.

Dividing people in to different clans and humiliating them, are the common methods of all tyrants and Pharaohs / Giving power a holy color is the worst  aspect of oppression / Some see themselves above the law and self-sufficient of people’s votes and views / Thieves and dictators hate the law

They (dictators) don’t realize that maybe it would be possible to prevent people’s mouths, ears and eyes from talking, hearing and seeing, but thinking is a divine blessing that the gates of its den is closed on autocrats; isn’t this the secret behind having all this fear from knowledge, students and scholars, all these anxiety from the free flow of information, all these fears from free media, all these panics from even the quiet and peaceful gatherings of the critics and protestors, all these efforts to tag the allies of the people and the revolution as [agents of] foreigners, the continuous and endless trend of labeling the children of Iran as “Them”, all these fears from anything that is linked to collective wisdom and all these attempts to avoid anything that is related to planning and knowledge-based management ?! And at the end the autocrats in order to achieve victory by the rule of fear, use the same method that Pharaoh and all Pharaoh-like rulers took advantage of it: Dividing people into different clans, labeling nation as “Us and Them”, putting people against each other, humiliating people by calling them “cows”, “lambs” and “dirt and dust” in order to get them to bow to them [3] and finally giving power a holy color [saying] that “I am your most exalted lord” [4]; and this last one – as history judged – is the worst kind of oppression, meaning that it is vital to obey [us] and not ask any questions as we are higher than being questioned. Do the extensive violations of the law, the apprehension against the demands of comprehensive return to the constitution, lack of compliance with people’s vote, escaping from free, competitive and non-selective elections and shutting down the newspapers have any other meaning than the fact that some consider themselves above the law and self-sufficient from people’s votes and views?

In 1980, didn’t the late Imam [Khomeini] say “everyone must act based on the law. This is the law that the nation voted for it, they did not vote so that you can put it aside and ignore it. Go and do your jobs”? ; and in 1981 he also said: “Of course thieves hate the law and dictators hate the law as well.”; and it was him who in response to the direct letter by the members of the parliament regarding the diversion of the establishment from the boundaries of the constitution said “We all must return to the law”.

Ill economy, uneducated policies and serious corruption/ What happened to the promise of bringing oil money to people’s dining tables and the promise of confronting corrupt officials? / Condemning the Green Movement and three million informed students by magisterial note and order

1– My dear friends, today this is the case: Due to the use of wrong method of buying time by creating constant crises, great costs are exposed on our people; so that with the doomed to fail methods of escaping forward, reinforcing the sectarian relations with the model of “complete obedience or dismissal”, and invoking hatreds because of deepened gap between poor and rich, this short-term power will not last more than few days in the hands of the rulers.

The process that should have been undertaken by giving extensive assurance to the people – people who have lost their faith in the government due to the corrupt election which was full of irregularities as well as the computer manipulation of people’s vote – and by taking advantage of collective wisdom and impartial and faithful experts, now is being called painful surgery that is more than ever threatening the life of this ill economy due to uneducated policies and deep corruptions. Everywhere there is talk of exhaustive pressures on families that are struggling these days with poverty and destitution more than ever.

The military officials and the police clearly state their worries regarding the nervous reaction of the people and the danger of possible misuse [of this reaction] by foreign enemies and domestic opponents.

The great question of our people from them is that if you are truly aware of these facts and hear the unanimous opinion of the experts that executing this plan with the form that you have prepared and carried out has no outcome other than financial and human loss, and increased injustice, then why do you insist this much to ignore the opinions of renowned economists of the country and the members of the parliament? What happened to those promises of free education and creating jobs and Article 43 of the constitution [5]? Why are you not telling people what you want to do with the money that you want to take from people’s pockets by increasing prices, in the absence of the Organization for Plans and Budgets [6] and with the weakened parliament and effect-less regulatory councils and organizations? Can the abuse of need and poverty of people by redistributing part of the money that you have stolen from them, control future crises? What happened to the promise of bringing oil money to people’s dining tables and the promise of confronting corrupt officials [7]? How is it that you only quietly whisper about the fate of the official twenty-year outlook [8]? Don’t you think that even if you utilize all mosques, religious sites and traditional camps with magisterial note and order to condemn the Green Movement, three million informed and intelligent students can effectively communicate with all religious and underachieved layers of the society by spreading questions and evaluations [of the government’s policies], and explain to them the reason behind the mustiness, poverty and fall of the national production?

The tactic of escaping forward and crafting crisis/ They don’t see the demonstration of Khordad 25 (June 15, 2009) and seek refuge in the [government] engineered gatherings / There is no sign of wisdom to return to the people

2– Maybe the plan is to make the water muddy once again with this excuse and once again instead of being responsible, they follow the tactic of escaping forward and ruining opportunities to the point of the annihilation of the establishment and creation of serious crises in the country. Today we are witnessing the cry of “Enemy! Enemy!” of the officials as part of the strategy for victory using fear mongering. Previously we witnessed – with the proof of recorded images – that security forces and the individuals known as “plain clothes”, set cars and motorcycles on fire, broke windows and damaged buildings, and shamelessly accused the protestors [of committing these crimes]. Is it difficult for those who easily stage street shows and the government’s agents who wear wigs and put on makeup and wear the women dresses [9], to fabricate crisis once again under the name of Green or Red sedition or any other name; and use it to deceive public and mislead regulatory institutions, and to use it for more political revenge?

Unfortunately, the [tragic] experiences of Kahrizak [prison] and the University [of Tehran] dormitory [attacks], running over innocent people with police car, throwing people off the bridge [10], dunking prisoners’ heads in toilet bowls and not hearing the roar of people in the demonstrations of Khordad 25th, 28th and 30th (15, 18 and 20 of June 2009) as well as the other days and instead seeking refuge in the [government] engineered and ordered gatherings are in front of us and yet there is no sign of wisdom to return to the people!

Comprehensive execution of the constitution, avoiding violence and abiding to morality is the main principle of the Green Movement/ People on the streets should not pay the price of the government’s incompetence/ Don’t make the face of life uglier for the people

3– Companions of the Green Movement still consider the demand for comprehensive execution of the constitution, avoiding violence and abiding to morality and ethical means as their main principle; and oppose anyone who, with whatever reason or excuse, wants to create blind chaos, and see this in contrast with the welfare and national interest of Iranians and the goals of the Green Movement. We should also advise others that think logically and ask them to stop a move if it seems detrimental to them.

People on the streets should not pay the price of the government’s incompetence and salt should not be put on their deep wounds. It should be quite the opposite, as this humble companion has always requested, those who, these days, are falling beneath the mountain of problems should be helped so that they can continue their decent living without being forced to take measures that tarnish their human dignity. The face of life has become ugly for many people; don’t make it uglier but instead try to embellish it as much as you can.

How can we object inside the suffocating and oppressive environment/ Knowledge is Esfandiar’s eye for the totalitarians / We should remember that for us the goal does not justify the means/ There is no failure in this path; we are all together

4– Dear friends, you have asked what the companions of the Green Movement can do these days when because of severe suppression and security confrontations, there is no possibility of expressing objections and criticisms. The reality is that the answer to this question should also be the result of public wisdom and it is appropriate that all companions and devotees of the Green Path of Hope participate in finding the suitable solution.

In my opinion, as a member of this vast group (members of the Green movement), “Knowledge is Esfandiar’s eye for the totalitarians”[11]. Extending knowledge to those who don’t have access to the virtual world, face-to-face contacts, increasing the capacity of analyzing what is happening around us, studying and having discussions in small groups – face-to-face or online – and extending the social networks that are immune to the current security environment, becoming familiar with the history of Islam and Iran and especially the events of the movements of the people of this land from the Constitutional Movement [12] until now, can be part of our efforts and not all of them.

We can prevent the unacceptable behavior that the government officials and figures are using to maintain their power, from becoming the norm by introducing the divine Islam – in discussion and in practice – and rejecting the mentality and actions that are being spread in the name of religion and are far from the spiritual sources and the teachings of religious figures.

We should remember that for us the goal does not justify the means. We should remember how the slogan of “Lying Is Prohibited” in the glorious days before the election raised from within the spirit of people who have been tired from constant lies of the authoritarians and echoed in the space of this land. We should remember that unless each and every one of us cleanse ourselves from impurities and immoralities, expecting an ethical society – in which all human can achieve climax of their humanity – is useless; and we should remember that in this path there is no failure but immense persistence and perseverance, and not being afraid of fabricated accusations and other oppressive actions is necessary. We should not forget that we were all chanting together “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! We are all together!” [13]

We should remember political prisoners and comfort families of the victims/ Students are the greatest asset of the movement that its companions are countless

5– Remembering the imprisoned warriors – women and men – and informing the public about the resilience of the political prisoners and comforting families of the martyrs and victims is of duties of all of us. It is appropriate that in this month of Azar [1], “The Month of Student”, we remember the imprisoned students; students, who did not forget the three heavenly martyrs of Azar 16th [14] and showed that in the path of achieving a just and free society that belongs to all of Iranians, they fear no danger and do resist bravely.

And finally, who doesn’t know that the greatest asset of the Green Movement is the three millions informed students of the country? The movement whose companions are countless and each of them in a way is the leader of this immense movement of the people.

[1] The seventh month in Persian calendar – November / December

[2] National Student Day – December 7

[3] Some of the insulting words used by government officials addressing the members of the Green Movement

[4] The Holy Quran, Surah 79 (Al Nazi’at), verse 24

[5] Article 43 of the Islamic Republic of Iran constitution on Economy and Financial Affairs, states that the objective of the Iranian economy is to achieve “the economic independence of the society, uprooting poverty and deprivation, and fulfilling human needs in the process of development while preserving human liberty.”

[6] An Organization that was in charge of planning and budgeting and was annihilated by Ahmadinejad’s administration

[7] Promises Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made during his presidential election campaign

[8] A roadmap describing the economical, political, social and cultural objectives of the Islamic Republic in the twenty-year timeline

[9] Referring to the government-organized rally that in which members of Basij dressed as women and wore wigs posing as Green women who participated in the protests following the rigged presidential election in June 2009 in order to humiliate and insult them

[10] Referring to some of the crimes committed by pro-government militia and security forces against the peaceful protestors in the rallies following the rigged presidential elections in June 2009

[11] Esfandiar was a legendary king whose eyes were the only part of his body left vulnerable after he showered in the blood of the dragon he slayed, similar to the story of Achillies’ heel

[12] The Constitutional Movement (also known as the Constitutional Revolution of Iran) took place between 1905 and 1911. The revolution led to the establishment of a parliament in Iran limiting Monarchy’s power

[13] Referring to one of the slogans chanted by the Green protestors during the protests following the rigged presidential elections in June 2009 when they were attacked by security forces and plain-clothes militia

[14] Iranian National Student Day is the anniversary of the murder of three students of University of Tehran on December 7, 1953 (16 Azar 1332 in the Persian calendar) by Iranian police in the Shah’s era


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