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کروبی خطاب به جنتی: کسانی که در مقابل فرزند تروریست تو مقاومت کردند فتنه گر می نامی؟ / Karroubi slams Guardian Council head Ahmad Jannati in interview with Saham News


Mehdi Karroubi in an interview with SahamNews reacted to the comments recently made by the pro- government hardliner cleric Ahmad Jannati during this week’s Friday prayer in Tehran, in which Jannati criticized the judiciary for accepting bail and for giving a few days time off from  prison to some of the political prisoners and called on the judiciary not to show any mercy to political prisoners even at the request of Grand Ayatollahs.


In his remarks Mehdi Karroubi spoke of the true stature of clergymen and spiritual leaders: “They have always been the support for people in front of the governments. We have many cases in history that whenever the spiritual leaders were frustrated with the government over its arrests and pain on people, they would negotiate with the government for the release of the prisoners. Currently, according to the families of the political prisoners, some of the Grand Ayatollahs such as Vahid Khorasani have promised the families of political prisoners to follow up on their cases.”

In continuation, Mehdi Karroubi criticizes Ahmad Jannati’s remarks and reminds him that Jannati himself was one of those who during the Shah’s time would go to the houses of Grand Ayatollahs to ask them to negotiate with the government for the release of some of the prisoners. Mehdi Karroubi added: “How come now that the government is in our hand (in the hands of clerics), we (the clerics) call for killing and imprisonment of the people…. Are these people who were arrested murderers of Amir al-Momenin (Imam Ali, the first Imam of Shi’a)? Have they used weapons? A group from within this very establishment has emerged and said “where is my vote?”, should you show brutality to this group that you have arrested?  Let’s survey and see who are these people that are in prisons. These are the people of this country and are from the families of martyrs or veterans. They are students and professors. Instead of encouraging the courts to be humane and display Islamic behaviour you call on them to show brutality?!…. I tell the families of these prisoners, I swear to God this is not clergy!”

Mehdi Karroubi then addresses Ahmad Jannati directly and adds: “Mr. Jannati! You have lived a long life. Your son, Hossein, was in prison. Do you know what the mother of that boy was feeling? I reveal an issue which is an advice for you and not a criticism. Wasn’t your son Hossein a prisoner and member of MKO? Wasn’t he in your home after being released from the prison? Didn’t you provide him to get a wife and house?  He and his wife were then killed in their team base during a fight with the forces of the revolution. Then, you adopted their child and raised it. Did anybody question you? I have no intention of criticizing you. I want to revive the feeling of being a dad in you. I want you to know the feeling of a prisoner’s family from any group, Muslim or not, Sunni, Dervish or other religions.”

In continuation of his remarks, Mehdi Karroubi adds: “Mr. Jannati! Did you, during the Friday prayer, defend the blood of those [political prisoners] who were killed under torture [in the prisons] and mention these tortures? Did you in Friday prayer, warn the armed and security forces, beware that three doctors were assassinated; look for who killed them? Why don’t you talk of the murdered doctors and university professors? What happened to the case of Dr. Motamedi? What happened to the case of the university professor, the late Mr. Mohammadi?… See what horrifying and horrendous monsters you create from clergymen with your remarks in the minds of the children of these people and their families.”

In another part of his remarks, Mehdi Karroubi refers to Jannati and by reminding that he has been appointed by the supreme leader as a member of the Guardian Council, which by law has no control over the judiciary, asks: “What do you have to do with the judiciary? Do you know what is the result of your remarks? Its result is the same murders by rogue individuals (plain clothes militia) that happen all across this land. The result of these remarks is the same as the chain murders that happened in the city of Kerman. These comments and behaviors result in these actions. Mr Jannati! You accuse these people (the political prisoners) of sedition. They call you seditious because of what you say and the sedition that you are creating. You should be responsible for your actions. If there was a just system in the country with a jury, then we would show what you did during the past 21 years and how much you violated the rights of people. You sit down with the armed and security forces and review and approve or disapprove [from being on the ballot] whomever you like. These [selections] will determine the members of the Assembly of Experts (who are supposed to be able to oversee the actions of the supreme leader and dismiss him if granted)…. You are responsible for the things that have happened.”

Karroubi added: “Mr. Jannati, the very same actions hurt the independence of Judiciary branch. Your remarks are the reason why the interrogators tell the prisoners that the judge has no power and we have all the authority! … I wonder how come the Society of Combatant Clergy and the Society of Qom Seminary Instructors don’t confront him (Jannati)?!”

Mehdi Karroubi continued: “Mr. Jannati, you as the General Secretary and head of the Guardian Council threaten the members of the parliament against their right to impeach the administration, and are trying to cut the oversight power of the parliament on the actions of the administration and ministers; with these actions would anything be left of the stature of the parliament and the representatives of the people?!”

He noted: “Mr. Jannati I remind you that the very same individuals who are in prisons today and those who you accuse of sedition and demand to be confronted harshly, are those who at the early days of the revolution resisted and fought against terrorists like your son.”

At the end Mehdi Karroubi stressed: “At the end I urge all Grand Ayatollahs and senior religious figures to act in order to preserve the dignity of Islam and the clergy, and also to prevent the violation of rights of prisoners so that God forbid in the future we would not witness actions that we cannot compensate for them.”

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Rafsanjani warns of dictatorship and urges all to abide by the law to prevent discord among the nation

Below is a summary of the opening remarks by the head of the Assembly of Experts Council in Iran, Ayatollah Rafsanjani as he opened the  session on Tuesday.   The Experts Council is a deliberative body of 86 Mujtahids (Islamic scholars) that is charged with electing and removing the Supreme Leader of Iran and supervising his activities.  In his remarks, he warns of a current toward dictatorship and appeals to all leaders to abide by the law and prevent discord and disenfranchisement of the people. 

The ratifications of the Majlis, the Guardian Council and the Expediency Council must be implemented, said Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani at the opening session of the Assembly of Experts on Tuesday.

Rafsanjani also said the Supreme Leader’s remarks about the implementation of Article 44 and the 20-Year Outlook Plan – which have been drawn up by the Expediency Council and endorsed by the Supreme Leader – must be regarded “above law”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rafsanjani said disrespect to law will lead to “dictatorship”.

“Disregard to law, means dictatorship,” said Rafsanjani who is both the chairman of the Expediency Council and the Assembly of Experts.

The former president went on to say that the current headstrong movements in the country are like a “poison”, urging all to abide by the law to prevent discord among the nation.

Rafsanjani also warned that some persons seek to deal a blow to the core of the Islamic system.

He said some misinterpret the Leader’s slogan of “maximum attraction and minimum alienation”, a reference to the stated policy of the Islamic Republic system to win the hearts and minds of people as much as possible and avoiding disenfranchise them to the extent possible.

Moreover, Rafsanjani cited Velayat-e-Faqih (rule of supreme jurisprudence) and clerics as main assets to the country that have to be highly valued.

Rafsanjani also warned officials not to consider sanctions against the country as a “joke”.

“During the years after the revolution, we have never had so many sanctions and I urge all officials to take them seriously and not as jokes,” he stated.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani expressed hope that Iran will “weather the storm of crisis” if it utilizes its potential in a proper way.

Source: ICANA

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کروبی:بعضی از آقایان چنان سخن می گویند که گویی ظاهرا هر روز با جبرییل امین ارتباط داشته و پیامهای آسمانی برای آنها می آید / Karroubi challenges the ruling powers to a live debate and dares them to issue a permit for a gathering of the opposition


On the anniversary of the day marking the birthday of Imam Hassan (Shias’ second Imam) a group of young reformists met with Mehdi Karroubi. In this meeting Mehdi Karroubi while welcoming this group prayed for their prosperity and also recognized the coincident of this meeting with the birthday of Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) as a good sign and congratulated this day to those present. 


In this friendly meeting Mehdi Karroubi answered the questions raised by audience regarding the tenth presidential elections and the clear fraud in the elections as well as the events that happened in the aftermath of the election. The full transcript of Mehdi Karroubi’s remarks is as follows:

In these various meetings and visits there are discussions regarding the families of political prisoners, victims, injured and martyrs of the post election events that breaks ones hearts, especially when there are talks about those unknown individuals that have paid heavy prices during these events and still there is no information regarding most of them; and even if there is any information sometimes inadvertently less attention has been paid to their cases and they are struggling with all the hardships and following restrictions that have been imposed on them.

We did not expect that such an extensive disastrous and bitter event would have happened to the election. The elections that was held with such an indescribable enthusiasm and excitement on the June of last year and today that in late August and one and half year since the [election] day anywhere we go the discussion are about the political prisoners and those who lost their lives [in the post-election] events. It is regrettable that in an election that people were perusing their vote would come to this point; during this time we witnessed what they have done to noble human, both those who are well-known and those who are unknown. The accusations that they are making against us is that: “You have lost and you are being adventures” but there are issues and we are saying that we are right; if there is supposed to be a healthy competitions and a race for victory then why in peaceful competition all the resources and benefits is for a specific group?! If there are no media, websites and cyber space our news, information and our voice will not reach anyone. The shutdown of [our] newspapers, press and media are among the restrictions that have been imposed on us and from these restrictions one can assume how the situation was in the past.

Mehdi Karroubi while emphasizing on the fact that the tenth presidential election was unfair regarding the fraud in the election said:

The argument of some is that there was fraud and some are insisting that there was no fraud. But we are saying that not only there was fraud [in election] but it was not even limited to one or two million votes but rather it was massive and the outcome of the elections had been decided even before the election. It was planned that one side (Ahmadinejad) would get 25 million votes and the other side (Mir Hossein Mousavi) would get few million votes and one particular side (Mehdi Karroubi) would get 300,000 votes! Their point was that they (reformists) must fail. We have enough evidence regarding this matter and we will reveal them in the debate that we have been requested and all the issues will become clear.  These fellows are arguing that the Guardian Council observes the elections and investigates and deals with any cases of fraud and we should follow up on our complaint through legal channels. But the main problem is with this very same observer that is not neutral and it is obvious to everyone that did not honor neutrality and their hands are tainted with betrayal of people’s votes. If the Guardian Council is neutral why don’t they hold a face-to-face meeting or debate?! I request that they  hold a meeting anywhere they want, either in the university or mosque or the studios of state-run TV and radio and in this meeting representatives of the government (both from the observers and executers) be present so that we prove in this meeting that not only there was fraud but the election was fully engineered and its outcome was determined ahead of time, while independent reporters publish the full transcript of this meeting without any alteration for the people so that the discussions would be reflected truly. Also we will prove that the observer board (Guardian Council) has been acting biased and unfair and the executive board (Ahmadinejad’s administration) that has been making speeches, using propaganda and spending large amounts of money for their own personal or group’s benefits and has been talking against us and the reformist groups, has not been acting fairly and neutrally [in the elections].

In continuation Mehdi Karroubi regarding some of the shameful and false allegations made by the chairman of the Guardian Council and the Minister of Interior against the leaders of the Green Movement accusing them of receiving more than one billion dollars from the US government via Saudis to create “chaos” in the aftermath of the election, said:


Some of these guys talks like they are in contact with Gabriel on daily bases and they receive messages from heaven that the truth is that we have failed and we have a heavy load of sins. At the times of the prophets and the saints, even if there was a holy revelation it was not enforced on the people but rather there was consultation and dialogue. I am surprised that how power and the material world brought human to this point and humans have become so selfish. I am amazed from such remarks especially made by clerics, and how they tell such lies and have closed their eyes on the truth. What are the meanings of these false interpretations and insults?  And is the fate of the people hands of such people?! During this time I served religion, clergy and the Islamic Republic and it was not only a service but it was defending people’s rights and votes and despite the claims of some not only I did not fail but rather I am proud of what I have done.

Mehdi Karroubi addressed  the totalitarians in power and said:

You, yourselves, know that you don’t have the people’s votes, or at most your votes are few. I am ready to walk with anyone you say from anywhere you say, from coffee shops to cinemas and places of prayer, from north to south, from east to west, on foot or by vehicle, walk and ride among the people in the cities, ask and see people support and have tendencies toward whom and which groups.

Are people those who attack and vandalize people’s cars and businesses? Are people those who in the heat of summer wear thick jackets and button up all the way and their clothes are so inflated just like a woman who is pregnant with twins because they hide all sorts of tools to beat people [beneath their clothes] and everyone is scared and afraid of them? Or people are those who are unhappy and protesting across the streets and all over the country and show their protests through peaceful means?

Mehdi Karroubi by pointing to the bitter events of Kahrizak prison in which some of the arrested peaceful protestors of the post-election events were detained, tortured, raped and some even killed said:

The issue of Kahrizak is a shameful point. When we raised concerns about the disasters and crimes that had happened in Kahrizak, instead of investigations and fair judgment, they started attacking and falsely accusing us all across the country an finally it got to a point that while confirming the events that had happened in Kahrizak, they eventually granted the title “Martyr” to three individuals who were killed in there; this is a good point but all those who were killed on the same days and other days [in the aftermath of the post election events]  are not martyrs?!

Mehdi Karroubi while supporting the formal complaint made by seven imprisoned senior reformist figures against some of the high ranking Revolutionary Guards’ officials for medaling both before and after the election and sabotaging the campaigns of the reformist candidates in order to bring Ahmadinejad back to power, stated:

A security official made some remarks and so-called “disclosed” some issues, these respected fellows (the seven reformists) wrote a letter in response to that and formally announced their complaint. Is the problem solved by arresting and calling them back to prison? The very same calling back to prison is a reaction.

Mehdi Karroubi by pointing to the closed environment and restrictions imposed on him and other reformists said:

They don’t allow few people gather together. They don’t give permission to hold funerals, mourning religious ceremonies and etc. They control every move and visit.

The permission to hold a rally will make everything clear. If they dare and give us permit to hold a ceremony in a mosque they, themselves, can see people’s participation and opinion. They are afraid of our presence among the people and our interaction with them; they are afraid of us speaking the truth and people hearing the truth. But today with the help of technology and cyber media one cannot prevent the spread of information and truth.

In this meeting Mehdi Karroubi also announced that he is preparing and editing a collection that analyzes and studies the elections held in the past 20 years in Iran and added:  

I will analyze and study the elections of the past few years since the passing of Imam [Khomeini] which includes five parliamentary elections (the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth), six presidential elections (two during construction era –Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s time, two during reform era – Mohammad Khatami’s time and two during the time of an administration that the scent of its good service and ideology have spread not only in Iran but all over the world! – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s time) as well as three elections of the Assembly of Experts; because I have been active and involved in this matter from the very beginning. I will show that how from 20 years ago and after the passing of Imam [Khomeini] some movements started to repress a certain group that has brought the situation to this point and its peak today. The argument that I will present in the future is not only to criticize the other side and perhaps there might be some drawbacks towards the reformists regarding the issue of elections; a [comprehensive] study and analysis that includes all groups and parties as well as the failures and the wins.

At the end of this meeting while hoping and praying for patience for all the families of martyrs, victims and political prisoners of the post-election events, prayed for the success and prosperity of the attendees.

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بررسی صلاحیت نمایندگان در طول دوره توسط شورای نگهبان / Article 90 Commission preparing proposal that would give Guardian Council unprecedented power


August 22, 2010 – ParlemanNews is reporting that recently a committee has been formed in the Article 90 commission* of the parliament that is preparing a proposal so that the Guardian Council can have oversight on the actions of the members of the parliament even during their terms in addition to the initial vetting of the nominees before they can run for any public office.

According to this proposal, the Guardian Council at anytime based on its own opinion, which was proven to be very biased and pro-government based on its performance and stand in the events that happened after the rigged presidential election, can dismiss any member of the parliament from his/her post if they “determine” that a member of the parliament has lost his/her “qualification”.

With this proposal the Guardian Council will have unprecedented power to control the members of the parliament and should it decided that the actions or remarks of any members of the parliament is not in line with the political views of this council, whose members are chosen by the supreme leader, it will have the capacity to remove such member from his or her seat in the parliament at any time.

Currently, the Guardian Council vets every candidate for any election, including even the highest ranking religious leaders who become nominees to run for the Assembly of Experts (the body responsible to oversee the performance of the supreme leader) particularly to determine if their behaviour, remarks and actions have always been fully obedient in front of the supreme leader; a clause which is referred to as “complete obedience in front of the supreme leader in action”.

According to the new proposal whenever during the term of any of the members of the parliament, the Guardian Council determines that such member does not exhibit full obedience in front of the supreme leader, it can and will remove the member from the parliament.  According to this proposal all the communications of the members of the parliament and their assets will also be recorded.

* The Article 90 commission is the legislative body that is responsible to investigate public’s complaints against the parliament, the administration or the judiciary, and fully respond to them and in the cases that the complaints are about public matters provides complete information to the public.

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MP’s Accuse Ahmadinejad of Disregarding the Law

MP Ahmad Tavakkoli has criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for disregarding the laws ratified by the parliament and the Expediency Council.

Tavakkoli’s criticism came in response to the president’s recent remarks in which he said he does not regard the ratifications of the Majlis or the Expediency Council as law, the Mehr News Agency reported on Friday.

According to Article 72 of the Constitution, the Majlis can pass into law any bill that is in agreement with the provisions of the Constitution, the MP said.

Article 72 of the Constitution prohibits the parliament from ratifying any bill that contravenes the Constitution or Islamic law, and the Guardian Council is tasked with determining the compatibility of laws, he noted.

If the Guardian Council decides that a law is incompatible with either the Constitution or Islamic law, and the parliament insists on its ratification, the Expediency Council is tasked with mediating between the parliament and the Guardian Council and making a final ruling, he explained.

He went on to say that the president does not have the right to disregard the process by which a bill is passed into law.

Tavakkoli accused the president of intransigence, and said, “I am sorry that the president values his personal interpretation too much.”

MP Parviz Sorouri also criticized the president for making remarks that showed no respect for the law.

“Any law that is ratified should be implemented. The president is not in a position to say whether a particular law is correct or not,” he said.

If a law is not officially declared to be in effect by the president within a specific timeframe, the parliament speaker is then authorized to declare the law to be in effect, at which point all executive branch bodies are required to implement it, he stated.


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پاسخ آيت الله دستغيب به نامه موسوی و کروبی / Ayatollah Dastgheib’s letter in response to Mousavi and Karroubi’s letter to Marajeh


August 12, 2010 – Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali-Mohammad Dastgheib in response to the letter by Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi in which they urged  senior religious figures to get involved and react to the wrong doings of the ruling powers and especially the false and shameful accusations of Ahmad Janati, the appointed chairman of the Guardian Council, in claiming that the Green leaders have received one billion dollars from the US government, through the Saudi’s, and were supposed to receive fifty billion more if they overthrow the system, called on the ruling powers to have mercy on the oppressed people of Iran, return to the constitution, release all the political prisoners and apologize to them, and hold free and democratic election without the biased meddling of the Guardian Council or any other authority.

The full text of the response of Grand Ayatollah Dastgheib is as follows:

In the name of God, The Compassionate and The Merciful

To the honorable Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi

After greetings, I must mention that even if there would have been a document reported against you, from religious and rational points of views, it is not allowed to be announced  in public and publicize it; because it would cause embarrassment for the system in the eyes of the world and is like executing a sentence even before the crime was proven, let alone, that you are fully clean from such accusations. I hope that the ruling powers would show mercy to the oppressed people, return to the constitution, release [political] prisoners and apologize to them, hold democratic elections without the biased meddling of the Guardian Council or any other authority, and instead of insisting on untrue issues, seek true freedom for the people, use the country’s resources to build factories and create real jobs for the people, do not insist so strongly on the ideas and views of a minority secretly and publicly, address people with respect, honesty and kindness , consider God [in their actions] so that the Islamic Republic would not go off-course more than this and encourage people to have faith in Islam with their good words and deeds.

Seyyed Ali-Mohammad Dastgheib

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کروبی: از فرزندانم می خواهم که اعتصاب خود را بشکنند/Karroubi: I urge my children to end their hunger strike


Mehdi Karroubi by criticizing the stubborn attitude of the prison authorities with regards to political prisoners’ demands stated: “One should sit down and listen to their concerns. I am very worried about the consequences of this hunger strike and the health of the prisoners and I urge my children to end their hunger strike and the authorities must also pay attention and follow up on their demands, because hunger strike has very harmful consequences which shows itself in future.”

According to the report by SahamNews, Etemad Melli Party’s official website, Mehdi Karroubi met with a group of families of the imprisoned journalists. At the beginning of the meeting, the families of imprisoned journalist, while speaking of the situation of their loved ones in prisons, thanked Mehdi Karroubi for his efforts and follow-ups and demanded the authorities and elders of the establishment pay more attention to journalists.

In continuation Mehdi Karroubi expressed his deep concerns and said: “I am extremely distressed by the country’s situation and the confrontations that are being taken place against journalists and the families of [political] prisoners.” He added: “I follow up every day and I do all I can but I am extremely worried about the status of the loved ones who have gone on hunger strike. Hunger strike has very negative consequences, which will show in the future. These loved ones are also young and may end up developing diseases which is worrying.”

Mehdi Karroubi added: “One should sit and listen to what they have to say. I am really worried of the consequences of this hunger strike and the health of the prisoners; and I ask my children to end their strike and the authorities must also pay attention to their demands and review them.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, very disturbing reports of the conducts of the interrogators against the [political] prisoners are being received and this way of governing is not acceptable. In a religious government, a government that its constitution is based on people’s votes and in a government that has formed based on commendable values, such a way and method is not acceptable. Even in a nonreligious government or a dictatorship, such methods are not observed. We fought with the corrupt, autocratic and dependent government of Shah but even that corrupt and autocratic government also at the end respected some boundaries.”

Mehdi Karroubi referred to the events that happened following the last year’s rigged presidential election and the inappropriate treatment of the people, and said: “Last year, some thought that by some crackdowns they would be able to end the issue in a short period of time, but at that time I said that this issue could not be wrapped up. This is a demand and will of the people, who energetically went to ballot boxes and abruptly witnessed their votes being stolen. I told them that the demand of the people is their votes. Don’t make the slogans and demands go beyond this. At that time I suggested that some groups get formed and the issue be investigated; for instance representatives of the candidates and the Guardian Council be present and the election once again be investigated.”

In continuation of his remarks and while criticizing the economic situation of the country, Mehdi Karroubi referred to the disagreements between the parliament and the administration and said that the administration does not even tolerate this parliament that was formed by disqualifying two thousands of the candidates [by the Guarding Council] and confronts the parliament and everyday issues become more complicated.

Mehdi Karroubi also pointed out the reports regarding the journalist Reza Tajik being violated in prison and said: “Humiliating treatment [of the prisoners] to break the spirits of political prisoners is a method that has been used over the last year and these treatments are in contradiction with Islam and in Islam we are commanded [by God] that we are not allowed to [even] look into people’s personal lives.”

Karroubi continued: Who are this group really that have the government in hands? Who are they really? If the government was in the hands of the defined right wing group, it was not this worrying but we don’t know who these people are and where they have come from. We only pray that they don’t do something that country reaches the critical and irrecoverable point. In any case, the economic condition of the country and our (the country’s) isolation is extremely distressing.”

While commemorating late Esmael Tatary, the representative of people of Kermanshah province (west of Iran), Mehdi Karroubi said: “A respected person, Mr. Tatari, who was also present at the warfronts and used to be responsible for Basij, passed away but they (the government) didn’t even allow to hold memorial service for him. In 1349 (1970), Mr. Saeedi was arrested [by Shah’s agents] and then was martyred. At that time, late Ayatollah Taleghani prayed over his body and they opened the mosque’s door and held memorial service for him. Now someone has passed away but they don’t allow to have memorial service [even] at his district.” Karroubi emphasized: “These methods will not work.”

Mehdi Karroubi hoped that justice will prevail and said: “People have paid for the establishment greatly and God willing, the establishment and the country will return to their main and correct path.”

In this meeting, Mehdi Karroubi also pointed out the Day of Journalists and said: “According to international statistics, Iran has become number one in imprisoning and confronting journalists. Since last year and until now several journalists have been imprisoned, some of whom are released on bails; also some [journalists] have left the country. They are inarguably assets of the country. We (the country) have distanced educated people, experts in culture and academia, who are our pride.”

At the end Mehdi Karroubi stated: “In any case, we are in a bad era. The condition of journalists has become depressing and is not satisfactory. The judiciary has also lost its independence and is under pressure. These methods are not acceptable to many officials in the judiciary but they are under pressure and cannot do anything.”

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دادخواهی کروبی و موسوی از مراجع در پی اظهارات جنتی /Joint letter by Mousavi and Karroubi to senior religious figures

Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi in reaction to the false accusations made by Ahmad Janatti (the appointed chairman of the Guardian Council) in a joint letter addressed to senior religious figures and Grand Ayatollahs asked them to step in for the sake of “saving the integrity of Islam and religious figures’ statue” and confront those who pose as clerics and obviously and shamelessly are damaging the statue of Islam and religious figures.

In this joint letter Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi called on the Grand Ayatollahs to confront Ahmad Jannati and ask him to provide his so-called documents regarding the accusations he made that the Green leaders have received one billion dollars from the United Stated government via Saudis to overthrow the establishment.

 Ahmad Jannati in the holy city of Qom recently, made these accusations that he obtained so-called documents showing that the Green leaders, whom he called “heads of the conspiracy,” received one billion dollars from the United States government via Saudis and would receive another fifty billion dollars if they would be able to overthrow the regime.

 In this letter Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi stated that these false accusations made by chairman of the Guardian Council is “the most striking example of shameless and free from piety insults”. “It has been the great tradition of this land that whenever people had seen their lands, dignities, honours, lives and asset at risk of oppressive and tyrant rulers and lost hope in the officials and custodians of power, they would have looked to Marajeh and religious intellectuals and sought justice against oppression at their hands; and what a good tradition and fruitful approach this has been [throughout the history]. What appropriate responses people received and what pains that were healed.” Mousavi and Karroubi added: “Now with the incompetence actions of the simple minded people who appear to be believers and are probably guided by intelligent people who are not believers, there are fears that this bright and hopeful past, this great spiritual asset of the nation disappears and the bright face of clergy gets tarnished at the world stage and among present and future youth generations.”

In this letter Mousavi and Karroubi called on the Grand Ayatollahs to take action and wrote: “As you are aware, we received whatever assaults, demotions and insults because of our accompanying and sympathizing with the Iranian people at the outmost peace and cooperation after the engineered election of 1388 (2009) who were seeking their lost and undermined votes. They said,whatever they wanted and could, against us from public podiums and without giving possibility of any defence [to us] and at the same time sat at the position of persecutor, judge and executor and did what that today not only the face of the establishment that the face of Islam itself in the country and especially among the oppressed Iranian youth have been tarnished.”

Mousavi Facebook

متن کامل این نامه بدین شرح است:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

محضر مبارک آیات عظام و مراجع تقلید

باعرض سلام و احترام

سنت حسنه مردم این دیار بر آن بوده است که هرگاه عِرض، آبرو، ناموس، جان و مال خود را در خطر والیان جور پیشه و ستمگر می دیدند و از اعاظم و متولیان اصلی قدرت امید می بریدند به آستانه و درگاه مراجع تقلید و صاحبان دیانت و حکمت رو کرده و عرض تظلم و دادخواهی به پیشگاه آنها می بردند، چه نیکو سنتی و چه پر ثمر سیرتی بوده است. چه پاسخ های مناسب که شنیدند و چه دردهایی که به درمان رسیدند.

نیازی به ارائه مستند تاریخی نیست چه اینکه تاریخ ما، بخصوص در چند سده های اخیر با ظهور استعمار صنعتی، شاهد و ناظر بروز و ظهور عالمان روشن ضمیر در کنار مردم خوب و شریف بوده ایم که با قامت راست و استوار در برابر استعمار و استثمار با تحمل عذاب و شکنجه و تهمت و افترا، ایستادند و جان باختند و سر انداختند و شرف و حیثیت این ملت را مردانه پاس داشتند.

آیات عظام میرزای شیرازی در نهضت تنباکو، آخوند خراسانی و نائینی، مازندارنی، بهبهانی و طباطبائی در نهضت مشروطه، و مدرس و مبارز نستوه میرزای جنگلی در مبارزه با استبداد، کاشانی و نیروهای مذهبی و ملی در نهضت ملی شدن صنعت نفت و نهایتاً رهبری بی بدیل و تاریخی امام خمینی در انقلاب اسلامی همراه با سایر علما و اقشار مختلف ایران عزیز با گرایشات متفاوت.

اکنون با عملکرد ناشیانه ساده دلان به ظاهر با ایمان و احتمالاً هدایت شده توسط آگاهان بی ایمان، بیم آن می رود که این سابقه درخشان و امید آفرین، این ثروت عظیم معنوی ملت به محاق کشیده شود و چهره نورانی روحانیت در جامعه جهانی و در میان نسل جوان کنونی و آینده، کدر وناخوشایند جلوه نماید.

همانطور که مسبوق هستید، ما به علت همراهی و هم نوائی با مردم ایران در نهایت آرامش و سازش پس از انتخابات مهندسی شده ۱۳۸۸ که در جستجوی رأی گم شده و مخدوش گشته خود بودند، مورد چه هجمه ها، یورش ها، افتراها، تهمت ها و ناسزا ها که قرار نگرفتیم. آنچه خواستند و توانستند از منابر تریبون های عمومی بدون امکان اجازه هرگونه دفاعی به ما نسبت دادند و همزمان بر مسند مدعی العموم، قاضی و مجری احکام نشستند و آن کردند که امروز نه تنها چهره نظام بلکه اصل اسلام درکشور و بخصوص در نزد جوانان مظلوم ایران خدشه دار شده است.

از فجایع غم انگیز و آبروریز زندان کهریزک گرفته تا برخوردهای خشن و انسان ستیز در زندان های اوین و سایر زندان های پنهان و پیدا، و برخوردهای غیر انسانی با زنان زندانی، کشتار بی رحمانه مردم در خیابان ها و راندن خودروها بر بدن جوانان معترض، تخریب دانشگاه ها و ضرب و شتم دانشجویان، حمله به بیوت مراجع و هتک حرمت به بیت امام، بستن روزنامه ها، شکستن قلم ها، خفه کردن صداها، محبوس و منکوب کردن بهترین فرزندان ملت و انقلاب و مطرود و منزوی کردن لایق ترین مدیران مملکت، آزار و اذیت کردن اقلیت های قومی و مذهبی از برادران اهل تسنن گرفته تا دراویش نعمت الهی و محروم کردن از حقوق اولیه شهروندی و اهانت کردن به بزرگان آنان و تبعید و زندانی کردن عده ای از آنها. در نتیجه به خطر انداختن انسجام ملی و تیز کردن دندان طمع خارجی، حیف و میل کردن اموال عمومی و درآمدهای نفتی و زیرپا گذاشتن قوانین مصوب مجلس. این رفتارهای غیر قانونی کار را به آنجا رسانده است که ملک و ملت در بحران بزرگ سیاسی، اقتصادی و اجتماعی قرار گرفته است.

خدا عاقبت این همه بی بصیرتی که عام و خاص به آن مبتلا هستند و یقیناً دود آن به چشم همه ملت؛ حتی خود آنها بزودی خواهد رفت ختم به خیر بگرداند.

بارزترین نمونه این هتک حرمت های بی پروا و عاری از تقوا؛ اظهارات اخیر امام جمعه موقت تهران آیت الله جنتی در مسجد جمکران در مورد اخذ یک میلیارد دلار از منابع خارجی توسط ما معترضین؛ ایشان مدعی شدند که ” من سندی را بدست آوردم که آمریکائی ها یک میلیارد دلار از طریق افراد سعودی که هم اکنون عامل آمریکا در کشورهای منطقه هستند به سران فتنه دادند و همین سعودی ها که به نمایندگی آمریکا صحبت می کردند، گفتند اگر توانستید نظام را منقرض کنید تا پنجاه میلیارد دلار دیگر هم می دهیم، اما خداوند این فتنه را به دست بندگان صالحش خاموش کرد”. این مرد کهن سال که از آغاز تأسیس مجلس و شورای نگهبان لاینقطع مسئول بوده و قریب به بیست سال است که دبیر شورای نگهبان است و گویا کهولت سن نه تنها قوای روحی و جسمیش را به تحلیل برده بلکه قوه ادراک و ذهنی اش را هم مختل کرده و مصداق کامل این شعر مولانا قرار گرفته است:

چون شدی پیر و ضعیف و منحنی پرده های لاابالی می زنی

ایشان که در حاشیه امن سلاح و صلاح قرار دارد، نه از بالا دست خوفی و نه از پائین دست ابایی! ارباب غزاء حامی اویند و اصحاب قضاء تابع او. تریبون نمازجمعه را در اختیار دارد و مراکز قدرت را در تصاحب ! چه بی رحمانه ترک تازی می کند و با آبروی بندگان خدا بازی، پناه بر خدا از این همه طنازی ! در مقابل؛ دست دادخواهی ما کوتاه است و خرمای عدالت نظام فعلاً بر بلندای نخلی ناپیدا، لذا بر سبیل گذشتگان برای دفاع از حریم روحانیت و اسلام با شما سخن می گوییم.

آخر این چه ادعا است، کدام دلیل و سند، مستند این بیان است ؟! بر این گمانیم که خط دهندگان پنهان و سیاست گزاران نازک اندیش و بی رحم به سایر خطیبان هم چنین دستورهائی داده باشند اما آنها از ابراز چنین اباطیلی ابا نموده اند. جسارت و کندی ذهن، خاص ایشان است که چنین بی گدار به آب می زند.

مگر همین آقا نبود که به یکی از مراجع بزرگ تقلید شیعیان جهان نسبت ناروا داد و او را عامل بیگانه خواند که از خوف طرد و استیضاح عام مجبور به استغفار و توبه گردید؟ مگر ایشان موضع امام در مورد نسبت های ناروا و نسنجیده بعضی از اعضای شورای نگهبان در قبال برخی از نیروهای متدین و انقلابی را ورقی زیر خروارها خاک ننامید ؟! و در مقابل هجمه نمایندگان ملت در مجلس سوم مجدداً استغفار نکرد؟ و هم ایشان نامه بی محتوا و حساب نشده آقای احمدی نژاد به رئیس جمهور وقت آمریکا را هم طراز نامه امام (ره) به آخرین رهبر اتحادیه جماهیر شوروی تلقی کرد و پیشنهاد تدریس آن را در مدارس داد !!! که با برخورد جدی روبرو شد. همین فرد مدعی شد که در زمان دولت سازندگی هفت میلیارد دلار شکلات از جزیره کیش وارد کشور شد و چون او را به کمیّت عدد هفت میلیارد آگاه کردند، ادعای خود را به پانصد میلیون دلار تقلیل داد و کوتاه نیامد !

در هر صورت اکنون اسوه های انقلاب و یاران صدیق مردم وخمینی و زخم خوردگان مبارزات بی امان با استعمارگران، در نهایت مظلومیت و بی پناهی، هدف تیر جان گداز و زهرآگین شیفتگان قدرت و مکنت و زراندوزان بی مروّت و عاری از همت قرار گرفته اند که پرچم دار این خیل بی مروّت، این مرد کهنسال می باشد. دیگران به تبعیت و حمایت از او گاه و بیگاه از این قماش حرف هائی ابراز می دارند و حریم ها و حرمت ها در هم می شکنند و حد و مرزی برای کسی قائل نمی شوند !

ما را پروای آن نیست که چنین آماج ضربات بی امان بی بصیرتان قرار گیریم؛ تاریخ این دیار ستم کشیده مملو است از این نامردمی ها، از قائم مقام تا امیرکبیر که طغیان گرشان گفتند ! از سید جمال الدین اسدآبادی که وابسته اش خواندند،تا ثقه الاسلام تبریزی که بر چوبه دار تزاری اش بوسه میزدند، مدرس و نیروهای مذهبی که انگلیسی اش دانستند و خمینی که ارتجاع سیاه قلمدادش کردند و صدها عزیزان دیگر از این نوع هجمه ها و افتراها در امان نبودند. آنان هدف و آماج خشم بیگانگان و دین ستیزان قرار می گرفتند، اما ما را عذاب و درد بیشتر از آن است که آماج کلوخ اندازان نظام و کسی که بیش از سه دهه بر مسند شورای نگهبان تکیه زده است، هستیم!

حکایت حلاج است در واقعه چوبه دار؛ که با اصابت هر سنگی بر بدنش تبسم کنان لاحول می گفت اما از پرتاب گِلی از جانب شیخ شبلی به آه و ناله درآمد؛ گفتند از آن همه سنگ نیازردی و از این کلوخ چنین غمگینی ؟ گفت آنها نمی دانند و جنایت می کنند و او می داند و خیانت می کند.

علی ایحال ما از شما مراجع عالیقدر و علمای بزرگ و مدرسین گرانقدر حوزه های علمیه می خواهیم برای حفظ آبروی روحانیت و اسلام از ایشان بخواهید سند و مدرک خود را ارائه کند و یا منبعش را برملا نماید تا مردم این محرمان اصلی انقلاب و کشور در جریان واقعیت و یا افترا و دروغ که برای متاع دو روز دنیا بیان شده است، قرار گیرند.

و من الله التوفیق الامر الیکم و السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و برکاتة

مهدی کروبی – میرحسین موسوی


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ترسیم راههای پیش روی نظام توسط میرحسین: رویکرد اقتدارگرایانه یا انتخاب مردم /Mousavi categorizes the two paths in the current critical situation


Mir-Hossein Mousavi in a meeting with a group of Iran-Iraq war veterans portrayed the paths before the establishment in the current critical situation and categorized them into two completely opposite ones.  He called one of these two paths the “authoritarian path” and the other the “people path”. 

In clarification of this categorization, he explained that in the first path the religion is used as a tool and the imprisonment, oppression and abolishing the constitution are used and in the second path i.e. the “people’s choice” the political prisoners are freed and the right to free, competitive and non-selective elections is also recognized.Mir Hossein Mousavi in this meeting by pointing to the crimes that have been committed in Kahrizak prison, the attacks on student dormitories and the current crimes being committed in prisons emphasized: “The disaster that is happening in the prisons these days is the outcome of the views of the Chairman of the Guardian Council and his protégés. The catastrophe of Kahrizak [prison], the assault on the student dormitories and the attack on the people are the results of such views that one can clearly see the ugliness and brutality of all aspects of totalitarian and authoritarian tendencies in them.” Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “These are the people who distinguish whom and with what ideology to send to the parliament and these real representatives of the people and not the ones appointed for them [by the Guardian Council and the establishment] who recognize the best interests of the country and how the country should be run. In this way, all the members of the government are elected by the people and are the people’s servants, not their masters.”

People’s triumph over Pharaoh’s tyranny

Mir Hossein Mousavi at the beginning of his remarks in the gathering of a group of families of the veterans of Iran-Iraq war while congratulating the holy celebrations of the month of Sha’ban said: “In the Ghesas Surah (chapter on punishment in the holy Quran) when discussing the fight against Pharaoh’s tyranny, the good news of victory is assured; and thus reminds all of the everlasting necessity of fighting against the Pharaoh type tyranny in order to achieve people’s victory. Although as it has been discussed in the [religious] narratives the climax of this victory will happen at the time of emergence of the hidden Imam (Shia’s 12th Imam), these verses show that oppression, tyranny and dictatorship in any time and any place will result in the fight between the oppressed and the tyrants and current times Pharaohs.”

Is Islam accepting a human’s dignity being violated?

The prime minister during the Iran-Iraq war era by pointing to the extension of oppression and tyranny in the society said: “Oppression and tyranny is appalling in any condition or any era, be it during Pahlavi era (Shah’s time) or during Islamic Republic era; actually oppression during Islamic Republic is even worse, because it is happening in the name of Islam. Would Islam accept a human’s dignity gets violated or by weatherboarding a prisoner in a toilet bowl, he/she is forced to give confession?”

Religious tyranny is the worst kind of tyranny

Mousavi by referring to remarks made by Allameh Naeini (religious scholar): “We know that during the Constitutional ear great figures such as Allamed Naeini called religious tyranny the worst kind of tyranny. When on one side we witness the trial methods, tortures, restrictions imposed in the universities, giving heavy disciplinary sentences to academia and banning [active] students from school, and on the other side witness the resistance by the [political] prisoners and people for achieving their goals, we recall the Ghesas Surah (the chapter in the holy Quran about punishment) and similar holy verses in which both topics of the fight between the Pharaoh type tyranny and the oppressed as well as the good news of victory of the oppressed is discussed.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi in another part of his remarks pointed to the statements recently made by Ahmad Jannati (the appointed chairman of the Guardian Council who shamelessly said that the Green leaders have received one billion dollars from United States government via Saudis to overthrow the Islamic Republic and five billion dollars would come in future!) and added: “Lying is one kind of these oppressions that is appalling at any time, especially if these lies are made by the chairman of the Guardian Council of the constitution and the Imam of Friday Prayers in the capital city, the individual who is supposed to be trusted by the people to protect their votes and to guard the principles of the constitution and the National Covenant. Can anyone bring any clearer proof for fraud in the [tenth presidential] election than this fellow’s recent great lie? Especially if we consider the fact that this is not the first time this person made such untrue statements!”

The disasters in prisons is the result of thoughts similar to the ones by the chairman of the Guardian Council

Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized: “The disaster that is happening in the prisons these days is the outcome of the views of the Chairman of the Guardian Council and his protégés. The catastrophe of Kahrizak [prison], the assault on the student dormitories and the attack on the people are the results of such views that one can clearly see the ugliness and brutality of all aspects of Pharaoh’s totalitarian and authoritarian tendencies in them; truly his remarks that were made from the platform of the Friday Prayer in which he was praising the judiciary for executing prisoners and was encouraging them to execute more people cannot be forgotten.”

Mousavi by stating that some are using violence to create cemetery type silence and lies, added: “We expect all the nation and especially the religious figures and the Marjas to demand to see and review Ahmad Janatti’s documents regarding his claim; and also ask the other Friday Prayer Imam, who is an ally of Ahmad Jannati and claimed that the Guardian Council is approved by the hidden Imam as the filter, to show his full documents in order to proof this claimed satisfaction of the hidden Imam from himself and his allies in the Guardian Council.”

Pharaoh’s tyranny will continue if…

Mousavi said: “As long as we let some rule and have the power and positions and call the people cow, goat and dirt and strew this Pharaoh type tyranny will continue and organized lies and distortion of Islam will be used.”

Mousavi in continuation of his remarks called the majority of the religious figures and Marjas individuals who care for the people and are honest regardless of their political views and said: “But some few individuals with their words and actions are damaging the statue of this great group of Marjas.”

Mousavi by pointing to a program broadcasted on the state-run TV said: “On the day of holy celebration of mid-Sha’ban, I turned on the TV and accidently saw that it is showing a program called the great celebration of velayat (supremacy) in Tehran University. An individual in religious clothing and on a holy religious celebration day was telling people that if half of the society stands against the other half which is in power, the half which is ruling can execute all the people in the other half! What is more tragic is that he was using the Nahrovan war (war during Imam Ali, Shia’s first Imam, era) as a reference for his pro-genocide views, and of course in this speech he neither mentioned how the Nahrovan war was started and ended nor the fact that the Khavarej (those who were fighting Imam Ali) were freely present in the territory of the Islamic world those days, and also he did not care at all about the consequences and the influence of his remarks and interpretations on the religious beliefs and faith of the people and the future of Islam. Obviously one can find the signatures of these kinds of thoughts in terrorist and killers groups.”

A damage that will break people’s back bones

Mousavi by discussing the possible options in front of the system said: “Previously in our country various methods were used to confront the people. The events of the past year and the way that people were confronted gradually destroyed this variety. One can say that the system and our country are facing two opposite paths.”

He considered one of these paths based on the authoritarian approach and continued: “In this path the religion is used as a tool and the imprisonment, oppression, shutting down newspapers, abolishing major part of the constitution and disrespecting the innate rights and dignity of human are also used. In this approach, as that dressed-as-clergyman bluntly said at the University on the mid of Sha’ban celebration (the birthday anniversary of Imam Mehdi, the last Imam of Shi’a), if the government sees it necessary, it can execute half of the society and we know that this approach has no end other the disintegration of the establishment. Although at the end, Iran, Iranians and Islam will remain but you can guess that the damage of this path will break the back bones of our nation.”

Mousavi said that the other path is the path of people’s choice and added: “The other path is to return the affairs to the way that people become in charge of their own destiny and few people don’t make decisions for them. A path that in it political prisoners will be free, the right of assembly will be honored and the restrictions on the press and media will be lifted, and most importantly the right to hold free, competitive and non-selective elections will be honored.”

A deviation, which is fatal for the country’s future

Mir Hossein Mousavi at the end of his remarks once again stressed on the importance of having free and fair elections and said: “These are the people who distinguish whom and with what ideology to send to the parliament and these real representatives of the people and not the ones appointed for them [by the Guardian Council and the establishment] who recognize the best interests of the country and how the country should be run. In this path, all the members of the government are elected by the people and are their servants, not their masters; and in the first parliament of the Islamic Republic we got close to such an atmosphere. But after the fourth parliament the atmosphere was lost. Today the increasing exposure of the minimalistic thinking of some members of the Guardian Council is revealing to the nation how fatal the expansion of the capacity of this key council and its deviation from the main tasks and becoming a filter for the people’s votes is for country’s future and how the reliance of the authoritarians in maintaining the Guardian Council with this aim will lead the country to the disaster of the first choice, which was mentioned.”

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Islamic Iran Participation Front challenges Ayatollah Jannati

Radio Zamaneh – Iranian reformist group, Islamic Iran Participation Front issued a statement saying Ayatollah Jannati must enjoy “Ironclad immunity” since none of the lawsuits against him get processed.

In a speech at a Qom mosque last Tuesday, Ayatollah Jannati announced that he is in possession of a document that reveals the “leaders of sedition”, which is the way Iranian hardliners refer to Iran’s opposition leaders, had received a billion dollars from the US through Saudi intermediaries to topple the Islamic Republic regime.

Jannati added: “The Saudis speaking on behalf of the US told them, if you can destroy the regime, we will give you up to fifty billion dollars.”

The Islamic Iran Participation Front stresses that the head of the Guardian Council, Ayatollah Jannati must “clarify how and when he has secured these documents.” They go on to ask: “Has he supplied the authorities with these documents? Has he made these revelations with the authority of the relevant officials?”

Islamic Iran Participation Front adds: “How can an individual that does not refrain from committing the biggest sins, be in charge of two positions that have justice as their first criterion.”

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati is the head of the Guardian Council and the leader of Tehran’s Friday Mass Prayers.

The reformist organization goes on to demand that Ayatollah Jannati reveal the names of the recipients of the said money and asks if the allegations of Jannati are not proven, will he still continue to hold his positions in the government?

The Islamic Iran Participation Front urges the judiciary to announce its stance regarding the statement of the head of the Guardian Council and state what punishment would await him, if his statements are not backed by evidence.

Opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi also condemned the allegations of Ahmad Jannati yesterday in a blunt statement and urged the head of the Guardian Council to repent from his deeds and seek the forgiveness of the people.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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