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پشتیبانی پنج زندانی سیاسی و مطبوعاتی و صنفی از پیشنهاد رفراندوم /Political Prisoners Support Mousavi’s Call for Referendum


Political prisoners announced their support for Mir Hossein Mousavi’s proposal to hold a referendum regarding the “destructive policies” of the current Iranian government: Osanloo, Badaghi, Rafiei-Foroushani, Saharkhiz and Tabarzadi, five imprisoned political and union activists and journalists in a letter from prison announced their firm support for Mir Hossein Mousavi’s proposal to hold referendum.

 In part of this letter it reads: “We, the imprisoned political and union activists, and journalists, in situations that Ahmadinejad’s administration- in a growing trend- is humiliating governments and nations and has opted for tensions in the international stage over wise and diplomatic polices, consider the implementations of articles 59 and 89 of constitution (regarding referendums) an urgent matter for today’s situation in Iran and support the thoughtful proposal by Mir Hossein Mousavi to hold a free and democratic referendum under the direct and comprehensive supervision of the people; the kind of supervision that prevents the events that happened following the [disputed] presidential election in 2009  which resulted in repression, arrests, imprisonments and the torturing of the children of Iran.

In this framework, we see the presence of international organizations to oversee the fairness of the referendum a  must and a necessity.”


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کروبی: من به عنوان عضوی از این نظام شرمنده ام /Karroubi: As a part of this system, I am ashamed


Mehdi Karroubi visited the family of Mansour Osanlou, the imprisoned trade union activists and a founding member of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company which is an independent union campaigning vigorously for workers’ rights, and comforted them. According to SahamNews (official website of Etemad Melli party) in this visit that all the family members of Osanlou family were present, Mother of Mansour Osanlou while praising and thanking Mehdi Karroubi for his rightful positions in defending the rights of the people expressed joy for Karroubi’s presence in her son’s home.

During this visit, the mother of Mansour Osanlou spoke of the pressures and damages that have been brought on Roya Samadi, their daughter-in-law, to Mehdi Karroubi. She expressed her sadness over the brutal attack of the security forces on Zoya Samadi and added: “Unfortunately, they kidnapped her on June 23rd and after transferring her to an unknown location, she was severely beaten and bashed by a few male agents.” The mother of Mansour Osanlou continued: “They severely beat her in a way that many parts of her body have been bruised; and at the late hours of the night they pushed her out of the car under the Seyyed Khandan Bridge (in the western part of Tehran).” The mother of Mansour Osanlou added that the beating and bashing was so severe that caused Zoya, who was pregnant at the time, to suffer miscarriage.

Mehdi Karroubi in this meeting while expressing deep sorrow and regret regarding such horrendous actions hoped that Mansour Osanlou would be released soon and return to the arms of his loving family.

Karroubi by recalling his own resistance campaign during the Shah’s era said: “At that time when we started our resistance and Imam [Khomeini] started his campaign, the foundations of the revolution was based on this principle that no one would suffer from oppression. The barbaric practices that now is being committed against individuals and their families is the oppression against the people that the Shah’s regime, with all its corruption, had not have committed such actions against families and I, as a member of this system, am ashamed from you; but don’t see these treatments as part of Imam [Khomeini]’s path and Islam.”

Mehdi Karroubi expressed hope that on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, all political prisoners be freed and would be with their families at Iftar time.

Mehi Karroubi at the end while expressing his deepest condolences to the people of Sistan and Baluchistan province, who are mourning the loss of their loved ones following the suicide terrorist bombings, said: “The occurrence of such events in the country is shameful and sad. I express my condolences to the people of this province for this event and I hope that as soon as possible we witness the arrest and trial of those who ordered and those who implemented this event.”
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Osanloo’s Daughter in Law Miscarries Following Her Abduction and Beatings

Parvaneh Osanloo reports on the miscarriage of her daughter in law following her abduction and beatings by the intelligence ministry operatives. In an interview with the persian online magazine Rooz, Parvaneh Osanloo, Mansour Osanloo’s wife, has provided more information about the abduction and the motivation behind the pressures on Osanloo’s family.

Roozonline: Mrs. Osanloo, in the recent days, there have been several reports on the arrest and beatings of Ms. Zoya Samadi. Are you going to take a legal action regarding the incident?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Yes, definitely and we will make a formal complaint. Unfortunately, the incident happened on the eve of the weekend and three day break followed that, hence, we were not able to do much but definitely on Sunday we will take action and see whether for the first time these kind of issues will be looked into or not.

Roozonline: Why do you think such an incident has happened to a member of your family?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Just to create an atmosphere of terror for our family. They want to put pressure on Osanloo.

Roozonline: Mr. Osanloo is now in prison. Why should he be put on additional pressure?

Parvaneh Osanloo: This has to be answered by the gentlemen themselves. Why are they so afraid of Mansour who has been in jail for four years and why do they treat the family of one who is paying for his trade union activities in such a fashion?

Roozonline: Is your daughter in law involved in any political or social activity?

Parvaneh Osanloo: No, she is an engineer and is not involved in any particular activity. This incident is solely along the increased pressures on Mr. Osanloo that they have taken my innocent daughter in law and harmed her greatly, physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to intimidate Osanloo and us.

Roozonline: Do you know which organization or institution has been behind the incident?

Parvaneh Osanloo: No, Zoya has been blind folded and neither knows where she was taken nor do we know who they have been.

Roozonline: What have they specifically asked Zoya Samadi?

Parvaneh Osanloo: They have asked her to sign a paper and pledge that Mr. Osanloo would not engage in any activity following his release and would leave the country along with his family!

Roozonline: Has Mr. Osanloo been notified of the incident? What does he think?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Initially, we decided to not tell him anything. We did not want to add to his worries but he had heard the news and I then had to tell him everything. He was extremely pained and told us to pursue the issue legally and I have also promised him that we will definitely follow up on the incident.

Roozonline: Have these issues occurred before and had you received any threats?

Parvaneh Osanloo: My daughter in law was receiving threatening phone calls since last year. They had gone to his work place several times and even one time put a gun to her side and had threatened her. She was also summoned once to the [court] branch number 14; they, however, denied having had summoned her. But we never thought such an incident would occur. Mr. Osanloo is a trade union activist and has not done anything outside the bounds of law and order. He has always operated within the law and his daughter in law is also innocent. She has only seen Mr. Osanloo once during her engagement eve and has not even gone to the prison to visit Mr. Osanloo. She does not have anything to do with Mr. Osanloo’s activities. This incident was truly unimaginable to us.

Roozonline: On the incidents and the threats that you have mentioned since last year, have you particularly followed them up?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Yes, we have written several times to the head of the judiciary, Tehran prosecutor, and the citizen’s rights office in the judiciary and described all that has happened. But there has not been a single follow up. They neither contacted us nor pursued the cases and it all led to what we now have faced.

Roozonline: How is Ms. Samadi feeling physically and spiritually now?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Unfortunately, she has been hurt severely. She is still in a state of shock. She has not regained her psychological balance yet. Besides the nose bleed, and the injuries on her gums and teeth, my daughter in law was two months pregnant and we did not know this at all. She had severe bleeding and after looking further we noticed that she was two months pregnant and unfortunately she had a miscarriage.

Roozonline: These days there are rumors on possible releasing of Mr. Osanloo.

Parvaneh Osanloo: Mansour has now been in jail for four years and there is one more year left in his sentence. We have also heard these rumors but neither us nor Mansour has seen any indications on his release.

Roozonline: In what condition is Mr. Osanloo under currently?

Parvaneh Osanloo: Mansour is now in ward three of Rejaishahr prison in hall number 8. Unfortunately, his eyes need treatment as well as his heart is in need of Angiography. But they do not pay any attention.

Roozonline: With what you have described, what are the actions you will be taking?

Parvaneh Osanloo: We can not do much. We can only resort to the judiciary officials and wait for their follow ups. We do not feel safe at all. Similar problems could be instigated on any other member of our family at any moment. The incident for my daughter in law was an alarming incident for all of us. I ask the international human rights organs to come to our aid and not allow such measure be taken any where in the world. I say right here that if any one of the members of our family gets in danger or something happens to us, the judiciary authorities and the authorities of the Islamic Republic will be responsible for it.

The translation of the interview with Parvaneh Osanloo is provided by Iran Labor Report.

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Mansour Osanloo transferred to solitary confinement

Iranlaborreport – Human Rights and Democracy Advocates in Iran report on transfer of the Mansour Osanloo, the leader of the Tehran and Municipality Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate, to solitary confinement in Karaj Gohardasht prison. Osaloo has been going under heavy interrogation in the prison for the past three days by the intelligence ministry operatives.

Osanloo has been taken to the solitary confinement since 10:30 a.m. on May 29 from the ward number 5, the special ward for those prisoners being treated with Methadone or inflicted with Hepatitis, and AIDS in Gohardasht. The transfer is said to be related to a new case against him alleging making contacts with the members of the opposition in the prison. The case was opened last March.

Osanloo in a visit with five doctors at the forensic commission in the city of Karaj in April was found to be in need of proper treatments outside the prison compounds. The care he has been denied.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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