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The Only Way Forward

چهارشنبه سوری در اهواز و شعار مرگ بر خامنه ای / Ahvaz, Iran – March 15, 2011 People chant “Death to Khamenei”

چهار شنبه سوری 24 اسفند 1389 ایران اهواز – حمله نیروهای یگان وپژه به خانه های مردم

Regime forces attack people and their homes

چهارشنبه سوری اهواز-ساعت 8

Fireworks in Ahvaz City


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فعاليت هاي تبليغي 16 آذر به دست جوانان دلير اهواز / Flyer in Ahvaz for 16 Azar ( November 2010 )

به گزارش خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبــــــــــــــر جوانان دلير اهواز نيز در آستانه 16 آذر فعاليت هاي تبليغي خود راگسترش داده اند . در خيابانهاي اهواز شعارهاي زير به چشم ميخورد : 16 آذر خيزشي دوباره براي آزادي

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Strikes in Iran continue to expand

The strike of gold merchants in cities across Iran still continues.

According to reports, shops selling gold and jewelry in the Arak Bazaar are still closed and are on strike. In Yassoj, gold sellers started their strike on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010.

In Kermanshah the gold bazaar is on its fourth day of strike. Also in Hamedan all the gold sellers in the Gold Bazaar are in their tenth day of strike.

Strike in Hamedan – October 4, 2010

It is about a week that the gold sellers of Tabriz have been on strike.  The strike of gold sellers of Tabriz has extended to other cities of East Azerbaijan including Margheh.  Also Amir Kabir Bazaar, Mohammadi Bazaar, Amir Bazaar and also Ghtran Bazaar started their strike on October 2, 2010.

The strikes of jewelery stores in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad, Qazvin, Shahroud and Semnan are still active.

Other than gold sellers, iron sellers in Tabriz and Boshehr are also on strike.

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اعتراض زهرا رهنورد به حبس در تبعید ضیا نبوی و دیگر زندانیان / Zahra Rahnavard Condemns Exile of Political Prisoners


In a short note published on Kaleme website, Zahra Rahnavard, Mir Hossein Mousavi’s wife, writer and university professor, expressed grave concern against unjust sentences that send political prisoners to exile.  Zia Nabavi, a student deprived from completing his university degree, was for example sent to exile at Karoon prison in city of Ahvaz (South of Iran).

The full the content of Zahra Rahnavard’s note is as follows:

The families of political prisoners have demanded nothing more than the unconditional release of their loved ones; birthdays, mournings ceremonies, national and religious celebrations such as Mehregan and the start of the new academic year are all opportunities for prayer and worshiping God;  praying  “O Almighty God have all those in chains freed.”

All the families of political prisoners have ever looked forward to, and asked for, is that their loved ones be released from jail unconditionally.  However, unfortunately they have only found themselves facing new challenges imposed by the ruling powers, the latest of which is punishment through exile to far away prisons.  As a result of this newly imposed punishment, proud and resilient prisoners such as Shiva Nazar Ahari, Zia Nabavi, Ahmad Karimi, Hamed Rouhinejad, Majid Dori and others have either been sent to exile to far away prisons or have received lengthy sentences and are painfully enduring this bitter predicament together with their families. 

Zia Nabavi, a student activist has said on many occasions that he has no affiliation whatsoever with any group outside of Iran.  He has insisted that his only crime has been to fight for his right to an education; a right that was stripped from him and his friends by the 9th government.  Zia’s cell mates have written and spoken extensively of his moral values, and in particular his resilience and mind boggling patience. They say that Zia never holds any grudges, not even against the judge who sentenced him to 15 years exile in a far away prison. This fact is clearly evident in the recent letter Zia wrote to the judge in charge of his case file.  Someone like Zia does not belong in jail; he does not deserve to be sent to exile in a far away prison.

Exile to a far away prison not only punishes the prisoners, but also punishes their families, forced to suffer and tolerate the long distances between them and their loved ones. Aging mothers, women with children and even families under extreme financial strain are forced to travel long distances only to visit their loved ones for a few minutes at a time; a predicament that is not only difficult but also intolerable. Take for example Zia Nabavi’s suffering father, who wrote a letter to the head of the judiciary stating “I come from a family of simple peasants, rural workers with little to no financial resources. I have worked hard my entire life to earn an honorable, yet simple living for my family. Today at the age of 55 I can hardly work and after God, I turn to my son for hope. Not only is our son no longer amongst us, but we don’t even have the financial resources to visit him in a far away location such as Ahvaz.”

The judicial authorities should be aware that God is monitoring  their actions and as a result they should finally put an end to their unjust actions.  Not only should prisoners not be exiled to far away prisons, but the authorities should make sure that they are freed unconditionally. If they do so, I am sure that they will please Mahdi, the hidden Imam.

with special thanks to Banooye Sabz for English translation

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اعتصاب بازار طلا فروشان شهر اهواز از روز 3 تا 10 مهر ماه / General strike in Gold marketplace of Ahwaz October 2, 2010

The gold merchants of Ahwaz have joined the nation wide strike against the VAT Tax.

Also, the strike in Tehran has expanded outside the Bazaar to many Jewelers throughout the capital.

There are also reports that several Bazaari’s in Tehran have been arrested by the Revolutionary Guards.

The united gold merchants vow not to end their strike until the new tax is rescinded.

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Protests in university campuses in Iran on uprising anniversary

Iran Focus – Several hundred students staged a protest outside the main gate of Jondi Shapour University in Ahvaz, in the oil-rich south-western province of Khuzistan. They chanted “death to the dictator” and “death to Khamenei” (Iran’s Supreme Leader) and clashed with security and intelligence agents. Several students were injured.
Elsewhere, in the north-eastern city of Mashhad 300 students demonstrated in Ferdowsi University. They chanted “Students would rather die than accept humiliation”, “free all political prisoners”, and “Ya Hojjat Ibn Al-Hassan (referring to the 12th Shiite Imam), root out oppression”.
Special anti-riot forces attacked the protesting students with batons and sticks. Clashes ensued and some students hurled empty cola bottles at the security forces.

In the capital, dozens of plainclothes agents and special black-clad anti-riot units have been stationed at Tehran University’s main gate and are controlling the area.
Around Vali Asr Square, nearby, Special Forces on motorbikes are riding around watching over the crowd. Students and others are walking around in groups of 6 to 10.
Clashes broke out between 200 opposition activists and State Security Forces under Seyyed Khandan Bridge in north Tehran. People chanted “death to the dictator”, and the police were forced to retreat from the bridge.
In Enqelab Square, 150 protesters began chanting “death to the dictator”. They quickly dispersed when State Security Forces and agents on motorbikes attacked them.

On 9 July 1999 widespread protests erupted across Iran after members of the hard-line Bassij militia raided a dormitory in Tehran University. One student was killed when he was thrown out of the window. The ensuing nationwide protests that erupted came as a shock to Iran’s clerical leaders and lasted for over a week.


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فراخوان دانشجویان سبز دانشگاه آزاد اهواز برای شرکت در راهپیمائی 22 خرداد این شهر /Ahvaz students statement regarding June 12 revolts


Statement by the Green Students of Ahvaz University regarding protests on June 12th (22nd Khordad) – “We Will Stand Firm”!

Sunday June 6th, 2010, Khordad 16th, 1389

“On behalf of the Green students at Ahvaz University we would like to announce that regardless of the expulsions from school and the many visits to the disciplinary committee of the university last year, we remain as Green as ever and there should be no doubt what so ever, that this June 12th, 22nd of Khordad we will come to the streets once again to stand with our legitimate president Mr. Mousavi, with all Iranians and all our compatriots in the city of Ahvaz.”

According to Daneshjoo News , the Green students at Ahvaz University have issued a statement in which they invite all Iranians to protest the anniversary of last years rigged elections.

The content of this statement is as follows:

In the name of the most loving,

To our dear Green friends and supporters,

A year has passed since you began this journey in which you worked so tirelessly. A year in which so much happened that it would be impossible for any camera to adequately capture the scenes. The events of last year turned our hopes for change into disappointment; leaving us with no other choice but to stand firm against the oppressors until the day when victory is finally ours.

On behalf of the Green students at Ahvaz University we would like to announce that regardless of the expulsions from school and the many visits to the disciplinary committee of the university last year, we remain as Green as ever and there should be no doubt what so ever, that this June 12th, 22nd of Khordad we will come to the streets once again to stand with our legitimate president Mr. Mousavi, with all Iranians and all our compatriots in the city of Ahvaz.

Last year more than 100 students at Ahvaz University were summoned to the disciplinary committee in the eve of the 16 of Azar with a goal to suppress our movement. This event was followed by more expulsions and summons to the disciplinary committee of students on the 13th of Aban. Regardless of all the pressure, Ahvaz University remains alive.

We will never forget those days. If last year our only wish was to reclaim our votes, this year, with all that we have witnessed, we feel an even heavier burden on our shoulders. So many martyrs and prisoners were sacrificed for our cause; so many students were expelled from university. What did they demand except to reclaim their vote? Was it right to respond to these questions with bullets by the ruling power? Was this the Alavi Justice they so proudly spoke of?

We will continue to roar that the Green students at Ahvaz University are awake; that we stand firm and refuse to allow the coup government to achieve its goals. We will not allow our country to be sacrificed for the sake of lust and the power games by agents of this illegitimate government.

We therefore ask our fathers and mothers to stand with us this June 12th, 22nd of Khordad. Do not abandon your children; stand with us so that together we can fight for our country and our lost rights.

History is in the makings and what will be remembered most, is our current perseverance and resilience.

The Green Students at Ahvaz University.

English translation by Negar Irani

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اعتصاب غذا در دانشگاه چمران اهوار”اول اردیبهشت

اعتصاب غذا در دانشگاه چمران اهوار”اول اردیبهشت

فیلمی تازه منتشر شده از اعتصاب غذا در دانشگاه چمران که مربوط به اول اردیبهشت

میباشد و دانشجویان تمام غذاها را به صورت ردیفی پشت سر هم در سالن دانشگاه

چیدند.حراست دانشگاه تمام دوربینها را… ضبط کرد و تنها فیلمی که به صورت مخفیانه از

دانشگاه بیرون آمده

Chamran University hunger strike in Ahvaz Iran

Ghodrate Sabz

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May Day protests in Iran: Sanandaj, Qazvin, Shiraz and Ahwaz

Five arrests on May Day protests in Sanandaj

Freedommessenger – In Sanandaj, 100 workers and residents of this city gathered in front of the Emdad Committee and chanted anti-government slogans. The gathering turned into clashes between the suppressive forces and the workers. Five of the protestors were arrested.  The gathering of residents of Sanandaj on Friday night had also turned into clashes with the regime’s agents.

The workers of Hamid Ceramics Company in Qom turned the regime’s staged meeting on the occasion of International Workers’ Day that took place in Hosseinieh Eshq Ali Mosque into an event against the regime’s anti-labor policies.

The workers disrupted the speech of Talebi, the regime’s appointed Head of “House of Workers.” Despite the fact that the workers were not given permission to talk, they yelled their protests.

Talebi condemned the gathering of workers in front of the provincial office under the pretext that it would be exploited by the foreign media.

The workers ridiculed his remarks and prevented him from continuing his talks. They protested that they should not forgo their rights, and their justified demands should not be suppressed under the pretext that it would be used by the foreign media.

The workers said that a regime that feels threatened by a gathering of workers and uses anti-riot guards to suppress workers is devoid of any credibility.

Workers protesting in Qazvin, Shiraz and Ahwaz

On the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, thousands of workers have staged protests against their living standards and hardships and calling for their minimum rights.

In Qazvin, up to 8,000 workers have staged a gathering in the city’s sports stadium chanting “Workers, Unite, Unite”. They carry banners asking for annulment of the decision to close their factory and demanding payments of their unpaid salaries for the past seven months and the New Year bonuses for the past two Iranian New Years.

In Shiraz, hundreds of workers including the workers of “Fars Meat Industries” and “Ramak Milk Industries” have gathered in front of the Governor’s office. Workers of the long distance communications, who have not received their salaries for the past 13 months, also have participated in this protest. They carry a banner that reads “Imam Ali’s just rule, shame on you, shame on you”. This refers to the Iranian regime’s claim to be alike the Shiite Imam Ali’s just rule.

This demonstration has been surrounded by Iranian Security forces and other suppressive forces. Security forces have blocked the road to prevent people from joining the workers’ protest.

In Ahwaz, a group of workers of the Pipe Mill have gathered in front of the regime’s Labor Office to protest. They are holding a banner which says, “We will die from hunger but we will not accept to be humiliated”

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Warnings of a labor crisis looming in Iran

Roozonline – As International Workers Day approaches there are warnings of a labor crisis in Iran.  During the past week, and only 10 days before May 1 International Workers Day, labor news sources report the laying off of at least 2,500 industrial and leather workers in Ilam and Mashad.  Counting other laid-off workers in industrial and large cities such as Abadan, Ahwaz, Khorramshahr and Shiraz, during the last two weeks, more than 4,000 workers have lost their jobs just in the recent past.

In fact this unemployment trend has picked up unprecedented pace in the recent year.  The crisis in Iran’s industrial sector has reached such a level that, in an interview yesterday, the head of Iran’s House of Labor predicted the closure of hundreds of large and medium industrial firms per year and the subsequent laying off of 200,000 workers every year after that.

A labor activist in Ilam told Iran’s Labor News Agency yesterday that at least 1,000 industrial workers had been laid off in Ilam, adding, “Officials think that the situation in less developed areas is better because of lower costs. But this is not true.  An industrial crisis has spread throughout the province and during 2008 and 2009, 20 firms have shut down and more than 1,000 workers have been laid off.  All of this points to the absence of occupational security for workers.”  

The wave of closures and lay offs has reached industrial firms and workers in Mashad.  According to various reports, the closure of leather factories in Mashad is continuing, so far leading to the laying off of at least 1,500 workers.  

According to Safir website, one leather expert in Mashad said, “Fluctuations in the exchange rate, increasing smuggling of Chinese and Thai shoes at much lower prices has caused 45 major leather factories in Khorasan to shut down since 1382, laying off at least 1,500 workers in the sector.”  

The increasing frequency of firm closures and worker layoffs prompted House of Labor president Alireza Mahjoub to hold a press conference for the second time in as many weeks.  

The labor leader called the crisis in Iran “unprecedented” and predicted that the “critical situation would worsen as a result of the inflation shock from the subsidy reform plan.”  

Noting that even prior to the subsidy reform bill, the cost of production of domestic goods were higher than their market price, he said, “Because the subsidy reform plan will increase the price of water, electricity, gas and other basic goods, we will see an increase in the production costs of domestic firms.”  

At the end of the interview, Alireza Mahjoub announced plans to hold International Workers Day events, while last week the interior ministry and governor of Tehran refused the House of Labor’s request for permits to hold events on the International Workers Day.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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