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گسترش آگاهی ها، استراتژی اصلی جنبش سبز Mousavi stands firm In Interview With Kaleme

For farsi  kaleme

In an interview with Kaleme, Mir Hossein Mousavi mirrored what Mehdi Karroubi had said in his post 22 Bahman statement, and called on the government to issue a permit for a march.  He went on to say, that the gatherings on 22 Bahman were “engineered”  and were not a “reassurance” of the governments actions since the election.  And, the violent suppression of the protestors on 22 Bahman,  the enormous financial burden the regime incurred in order to defuse the presence of the greens (thousands of busloads of people brought to Tehran), and their unwillingness to issue a permit for a march reaffirms their fear of the size and scope of the green movement.  Those responsible for this strategy are only fooling themselves, and not the people.

He also reiterated, that the green movement is not against Islamic values (sharia), nor against the establishment, they are just pursuing the people’s rights, as guaranteed in the constitution.  He outlined several other demands and/or concerns of the movement:

  • Our citizens do not like the surveillance of their letters, text messages and phone conversations.
  • The people do not want industries controlled by the Revolutionary Guard and other government entities, under the false pretense of privatisation.
  • Our nation does not want our women to be attacked and falsely accused for pursuing equal rights.
  • They want all voices to be heard in the media and demand an end to media censorship.
  • Teachers and workers must not be attacked for pursuing their rights.

He also said that a few extremist and superstitious elements in the clergy do not represent the majority, and that the people should not distance themselves from the clergy or Islam.  He stated that one of the main goals of the green movement going forward, is to expand the social network and the dissemination of informatiom.  Mousavi again emphasized that free elections, freedom of prisoners, freedom of the media, and an end to the militarized atmosphere are the only ways that the regime can save itself from losing legitimacy. 


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Mehdi Karroubi’s statement regarding events of 22nd of Bahman

In the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful

Great and noble people of Iran

I deeply appreciate your huge turnout in the 22nd Bahman [February 11, anniversary of the revolution] rally despite all the security pressures and the closed political atmosphere. The ceremonies this year were held while all political fractions, prominent figures and grand Ayatollahs had invited people to participate in hope of moving toward resolving the current crisis and our national dilemmas. Nevertheless, the brutal totalitarian forces are using the state-run television and their official and unofficial media outlets to hijack the rallies and stage them as a show of their supporters while unethically ignoring the brutalities and violence that occurred on the sidelines and the extreme security measures that were in place that day, thus presenting a complete opposite of what had actually happened. These brutal forces want to use these rallies that were not possible without the widespread presence of the supporters of the reformists and conservatives alike, to clean their record of [illegal] arrests, crimes, tortures, and street killings. They want to cover up their crimes, violence and brutality with fallacies and misrepresentations. During the 22 Bahman rally this year, the police and armed forces had turned the streets of Tehran into a military base. They severely attacked and silenced whoever showed the slightest sign of nonconformity with the current situation. Sure interesting enough, not a single scene of the presence of all those forces, their assaults on you with teargas, or their beating you was reflected in the domestic media! It seems like their eyes have been covered with a veil of [their] wrongdoings. How else could they think that they have succeeded in erasing the collective memory of the people and totally confiscating this national, religious, and revolutionary ceremony for their own benefit, so they can continue “depriving people of their most essential rights”. This is while, were it not for the various political groups’ invitations and the people’s participation, the 22 Bahman rallies would have turned out as an unenthusiastic rally of armed and security forces, and they would have had no chance for these political exploitations.

We all know that your attendance in 22nd of Bahman rally was not in support for the repressive policies that have taken so many political prisoners but for your love of Iran, the Islamic Revolution, and Imam Khomeini. You good people of Iran did not attend the Islamic Revolutions anniversary rally to swear allegiance to those who beat people. My pious countrymen, You know better than anyone that spilling the blood of the innocent is against your religion and morals. Did Ali (peace be upon him) fill his prisons to strengthen his government? You who have given Martyrs, are not satisfied with concealment of the crimes committed in Kahrizak, Sobhan Complex, and university dormitories and disrespecting the senior religious figures. Your attendance in 22nd of Bahman rally is not a token of support for such villainy. Regardless, those who have done their uttermost to engineer the 22nd of Bahman rally by utilizing hundreds of buses and trains to bring in support, must explain why the Azadi square was so empty during the speech despite having used so many resources and engaging the police and armed forces. Is it possible to think that intelligent people of Iran would not know the reason behind the presence of tens of thousands of police and armed forces on the streets? Do they think that people have not seen all the pressure being exerted by the police and plain-cloth forces who use daggers, clubs, and pepper sprays on the servants of Iran and Islamic Republic to stop them from joining the crowd. Do they think that people have not noticed their fear and weakness?

Dear nation, your presence in the rallies of the February 11 are beyond analysis, unless it is looked at from the prospective of dichotomy of the two currents organizing against one another. We have two political inclinations in our society. One is an inclination that is afraid of rights to gather in peaceful demonstrations, and rallies according to the Article 27 of the constitution. It is this fear that motivates them to turn Tehran into a military base on the day of national rallies. This stream is the one that only tolerates its own supporters in rallies, and understands the nation as a set of groups who are advocates and supporters of its commands. It sees the rest of the people, even if the rest of the people constitute a majority, as a ‘dirt and dust’. On the other side there is the other inclination which recognizes you regardless of your variety, colorful range of beliefs, and without favoring on one gender, class, culture or race. This is an inclination that calls people not only to attend the rallies in Freedom Sq. but also to sit together around the same table and share their freedom. As such, based on teachings of Imam Khomeini I have two suggestions to take away the veil of ignorance that has blinded the sights of totalitarian currents. My first suggestion is that just like Imam Khomeini had asked: “The government should organize a meeting in Tehran in one of the big squares, and allow us to organize a meeting in the deserts close to Qom.” I want to ask for a permit to organize a rally based on the article 27 of the constitution in one of the squares of Tehran so that we can see the minority and the majority.

We will provide security for the rally ourselves and guarantee that it will be conducted without any slogans directed at the regime. Once and for all, a demonstration free of threats and suppression to show the weight of each group in the society. But the second suggestion: While the authoritarian factions have turned the 22nd Bahman rally into a referendum to endorse their violent and anti-public policies , I propose a referendum based on the article 59 of the constitution to solve this crisis and end the reign of the guardian council. Interfering with the rule of people in the name of approbation supervision that has even surpassed [their own definition of ] approbation supervision . It is these interventions that inhibit holding a free presidential elections and forming an independent Guardian Council and parliament. In what sort of independent parliament are members forced –out of the fear of guardian council – to sign every statement against people who care for this country? The record of 10th presidential election shows that only a referendum can free us from these difficulties. [Only] in presence of an independent parliament will the principles related to interests of people and their fundamental rights such as freedom of press, fair trial and so on be observed. It is such a parliament, free from the rule of Guardian Council, that will clarify the weight of various political forces in the society not spending millions of dollars in government preparations and forcing a [pro-government ] atmosphere as we saw in 22nd of Bahman.

Mehdi Karroubi

Feb. 22 / 2010

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کروبی و موسوی بزودی با مردم سخن می گویند


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Khamenei Says 22 Bahman Was a “Divine Miracle.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, speaking to a group of Tabriz residents, claimed the enemies of the Revolution and a few other individuals have been trying to “insinuate that the Islamic Revolution has been derailed but the Islamic Revolution is on track today toward the same goals of the Imam (Khomeini).”

He claimed if the Revolution had been derailed from its path, “this vast crowd of hearts, faith and motivation would not have been mobilized in the name of the Revolution,” referring to the February 11 demonstration in Tehran which he also described as a “divine miracle,” says Radio Zamaneh

The “divine miracle” he must be referring to, is the tens of thousands of people the regime bussed in from across the country, through coersion and bribery.  The real miracle here was how they found the parking space for the thousands of busses.     

He claimed the enemies of the Islamic regime had “planned to draw people away from the regime by creating clashes” but the Iranian people “hurled a hard punch into the mouths of the opposition” on February 11 because “divine power had awakened their hearts.”

Ayatollah Khamenei while refraining from using any names added: “a number of people out of neglect, without deep thought and even enmity, kept speaking against the movement of the Islamic regime claiming they were for the people, but February 11 showed the real demands of the people.

We are still awaiting the response from the oppositon leaders, Mousavi and Karroubi, to the events that took place on 22 Bahman, in which both were attacked by the basij and forced to retreat.  They are presently holding meetings and discussing new strategies.


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22 Bahman “The Learning Curve”

Was 22 Bahman a failure for the opposition?  Well, if your only metric was the taking over of Azadi Square and having some fantastical vision of the regime’s collapse, then yes, it was a failure.  But the fact is, every previous protest to date has had Azadi Square as its main target, and in each case, it has eluded them, and no one has called them failures by any means.  True, this day in particular would have been “the mother of all days” to take the Square, but the reality was, that the Square could never have been taken over completely, at best it could be shared, as everyone is fully aware that the regime always packs their events with thousands of government employees (families) and buses in thousands more from rural villages (with enticements of course).

As evidenced in this video (courtesy of GeoEye) on 22 Bahman at 10:47 am, you can see the extent to which the regime had to stoop in order to put on their propaganda parade.  No one could have expected they would literally charter hundreds upon hundreds of busloads of people from rural villagesCorrection:  2,500 buses see here

Here, they give away free food (among other enticements) to their supporters

The goal that was set by the opposition was to have a mass presence in the square and prevent the regime from using 22 Bahman as a propaganda tool, as well as embarrass them.  In that sense, they failed to a large extent, but not for the lack of trying, as many did make it to Azadi Square and made their presence known with chants and slogans during Ahmadinejad’s speech which caused the government controlled media to cut off the live feed several times.  We will never know just how big their presence was, as they had one large tactical error, an identifier.  They could not enter the square with any green symbols or signs, which made it very difficult to positively identify fellow protestors.  Couple that with a massive amount of security, plainclothed and uniformed, rendered it impossible to congregate in large numbers.  Tehran was unofficially under a state of  martial law.

On the main roads leading to Azadi Square, there was massive security.  They kept people on the sidewalks in a very orderly and controlled manner.

Although here, just off the main routes you can see the protestors made their presence known.

The opposition did come out en masse, in Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Ahvaz, and many other cities.  However, they were met by a well conceived and well organized plan by the regime forces, which prevented them from creating a large core, in which to build upon and gain momentum.  Unlike previous protests, whereby the security forces were commanded  and orchestrated by provincial leadership, 22 Bahman’s security was under the control of the central command, headed by General Jafari.  Jafari was appointed Commander of the Revolutionary Guard in 2005, primarily, because of his expertise in assymmetric warfare, as the regime was seriously concerned about the growing dissatisfaction among the populace.




Yes, the opposition was out manuevered and blunted for the day, but one must take into account the superiority of the regime in every facet of the struggle, and most importantly, the opposition is a peaceful non-violent movement.  The regime had more than a month to analyze their deficiencies from the Ashura debacle and adjust their strategy.  They have all the tools, and all the power of the state at their disposal.  And, the fact that 22 Bahman is the regime’s sacred annual propaganda orgy, they utilized all of them.  They may have succeeded on this day to add a clip of video to their propaganda portfolio, but did they succeeded in crushing, or even wilting the spirit of the opposition.  Not a chance!  To the contrary, the violence that they chose to engage in on 22 Bahman, along with the mass arrests, the disruptions of  the internet, cell phone, SMS, text messaging threats, show trials, executions, intimidations, presence of security forces on the streets in the run-up to 22 Bahman will only encourage more dissatisfaction and anger against the regime and harden the resolve of the opposition.

This is a clip from Ashura, when the protestors engaged and captured security forces.  There were many incidents where the regime forces took it on the chin this day.  The regime was determined not to have a repeat of these events on their big day.

With the lack of true leadership, organization and mass communication at their disposal, the opposition will have to rely more heavily on their diversity, fluidity and creativity, while thinking outside the box.  That is, up to this point the movement is predictable insofar as their quazi-organized protests.  They have been announced a month or more in advance and the protest routes (primarily the same each time) and destination (Azadi) are announced openly, which gives the regime ample time to prepare counter measures.  The opposition will have to adapt to the ever evolving dynamics on the ground, just as the regime has.  They might consider coordinating with different labor groups which are constantly in protest across the country, they will have to seriously lay the groundwork for provincial and national strikes, and protest more often and in differing locations to catch the forces off guard.

The country is for all intensive purposes, a military dictatorship.  Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has been relegated to a mere figurehead.  Sepah (Revolutionary Guard) has almost completely taken control of the government, armed forces and has become an economic powerhouse.  They are in control of the judiciary, intelligence ministry, large faction of the majlis, many/if not most of the governers and mayors, and they control the media as well.  Under the leadership of General Jafari, they have completely integrated the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij and the police forces are  under central command now.  They control a large portion of the cash flow from oil, they own major banking institutions, construction firms, and have a presence in every major bazaar throughout Iran. 

It has been eight months since the election (selection), and the regime has not budged an inch, to the contrary, they have only hardened in their stance.  The day of decision for the opposition leaders has been long overdue, and we believe that time has come.  They are going to have to decide to keep up with there futile fight to integrate reform into the system, or fully join with the majority of Iranians, at the very least, in calling for a referendum on the Islamic Republic.  If they choose the latter, they will be embraced by the population.  However, if they continue with their reform platform, they perhaps might be pushed aside, and new leadership sought.  They, Mousavi and Karroubi are in consultations as of this moment, and are preparing some new strategies which they will announce soon.  We hope they will see the light and realize that there is only one path ahead, that of an Iranian Republic, and stop asking the children to sacrifice themselves for naught.

Opposition chants, “Referendum, Referendum!”

While a disappointment to many, 22 Bahman was not a failure, nor even a setback, it was merely a learning curve.  An experience that will have to be analyzed, corrected and countered.  The major shortcoming of the opposition was preparing an alternate plan.  Going forward they will not only need to have alternate plans, they will have to be creative, including diversionary tactics, location changes, early evening protests (as nighttime will profoundly hamper security effectiveness) and so on.  The regime had poured a massive amount of resources into 22 Bahman, of which they will not be able to sustain.  They can sit around on their sofra’s, sip tea and congratulate themselves for their efforts on this day, but the reality is that they are at war with their own citizenry, and that war is far from over.


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موافقت رهبر انقلاب با عفو و تخفیف مجازات تعدادی از محکومان دادگاه‌ها


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Video: Tehran 22 Bahman – Iranians chant Political prisoners must be freed

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Video: Iran 22 Bahman “referendum, referendum!”

Protestors in Tehran chant, Referendum, Referendum!

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Karroubi and Khatami attacked on 22 Bahman in Iran

Mehdi Karroubi, the former Majlis speaker and Presidential candidate was physically assaulted by pro- government thugs when he joined the people at Sadeqieh Square.  It cannot be confirmed as of yet if he was injured or not.  According to his son Hossein, his father is well and had to return home.  The windows of his car were also broken.

In a seperate incident, Mohammad Khatami, the two term former President was also attacked by thugs and forced to leave the marches.  It is being reported that green supporters intervened on Khatami’s behalf and protected him.  His vehicle was also attacked, resulting in broken windows as well.


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Mohsen Sazegara’s website hacked by Iranian Cyber Army

Mohsen Sazegara, is an Iranian journalist and pro-democracy political activist. Dr. Sazegara held several high ranking positions during the early years of the Iranian Revolution, such as deputy prime minister in political affairs, deputy minister for heavy industry, deputy chairman of the budget and planning department, one of the founders of the Revolutionary Guard, and many more before becoming disillusioned with the government in 1989 and pushing for reforms. He applied to become a candidate for President of Iran in the 2001 election and was refused.

His reformist policies clashed with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, eventually resulting in his arrest in early-2003. Following his release in August 2003, he moved to the United Kingdom for medical attention. He currently resides in the United States.

Since the election (selection) in June 2009 of Ahmadinejad, Mr. Sazegara has posted daily youtube videos in support of the green movement in Iran.  Many Iranians inside and out of Iran view his messages, as he can give alittle insight into the mind and machinery of the regime and the revolutionary guard.  Here is his website that was hacked by the regime:

Note:  As soon as he sets up new site, we will post it here.  For now, his videos can be seen Here


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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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