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ناگفته هایی از هشت سال دفاع مقدس در تازه ترین سخنان میرحسین /Mousavi reveals some untold facts of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war


In his latest remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi while revealing some untold stories of the eight-year defence era against Iraq’s invasion, warned that if he has to he will reveal more in-depth stories of that time to defend the brave soldiers and leaders who had a great role in defending the country. He also warned that he may have to reveal the reasons behind his resignation from the prime minister post in 1989 so that people understand the problems better

Mir Hossein Mousavi, who was speaking among representatives of some of the political organizations in Karaj (west of Tehran), said: “The presence of political and labour groups as well as extensive social networks are essential for the progress of the country and achieving the nation’s goals.”

An attempt to recreate dictatorship

In his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi considered the attempt to eliminated political and labour organizations in order to recreate dictatorship and said: “During the last years of his regime, the second Pahlavi (The Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution) also announced that Rastakhiz party (renaissance party) is the only allowed party in the country and we all saw what his fate was.”

In another part of his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi, by pointing out the anniversary of Imam Mehdi’s birthday (the last Imam of Shi’a), said: “Some have seriously mixed the celebration of this day and the philosophy of “waiting” (waiting for the resurrection of Imam Mehdi) with political agendas and superstitious. Now there are some internet websites that based on their forecast for the resurrection [of Imam Mehdi] give made-up commentaries on country’s internal and international policies.”

A plan that will turn the philosophy of “waiting” to its own opposite

Now the wisdom behind the cursing and damning of those who set time for the resurrection can be understood

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “In these commentaries the presence of the United States is considered as a confrontation with Imam Mehdi and worse than that, dangerous and adventurous policies are recommended to help the resurrection which strengthen this belief that some of the foreign policies that have caused the current critical situation have root in this kind of mentality; and the problem does not even end with the foreign policies. With a mind like this an unordinary sensitivity toward the word progress is formed and this is one of the reasons behind eliminating the planning system and shutting down important councils.”

In explaining the results of this kind of mentality, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “The result of such approach is that with this belief that in this six month to a year Imam Mehdi will emerge, they shut down Kangan Port and Southern Pars projects. Any planning for water or electricity and in general the economy of the country is halted and instead of creating jobs and trying to invest, the charity-type economy and distributing money among people is substituted and finally the philosophy of “waiting” which has always made the believers and followers of Imam Mehdi put more effort will turn to its own opposite.”

The ruling of injustice is the root of immorality in the society.

By explaining that in this situation we can understand the wisdom behind the cursing and damning of those who set time for the emergence, Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “The ruling of justice and elimination of injustice and oppression from the society is the focus of narratives about the resurrection. What is the root of immoralities in the society is the ruling of injustice and the government’s divergence from justice. Don’t think that you can keep a great number of the nation’s children from intellectuals, academia, teachers, workers, journalists, women and youths in prisons in the name of Islamic government but this injustice and oppression will have no effect on the people’s beliefs.”

A criterion for measuring how close a society is to what would be acceptable to Imam Mehdi
In another part of his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “Having justice and avoiding injustice is the important criterion for measuring who close is a society to the kind ready for Imam Mehdi. The more a regime distances itself from justice and commits injustice, oppression and mistreatment of the people the more it distances itself from the kind of society acceptable to Imam Mehdi.”

Mousavi continued: “Ignoring the nation’s right to rule its own fate, disregarding the national covenant and demolishing nation’s rights, shutting down voices and newspapers and turning the national media into an exclusive one, wasting public resources, major economic corruptions and the workers’, farmers’ and employees’ backs being broken under high costs are all of the signs of injustice and oppression and are signs of the society distancing from the Imam Mehdi’s values.”

What happened to the files of major financial corruptions?

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “In a society acceptable to Imam Mehdi, they don’t overlook the major thieves to cut the hands of a pity thief.” He continued: “We ask again and we will not get tired of asking that what happened to the files of major financial corruptions that were opened in the parliament which is in-line with the administration and then it was shockingly suddenly silenced.”

The joint effort of Saddam’s allies and the administration to distort the history of the revolution

In another part of his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed out the efforts to distort the history and especially the history of the revolution and said: “In this effort not only the foreigners and allies of Saddam are active but also the administration’s agents are as well.”

He pointed out the thick appendices to the government’s newspapers close to the Khordad 22nd (June 12th – the anniversary of last year’s rigged presidential election) and said: “The appendices that were published are good excuses for the Green Movement to, alongside all its activities, faces the history of the last thirty years realistically and study it with its independent investigation.”

I have not yet spoken about the [Iran-Iraq] war ear but apparently there is no other way…

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “These days with the excuse of the anniversary of the issue of UN resolution 598 (the resolution that ended the eight year war between Iran and Iraq), which in no previous year they had made a memory of it, clear and planned distortions about the history of the holly defence [against Iraq’s invasion] and the role of the administration at the time (the cabinet of Mir Hossein Mousavi who was the Prime Minister at that time) are fabricated. These days some are claiming that they wanted to conquer Baghdad but the administration at the time prevented them. I have not yet spoken of the first decade after the revolution and have also never intended to speak about it but apparently, if these distortions continue, in order to defend the brave soldiers and leaders who had great roles [in defending the country] I have to tell my untold stories and also tell what was the reason behind my resignation in 1989.”

If you had the control of the government during the war, you would have done the same thing to the country that you did with the money set aside for the poor and orphans in the Foundation for the Underprivileged

Mir Hossein Mouasvi continued: “That former minister who himself knows how he was forced on me and knows better than anyone else how all of the government’s facilities were flooding to the war fronts, now says that if the government’s facilities were at the dispose of the war fronts we would have conquered Baghad. I say that if you, who I don’t know under whose influence made several interviews in a week against the very administration that worked in, had the control of the government, you would have done the same thing to the country that you did with the money set aside for the poor and orphans in the Foundation for the Underprivileged during your time as its head!”

Have you forgotten that four billion out of six billion dollars were spent on the war?

Mousavi continued: “I cannot believe that you have forgotten that four billion dollars out of the six billion dollars of the oil revenue were spent at the war fronts and on the war and the remaining two billions were in fact to protect the county, which those also could be considered at the service of the holy defence. You force me to say that despite the bright outcome of the holy defence, which at the cost of the sacrifice of the blood of many and the devotion of the soldiers ready to die not even a square centimeter of the land of this country was forfeited to the enemy and it was only the second time such success was achieved during all our country’s wars since Fathali Shah until the Islamic Revolution, if there was a stronger link between the administration and the war fronts and the administration was not put aside for the excuse of fear of the leak of the attack and defence plots there would have been better results from the operations. Conquering Iraq by handing the government to a few military commanders was not possible. But rather to achieve the enemy’s certain defeat it was necessary that from the beginning the relation between the administration and the control of the war and military planning had not been cut, which how this relation was cut is another story that maybe I explain in another time.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized: “After, as this former minister says, the ball was thrown to the administration’s field and the control of “the command headquarter for all forces” was given to the administration, there were great improvements in the war fronts in that small time frame. For different reasons, I only point out that this ball was thrown to the field of the administration at the time that a late Zahir-Nejad in the war support committee used to say the “zipper of the borders were opening up” and Fav and the islands in the Lake Hoor were lost and we were in a situation that in the first meeting of “the central command of all forces” that was held headed by me, both Mr. Rahim Safavi, the acting commander of IRGC [at the time] and Mr. Hasani Sa’di, the commander of the ground forces, in their reports to those present at the meeting told “consider Khuzestan (the vast province located in the south-east of Iran bordering Iraq that house most of Iran’s oil and gas resources) lost” and bitter is the fact that this was happening while our major forces were in an unimportant location of Kurdestan trying to conquer a low profile height called “Shakh Shamran” and the disaster is better revealed [to know] that at least some of the commanders were aware that because of the dry out of the “Darbandi Khan” dam, these forces were at the risk of being trapped by the enemy from behind.”

Don’t give-in to the demands of those who distort the history and play politics with the history

If you respect the blood of martyrs and everyone’s effort in this war…

In continuation of his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed out the significant role of the managers in the holy defence and said: “At that time, I accepted the responsibility of heading “the command headquarter for all forces” with the condition that along myself bring some of the brilliant managers and director colleagues to that center.”

He added: “One of the most prominent and most influential of them was Mr. Behzad Nabavi, the senior member of the Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution Organization who we know has what kind of troubles these days (Behzad Nabavi has been illegally detained and imprisoned following the last year’s rigged election along with other reformist figures). The decision that the headquarter alongside the military commanders and these brilliant managers took in those days was a fundamental change in the arrangement of the fronts and it was decided that in the least possible time using all of the country’s facilities, the troops present in Kurdestan get transferred to Khuzestan and with the efforts of the governor of Khuzestan, who was the very same combatant and dear brother of ours Mohsen Mirdamadi (the imprisoned chairman of the Participation Front) and other managers in the province, measures were taken to deal with the imminent attack of the enemy. The prediction of the headquarter was correct and in a short period of time one of the strongest attacks of Saddam occurred and one the most epic battles in the history of the holy defence, which involved the martyrdom of several children of our country took place and the enemy received such a slap in the face that after that could not manage another attack and that all they could do was to support Monafeghin (Mojahedin Khalgh Organization – MKO), which led to that great betrayal against the country with the support of Saddam’s forces, but our people crushed them with their resistance.”

By instating that his intention for telling these memories is only to defend the nameless brave and devoted soldiers, managers, and support teams, Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “These remarks are to say that if you truly respect the blood of martyrs and the efforts of the support teams and the thorough resistance of all of the nation and the administration during this decisive war and don’t want to depredate the holy defence for yourself, don’t give-in to the demands of those who distort the history and play politics with the history.”

Mousavi added: “In the past two decades, I did not think sufficient of my own direct information from the war and tried to also study the documents, manuscripts and printed analyses. I was always careful not to only look at the official documents which had been prepared under the direction of the commanders but alongside these also use the articles and analyses of all experts including the army, which one of the best analyses was by the intelligent and patriot officer, Sergeant Moeeni Vaziri, which I benefited from it greatly.”

If I have to, I will tell the untold stories of the [Iran-Iraq] war era

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “This war has a lot of untold stories and I have not seen that Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani (the head of the assembly of experts and the head of the expediency council) as the acting commander-in-chief ever spoke of his troubles harmonizing the army and the IRGC. The troubles that in my view had nothing to do with the body of the IRGC or the army and I witnessed how eroding these troubles were. In my opinion, three years into the war, fundamental mistakes in determining the war strategies were created that sending troops to Kurdestan was one of them and more significant than that was hoping for great classic operation similar to the enemy’s operations that greatly diminished our relative advantage as well as the country’s facilities and for almost five years all of the country’s facilities even to the stage of taking snow ploughs off the roads, all of government’s trucks and even confiscating trucks that belonged to the private sector, as well as all financial-industrial capacities of the country, were used but the result was what we all witnessed.”

At the end of his remarks, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “The idea that this former minister raised was the remainder of those wishful hopes for the classic war plans and the result of large scale operations to defeat the enemy that was getting just two billion dollars from its Arab neighbours to fight with us and at the end of the war had more than fifty divisions. This kind of view of the war from the very beginning had oppositions among the fighters and as far as I knew and in the communications that the opposing commanders such as the martyr Haaj Davood Karimi had with me, they preferred operations similar to those during the first era of the holy defence and these plans were more in-line with the country’s economic and social abilities and in future if it is needed and I am forced to these discussions I will explain this in more depth.”
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Commanders in the Iranian Army warn authorities with confrontation

The Green Voice of Freedom has posted a statement purportedly issued by some Army commanders warning the authorities in Iran that they will be confronted if the continue down the path of tyranny.  We can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the statement, but will publish it, as the green voice of freedom has proved to be a trusted and reliable source.

Irangreenvoice – A group of commanders in the Iranian Army have issued a statement warning Iranian authorities that they will be confronted with by military personnel if they persist in establishing further dictatorship and tyranny in the country.

The letter by a group of commanders and holders of military ranks in the Iranian Army was obtained by the Green Voice of Freedom. It has been published by the Persian service of the Green Voice of Freedom a day before the anniversary of the liberation of the Iranian city of Khorramshar in 1982 when Iranian armed forces succeeded in evicting Iraqi invaders from southern Iran.

The letter points out the “undeniable” role of the Iranian Army in liberating Khorramshahr, in addition to the important role of the entire Iranian people for this memorable victory.
Addressing the Iranian people, the letter adds: “The responsibility of your children in the Army of the Islamic Republic has always been to defend the country and nation against the different threats that exist and are summarised as foreign threats—colonialism—and internal threats—tyranny.”

In the letter, the commanders state that they are “maintaining their vigilance” in identifying these threats and their causes. “Meanwhile Army personnel are faced with the same economic, social and cultural problems as the rest of the nation.”

“These problems are the outcome of the mismanagement and incompetence of certain officials in the Islamic Republic and it is evident to everyone, that this incompetence and mismanagement, especially in recent years, is the result of the whimsical behaviour of certain officials and their reading of the constitution and the Islamic System. Hence, the serving personnel of the Army announce their deep concern with regards to the exploitation of the country’s laws by certain officials for advancing their own personal ends and the goals of groups they belong to.”

The commanders also issue a “warning” to the current “lawbreaking” rulers, stating that they will not tolerate a “further exploitation of power, wealth and arms against the Iranian people in order to consolidate erratic rule and dictatorship.”

“If they persist with their illegal, anti-religious and immoral behaviour against the Iranian people, they must know that they will be confronted with the revolutionary force of the nation’s sons in the Army of the Islamic Republic.”

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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