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Massive security and sporadic clashes across Iran on Ashura (Dec. 16, 2010)

Tehran:  At about 10:20 am in Navab Street, about 50 government forces on motorcycles chanted Allah O Akbar, death to Monafeq and Monafeq get lost and charged at an Azeri mourning group in Tehran. The people in the group chanted ‘Iran has turned into Palestine’, ‘death to this deceitful government’ and ‘death to dictator’, and continued their procession.

Enqelab Square: 12:30 pm Mourning groups in the Taleqani Intersection are literally surrounded by security forces.

Tehran: 12:30 pm A large number of mourning groups have gathered near the Khayam intersection. Security forces tried to block their path to prevent them from passing, but these groups paid no heed to the security forces and continued their procession.

  • Helicopters are being used to patrol Tehran from the air.

Tehran:  Enqelab Square 1:30 pm Security forces are filming the mourners from helicopters for later identification and to control the people. Intelligence agents have confiscated all the cameras and warrants of those who were allowed to take pictures and only government cameramen are allowed to take pictures and films of the scenes.

Tehran: 12:10 pm People have clashed with security forces in Ferdowsi Square. These clashes are still ongoing. Security forces arrested two people. The people are chanting death to dictator in their support.

  • The head of the State Security Forces in Tehran, Sajedi Nia, is charged with controlling Tehran today and four IRGC bases are tasked with controlling the scene and protests.

Tehran: 11:30 to 12:30 pm People in Janat Abad and Tehransar are chanting death to dictator. There have been clashes in this area and a number of people have been arrested. People chant louder when people are arrested.

Tehran:  A group of about 200 to 300 people are moving towards Enqelab Square chanting ‘death to dictator’ and ‘Abbas (brother of Imam hossein who was killed by Yazid) remove the dictator’.

Tehran:  Enqelab Street 1:30 pm Two young men were arrested in Enqelab Street. They were handcuffed and taken to a police car. There are only security forces in Enqelab Street. From Azadi Street to Imam Hossein Square, security forces have been stationed in very high numbers and strict security measures have been enforced.

Rasht Golsar region:  Mourning groups chanted ‘Ya Hossein’ and ‘we will never surrender’. Security forces are trying to disperse the mourners.

Tehran:  As the night of Ashura comes protesting people are chanting Allah O Akbar at Shariati region of Tehran.In many regions of north of Tehran especially Shariati and upper Seyyed Khandan regions people are going to the roof tops chanting Allah O Akbar.

Tehran:  An eyewitness said that there has actually been a curfew from Imam Hossein Sq. to Azadi Sq. today. Each group of mourners was escorted by Security Forces from the front, back and both sides preventing any protesting act, sometimes Bassiji’s replaced the Security Forces.

Tehran:   Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetery was under curfew today. People were prevented from entering the sections belonging to those who fall for freedom on Ashura of 2009.

  • Even families of one martyr were not allowed to go to the grave of another martyr, for example; family of Shahram Farajzadeh who was run over on Ashura of 2009 was not allowed to go to the grave of another martyr to pay their tribute.  The Suppressive agents had told them that they only were only allowed to go to the grave of Shahram and no other grave.

Tehran:  2:00 pm- All regime commanders of suppressive forces present in the streets were called to the command headquarters and all the suppressive groups were put on state of alert for after dark when Sham-e-Qhariban ceremony will take place (the mourning ceremony for Imam Hossein that takes place after dark on the day.

Tehran: 1.00 pm- Ghaitarieh region north of Tehran was uneasy the crowd clashed with SSF chanting ‘death to dictator’.

Tehran:  1.00 pm – A great number of people were arrested in Ferdowsi and Enghelab Streets. Particularly in Ferdowsi Street, regime agents attacked those who started chanting slogans. In one raid 20-30 people were arrested.

  • Regime agents attacked those who moved in groups even two people walking together or if they were suspicious about someone and arrested them. The number of arrests is very high.

Tehran: 12.00 noon – A 120 strong mourning group of Gilanies residing in Tehran intended to enter from Hafez St. to Enghelab Ave. but were confronted with Security Forces. The two groups clashed. A motorbike belonging to the Security Forces was torched and 10 people were wounded.

Tehran:  11:15 am- Close to Enghelab Ave. about 30 students holding red flags reading ‘hail to Hossein’, ‘Allah O Akbar’ and ‘Iran has turned to Karbala (were Imam Hossein was killed), rise’ intended to enter Enghelab Sq. but they were fiercely attacked by Security Forces. Students answered back with stones. Three students were injured.

Tehran:  11:45 am- Mourning protesters of about 110 clashed severely in Navab St. with SecurityForces and Intelligence agents while trying to enter Enghelab Ave. The protesters chanted ‘Hossein, Iran has turned to Karbala’ and ‘victory is God’s and victory will come soon’ and resisted the attack.

  • Since morning cell phones could not work properly in Tehran.

Karaj:  9:30 am- A great number of mourning people gathered in front of Karaj’s gas station when SSF rushed into them. Two youths were arrested and transferred to Karaj’s police station. The streets were blocked by regime’s agents and crowds could not move freely.

Isfahan:  In Chahar Bagh region of Isfahan 4 youths were arrested after the crowd clashed with SSF.

Rasht:  The mourning crowd clashed with SSF chanting ‘death to dictator’, ‘Iran has turned to Palestine’ and ‘victory is God’s and it will come soon’.

Tabriz:  When mourning protestors, 500 strong, gathering in the route of Abresan to Sa’at Square chanting ‘we will never surrender to oppression’, ‘If Iran unites, the dictator will be toppled’ and ‘the blood in our vein is a gift to our nation’ reached Kabood Mosque, plainclothes and Security Forces  blocked their way and clashes occurred.

Kermanshah:  A group of about 50 people in Kermanshah went to the gravesite of slain protester Kianoosh Asa to commemorate his memory. This ceremony lasted for about an hour. The mourners then went to gravesite of another slain protester Hossein Tahmasebi along with the Asa family. In the end, the Asa family thanked all the participants for coming to the ceremony and not forgetting Kianoosh.

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