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The Only Way Forward

پیام مهدی کروبی به مناسبت فرارسیدن سالروز ۱۶ آذر (روز دانشجو): فرزندان من، روزی در همین نزدیکی ها، کشور از آن شما خواهد بود / Mehdi Karroubi’s statement ahead of Iran’s national Students’ Day on December 7, 2010: “The future is yours, I am with you till the end”


Opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi has released a statement ahead of Iran’s national Students’ Day on 7 December, highlighting the important role of Iranian students in defending the “rights of the Iranian nation” and shaping developments both prior and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The statement appeared on Saturday in Tagheer—meaning change in Persian—a website affiliated with the outspoken cleric. In his statement, Karroubi said that students and academics were at the forefront of the “struggle against monopoly and violation of the law” and have “never tolerated oppression and injustice against the great nation of Iran.” 

Referring to the massive fraud that occurred in Iran’s 2009 presidential election, Karroubi continued: “Those behind the engineering of the [2009] elections are fully aware, that universities are the starting point for [all] change, which is why they are assaulting the universities in the hope that students and academics will be deterred from learning and questioning. Respectable professors, who are the country’s great asset have also been attacked by these dogmatists. They have imprisoned some, and many others have also been eliminated, expelled or forced into retirement for [simply] criticising and questioning [Iran’s] statesmen.”

Karroubi’s statement which addressed Iran’s students just days ahead of nation Students’ Day, also stressed the importance of “critique” as a cornerstone for the “refinement of any regime.” “Its prerequisite is independence as well as staying away from institutions of power and from the state, and this in itself, will bring about the growth and thriving of science and knowledge.”

The 2009 presidential candidate went on to add that Iran’s current rulers were only interested in “consolidating and preserving power” which led to “mismanagement in different political, economic, cultural and social fields and as a result of these mishandlings and their dogmatic and wrongful perception of society, youth and academics, they have made the situation difficult and unpleasant for many of our dear youth to live, continue [their] education and to serve their country.”

The former parliament speaker expressed his dismay over the fact that many Iranian students had been denied the “incontestable” right to education, calling the ongoing brain drain amongst Iran’s most talented and gifted students “a great loss for Iran” which authorities were trying “to cover up.”

“My children, know, that education is your undeniable right and this wrongful trend will cease to exist. On a day, not that far away, we shall witness freedom in education which will comprise all the youth, regardless of their tendencies.”

In a newly published report titled, “Punishing Stars: Systematic Discrimination and Exclusion in Iranian Higher Education” the International Campaign for Human Rights released a partial list of 217 students deprived of higher education in the past six years. “The true numbers are believed to be much higher,” said the group, calling on the Iranian government to “immediately end its policy of depriving university students of higher education based on their political or religious beliefs, and respect their freedom of expression and conscience.”

“Experience shows that the atmosphere of fear and suppression will not last. Lies, deceit and duplicity can never survive,” Karroubi continued, while calling on students to continue their “presence” in different fields as it would prove to be a “thorn in the sight of the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation.”

Karroubi maintained that the Iranian authorities sought to take hope away from the Iranian people, “but where there is hopefulness, and perseverance in the face [of tyranny], they will most certainly be forced to retreat.”

The opposition leader also called on students to take advantage of the experiences gained in the struggles of the past decades in order to “shape Iran’s bright future.” He also laid emphasis on the role of students in raising awareness in Iranian society. “You as the youth, students and academics … must fulfil this responsibility across the country, and in every corner of Iran. Today, we need a rise in awareness among the general Iranian public.”

In the end, Karroubi expressed hope for the release of imprisoned students and the return of calm to society: “Dear youth and students … you are the grand asset and potential for great change in the country, put your hope in God, without a doubt, the future of the country will be yours. And know that just as before, Mahdi Karroubi will stand by you and will resist till the end.”

Translation by: GVF

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