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Ayatollah Boroujerdi`s supporters are under torture in Evin prison

HARANA –  Mohammad Reza Sadeghi who is one of the supporters of Ayatollah Boroujerdi that was arrested on November 8th after security forces raided his house, is now under intolerable tortures.
According to the news  received from Iran Human Rights Activists reporters, he is suffering from severe damage to his body and numbness of the legs resulting from tortures imposed by interrogators and is not able to move. The risk of spinal cord injury is probable and he is in need of a specialist consultation.

Despite the passing of 45 days since Mr. Mohammad Reza Sadeghi has been arrested and detained, his family has not been able to get any kind of information about his condition.
It is worth mentioning that this 38-years-old prisoner is a former employee of the official Department of Informatics and Information Technology of the tobacco compay and he was arrested two times, in October 2006 and December 2007 by special forces of the information ministry.
During his detention in the prisons of regime, he has been under unbearable tortures. As a result of such pressures he is suffering from cardiac and pulmonary complications and also rheumatoid arthritis.  His  medical documentation is readily available.
Examinations by specialists show that because of suffering from severe heart failure, the prison environment is dangerous for him.
His family announced that their son committed no sin other than his adherence to the peaceful beliefs of Ayatollah Boroujerdi. Their request from all human rights organizations is for immediate action to save their child’s life.
There is one bit of good news regarding the six followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi whom were recently arrested, and that is Ms Forogh Hematyar was finally released on bail.  She is a 30 years old english student and married. She was one of the seven supporters of Ayatollah Boroujerdi that was arrested and detained just for her adherence to the doctrines of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, without committing any other crime.
During her 40-day detention she was unable to have contact with her family and had no right to counsel.  She has been under terrifying interrogations and severe physical and mental tortures in solitary cells of  the prison.
Due to the efforts of human rights defenders and organizations and their concern, she was finally released on a heavy bail on 22nd of December 2010. While expressing gratitude for her freedom, she hopes for the other political prisoners, including the remaining six of them (Narges Ghaffarzadeh, Maryam Azimi, Tayebeh Hosseini, Dr.Roya Araghi, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi and Mohammad Mehman navaz) to be released as soon as possible and go back to their families.

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Arrest of another supporter of Ayatollah Boroujerdi by the special clerical court

According to the news received by Iran human rights and democracy activists, on Monday morning, 6th of December 2010, another supporter of Ayatollah Boroujerdi was summoned to the special clerical court and transferred to the unknown location.

He is Mohammad Mehman Navaz, 39 years old, graduated from Tehran technical college, BA of Construction Engineering. He advocates the peaceful thoughts of Ayatollah Boroujerdi(advocates separation of religion and state). He was seriously injured in the bloody raids of October 8, 2006, in which around a thousand supporters of Boroujerdi were encamped around his home in an attempt to protect and prevent him from being arrested. 
Once before, on 27th of November at 2007, he was chased and identified by security forces, spent a period of time under torture in Evin prison, ward 209. He was eventually released on bail.
So far, none of the officials took responsibility to answer about the cause of recent arrest and the location of this detainee.
Meanwhile, some of his supporters were intimidated by the ministry of information through phone calls.
Restart of repressive attacks and arrest of Ayatollah Boroujerdi`s supporters has created A new era of concern between his supporters and their families.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi supporters request from all international institutions and human rights organizations for urgent verification of political prisoners situation in Iran.

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Request of the families of six supporters of Ayatollah Boroujerdi from human rights activists and organizations

HARANA News Agency: after 25 days of sudden arrest of six followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, concern about the unknown situation of these detainees is getting more critical.
According to the information that received from human rights reporters in Iran “HARANA”, the families of these prisoners stated:

“Every day, we go to Evin prison to get information about our beloved ones, but we failed to realize the reason of their arrest, detention and location till now. None of the officials take responsibility to answer our concern about the present situation of them”.
These events suggest that the main reason of this illegal arrest is to increase pressure over ayatollah Boroujerdi to express regret, emphasize on the legitimacy of principles of supreme leader, and reject the theory of separating religion from state in the form of Television confession.
It is worth to be mentioned that publishing an open letter to the leader of Islamic republic “Ali Khamenei “, where Ayatollah Boroujerdi has indicated the direct responsibility of abusing human rights in Iran prisoners from the side of this leader, has had a key role in recent attacks and arrests.
Dr.Roya Araghi, Forogh Hematyar, Maryam Azimi, Tayebeh Husseini, Narges Ghaffarzadeh and Mr.Mohammad Reza Sadeghi who are followers of secular clergyman “Ayatollah Boroujerdi”, arrested and transferred to an unknown location at the night of 8th of November. It should be said that during past days, the separation of some of these detained mothers from their children has created a pitiable tragedy.
The families of these detainees have requested from all human rights organizations, international institutions and democratic activists to save the lives of their beloved ones.

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از وضعیت و شرایط 6 تن از هوداران آیت الله بروجردی هیچ خبری در دست نیست / Six followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi arrested


INA –  6  followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi ( imprisoned opponent of Velayat-e Faqih) were arrested and transferred to an unknown place on Monday night Oct 8, 2010. 

Mr. Mohammad-Reza Sadeghi, Mrs. Maryam Azimi, Tayyebeh Hoseini, Forough Hemat-Yar, Narges Ghafarzadeh and Roya Eraghi are the people who have been arrested for their advocacy of Mr. Boroujerdi. As yet, no clear and explicit charge has been stated about them. It is clear that this illegal arrest is done to put more pressure on Mr. Boroujerdi to end his opposition to Velayat-e Faqih and resign himself to what the regime wants.


It is necessary to say that although Mr. Boroujerdi is at risk of blindness and paralysis due to the severe tortures in prison.  He has not abandoned his opinion and will not submit to what the regime wants.  He has called the leaders of the regime to have an open debate several times in order to give his reasons for the necessity of the separation of religion from government and prove the illegitimacy of the Islamic Republic regime.

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پیام آیت الله بروجردی پیرامون توطئه علیه جان زندانیان سیاسی / Ayatollah Boroujerdi Warns Of Plot Against Political Prisoners


HRANA – Tehran,  November 1, 2010 – In a message released today, Ayatollah Boroujerdi warned, “Now that Iran’s theocratic leaders have lost all domestic and international credibility, they have devised plots to execute prisoners in every possible way. As neither international observers nor even local inspectors are allowed to visit prisons, threats and assassination attempts against jailed dissidents are now on the increase. “

Pointing out the shameful plight of a number of political prisoners, including Nasrin Sotoudeh, Bahareh Hedayat, Shabnam Madadzadeh, HeshmAt allah Tabarzadi, Eisa saharkhiz, Abdullah Momeni, Mansur Osanloo, Ahmad zeyd Abadi, Arjang Davoodi, Mohammad Oliyaeifar, Mohammad Sedigh Kabudvand, Majid Tavakoli, Bahman Ahmadi Amouee, Behrouz Javid Tehrani, Mostafa Tajzadeh, Abolfazl Abedini, keyvan Samimi, Mohammad Ali Sarami and the others, the jailed dissident stated, “I appeal to all democratically minded individuals and human rights organizations to respond faster and more decisively to the deplorable plight of those now being held under physically and psychologically torturous conditions in prisons for refusing to submit to the whims of the so-called supreme leader and his authoritarian regime.”
Ayatollah Boroujerdi ended his message with a plea to the international community.  He stated, “I of the notorious Evin prison, along with a plethora of oppressed Iranians who oppose theocracy and vie to establish peaceful relations with the world thank President Barack Obama, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain and those European officials who monitor  human rights violations in Iran and urge all influential world leaders to protect freedom and human rights as a top priority in their international endeavours and obligations irrespective of commercial and political considerations.”

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ضرب و شتم آيت الله بروجردی در زندان اوين، هرانا / Ayatollah Boroujerdi assualted by official in Evin Prison

خبرگزاری هرانا – عصر روز گذشته، شنبه ۲۴ مهرماه، رئيس بند ويژه روحانيت زندان اوين، برای چندمين بار به آقای بروجردی فحاشی نموده و اين زندانی را با ضربات باتوم مصدوم نمود.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، يکی از زندانيان اطلاع داد که اين اقدام وحشيانه در پی اعتراض های مکرر ايشان به پايمال شدن حقوق اوليه رخ داد.

آقای بروجردی طی دو هفته اخير بارها نسبت به فقدان امکانات درمانی، قطع ملاقاتها و انتقال خطرآفرين تعداد زيادی از معتادين در حال ترک به اين بند، اعتراض نموده و چندين نامه به مقامهای مسئول زندان اوين و آقای قديانی، دادستان ويژه روحانيت، ارسال کرده است.

مسئولين زندان اوين مدعی هستند که بند ويژه روحانيت مستقيما زير نظر وزارت اطلاعات و دادستانی ويژه روحانيت اداره می شود.

HARANA – On the evening of October 16, 2010, the director of the Special Clerics Ward in Evin prison once again verbally insulted and abused Ayatollah Kazmeyni Boroujerdi and assaulted him with a baton.

According to HRANA reporters, one of the prisoners stated that the savage attack was a [response] to Boroujerdi’s protests against the violations of prisoners’ basic human rights.

In the past two weeks, Boroujerdi has repeatedly protested prisoners’ lack of medical attention and visitation bans and the dangerous move of transferring recovering drug addicts into the ward. He has written several letters to authorities including Mr. Ghadyani, the Special Clerical Prosecutor.

Evin prison officials claim that the special ward for clerics is directly under the control of the Ministry of Intelligence and Special Clerical Prosecutions Office.

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گزارشی از تشدید خشونت و فشار علیه آقای بروجردی در زندان

در آستانه آغاز پنجمین سال از بازداشت غیر قانونی آقای بروجردی در نیمه مهرماه، برخوردهای خشن با ایشان در زندان اوین برای وادار کردن به سازش با حکومت ادامه دارد. این دگراندیش زندانی در یک پیام صوتی بیان کرده است که هرگز دین سیاسی را تایید نخواهم کرد، زیرا نه در مادیات موفق بوده و نه …در معنویات.

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Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s Open Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council

Tehran, 27th September 2010— In an appeal addressed to the President and Members of the UN Human Rights Council, the dissident Iranian cleric Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi has called on the United Nations and its relevant organs “to investigate the abuses taking place in Iran and the Middle East as a consequence of intervention of religion into politics thus paving the way for the passage of a resolution supporting the separation of state from religion.”

In the appeal which was read at the headquarters of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on the 23rd September, by the Iranian journalist Nazenin Ansari, Mr. Boroujerdi called on the international community “to ensure that the regime in Tehran accepts a free and fair referendum carried out under the supervision of international monitors so that the people of Iran can once again become masters of their own destiny.”
A summary of Mr. Boroujerdi’s activities prior to his arrest in 2006 and torturous conditions under which he has been held in the notorious Evin prison preceded the address. A copy of the appeal has been sent to Ms Navanethem Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Your Excellencies, President and Members of the UN Human Rights Council,
Please accept my greetings to you all from inside the torturous and inhuman prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As you are well aware, throughout history the interference of religion in state matters has been instrumental in promoting ideological and religious conflicts, the rise of totalitarian regimes as well as injustice and inhumane punishments. The execution of unfair laws against all ethnic and religious minorities, gender discrimination against women and also the carrying out of inhumane acts of punishments such as flogging, torture, and unacceptable forms of execution such as stoning and the like are consequences of the interference of religion into state affairs.
The unpopular regime in Iran which is a clear example of a theocracy has no respect or belief in freedom of thought, expression or belief. In such an atmosphere, religious minorities – Zoroastrians, Sunnis, Christians, Jews and Baha’is in addition to Sufis and Dervishes including the majority of Shiites believers who are opposed to the ‘Doctrine of Velayate Faghih’ (Rule of the Jurisprudent) are constantly harassed and repressed. With the slightest of objections or expressions of criticism, these people are immediately arrested on trumped up charges and tried without due representation before courts that have no legitimacy and make mockery of justice.
Since its inception in 1979, the Islamic regime has consistently violated every provision contained in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law – a phenomenon whose extent and intensity has increased year after year. The bogus scenario that manifested itself in the aftermath of last years’ presidential elections removed any vestige of doubt concerning the very nature of this dictatorship. Today every Iranian household bears the scars of these inhumane acts of injustice. Many amongst them have been forced to either hide their views and opinions or seek refuge away from their homeland. Today, throughout the world, the regime in Iran which purports to represent ‘Political Islam’ in the world has become the role model for injustice and violence.
The arbitrary and crude behavior of Iran’s religious dictators has promoted confrontations and conflicts in other lands while jeopardizing regional and international peace and security as a consequence of its irresponsible and dangerous policies in areas such as nuclear and arms proliferation to the extent that it has placed the entire Middle East region on a time bomb.
The international community is closely knit and interconnected. As such international and regional peace and security is incumbent on the responsible cooperation that must exist between all its members. For this reason, it is only natural that the United Nations and its relevant organs to form a committee of international lawyers and experts to investigate the abuses taking place in Iran and the Middle East as a consequence of intervention of religion into politics thus paving the way for the passage of a resolution supporting the separation of state from religion.
At the same time, the international community should also do its utmost to ensure that the regime in Tehran accepts a free and fair referendum carried out under the supervision of international monitors so that the people of Iran can once again become masters of their own destiny.
Hoping for a global solidarity for the resolution of the current crisis and with my very best wishes for peace and freedom around the world,

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, Evin Prison

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احتمال بروز سکته مغزی برای کاظمینی بروجردی در زندان اوین / Risk of Impending Stroke for Kazemeyni Boroujerdi in Evin Prison


The Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Sources in Iran have reported that over the past few months Kazemeyni Boroujerdi has suffered headaches, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, numbness in his limbs, and has frequently lost his balance and fallen to the ground.According to statements by Evin prison clinic doctors who examined Boroujerdi, these symptoms are suspected to be the result of a brain tumor.

One informed source who refused to be named stated, “Without an MRI and specialized tests we cannot precisely confirm his condition, but considering his dire physical condition and the fact that Mr. Boroujerdi has repeatedly lost his balance and fallen to the ground these past few months, there is cause for concern about an impending stroke. He should be hospitalized as soon as possible.”
Kazemeyni Boroujerdi was arrested in his home on October 8, 2006, the case against him was filed at the Special Court for Clergies, and he was placed under severe psychological and physical pressures. His current physical condition is very poor as he remains detained in Evin prison.

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Ayatollah Boroujerdi is not being given medical attention in Evin prison

HRANA – Despite the fact that the vision of  Ayatollah  Kazemaini  Boroujerdi is  in  serious  danger,  the authorities prevent  him  from  being transferred to a hospital.
According to HRANA reports ,  as  a  result  of mistreatment and  having been  kept in  contaminated environment for the past  four  years, Ayatollah Boroujerdi  is  severely suffering  from  illness in  his   right  eye.
According to a physician  from  Evin  prison who examined Boroujerdi  last  week,  he confirmed  due  to  detachment of retina he has  lost 80%  of  his vision .
The  physician warned that the detachment of retina will  not get  cured  by  itself  or  by  medicines  and  that the only effective  solution is through  surgery.   Therefore,  in  accordance  to  ophthalmology,  this  is a   case  of  urgency  and that  he  has  to  be  hospitalized in an equipped  hospital.

The  authorities of special court for  spirituals “Rohaniyat”   have been  denying Boroujerdi from  medical  treatments and even provent his  family  access   to  his  medical  file.
Recently,  the  authorities have  stated to  his  close  relatives  that unless Mr.  Boroujerdi  “does  not  stop  advertising against  the  regime,  his  condition  will  remain unchanged.”

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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