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The Only Way Forward

پشتیبانی پنج زندانی سیاسی و مطبوعاتی و صنفی از پیشنهاد رفراندوم /Political Prisoners Support Mousavi’s Call for Referendum


Political prisoners announced their support for Mir Hossein Mousavi’s proposal to hold a referendum regarding the “destructive policies” of the current Iranian government: Osanloo, Badaghi, Rafiei-Foroushani, Saharkhiz and Tabarzadi, five imprisoned political and union activists and journalists in a letter from prison announced their firm support for Mir Hossein Mousavi’s proposal to hold referendum.

 In part of this letter it reads: “We, the imprisoned political and union activists, and journalists, in situations that Ahmadinejad’s administration- in a growing trend- is humiliating governments and nations and has opted for tensions in the international stage over wise and diplomatic polices, consider the implementations of articles 59 and 89 of constitution (regarding referendums) an urgent matter for today’s situation in Iran and support the thoughtful proposal by Mir Hossein Mousavi to hold a free and democratic referendum under the direct and comprehensive supervision of the people; the kind of supervision that prevents the events that happened following the [disputed] presidential election in 2009  which resulted in repression, arrests, imprisonments and the torturing of the children of Iran.

In this framework, we see the presence of international organizations to oversee the fairness of the referendum a  must and a necessity.”

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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