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The Only Way Forward

The Calm Before The Storm?

stormOver the past several weeks, the major players in the post election unrest in Iran have been relatively quiet on the public stage.  Mehdi Karroubi has not openly challenged the regime over post election detainee abuses in quite some time, and Mir Hossein Mousavi has only released a video interview in recent weeks.  While there have been meetings between them and other reform leaders, there has been very little, if any open challenge to the coup leaders and the regime.  Also, since the Council of Experts meeting in late September, Rafsanjani has been invisible,  Ayatollahs Montazeri and Dastgheib (the most outspoken against the regime) have been very passive of late.  Even the parliament has been very quiet regarding post election abuses and any national unity plan.   

On the other hand, the oppostion has taken advantage of every opportunity to protest; in the University’s, football matches, vigils, media fair and even workers protests.  They have also been working diligently on spreading the word for the planned protest on 13 Aban (Nov. 4th) by printing and passing out fliers, distributing videos over the web and on discs, and by old fashioned word of mouth. 

Today, the media has reported that Ayatollah Khamenei said “that anyone who questions the legitimacy of the election is committing the biggest crime” (full story in english and farsi).  It appears that he is speaking directly to the opposition reform leaders, and indirectly to anyone who protests the election results.  Could this relatively quiet period be “the calm before the storm?”  Has the supreme leader weighed all of his options regarding “national unity plans” and come to a decision?  With 13 Aban just one week away and the realization that the protests will be even larger and more widespread than that of Quds day, one has to believe a storm is brewing.  Whether the storm clouds are gathering over the heads of the reform leaders or the protestors is what remains to be seen.  There is some indication that both may be the case.  As mentioned before, the statement made today is directly aimed at the reform leaders, and there is other “unconfirmed” information that says the supreme leader is asking for major concessions from Khatami, Mousavi and Karroubi, including public apologies and admitting they “unknowingly became tools of enemies.”  If true, and they do not capitulate, one must assume they will be arrested and tried, or the order of protection for them will be lifted, which would release plain-clothed regime thugs to do the dirty work.  It seems less likely that Khamenei would give the go ahead to use force against the protestors on 13 Aban, but there seems to be a build up of forces on the streets in recent days.  And at the universities, some sources in Iran are reporting build ups of basij and plainclothed agents.  The regime has also issued a warning to the press not to cover the protests on 13 Aban.

One thing is clear, the opposition will be out in full force on 13 Aban.  What is not so clear, is what will the response be by the regime. 

The clouds are gathering.


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Dastgheib supporters attacked Office of Fars Province Friday Prayer committee, beat up Supreme Leader supporting Cleric


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نخستین روایت سعید حجاریان از ماه های بازداشت Saeed Hajjarian talks about his days in prison

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Rumored conciliation plan for Iran, but only if ordered by Khamenei

An insider’s view on what the plan really is about, as reported to Mik Verbrugge on Sepember 30, 2009

This Conciliation plan is a suggestion,it will only be acted upon by Expediency if and when SL orders Expediency to do so. Expediency council is SL’s very own council of experts, to whom he can grant/assign duties&powers. Originally, its role was to mediate disputes between the Guradian Council &Majlis. But its authorities were expanded. SL is following constitution by doing it. Contrary 2 wht many think, SL is not showing inability but finally showing action. Constitutional provisions accommodate situations in which SL can/should call upon Expediency Council to resolve grave impasses by helping SL as experts.
Expediency Council’s full name is Expediency Discernment Council of the System, which means “Assembly for defining/identifying good of regime” or “the ones who know best what’s good for the regime” (superseding Government)
So,expediency council will ultimately decide on exactly how to handle the situation, who to put on panels, etc. The Plan is only a suggestion.
It’s advertised as Rafsanjani’s plan, but he will actually mostly get to put it in motion and supervise its implementation.
On Monday Rafsanjani said he had had 3 meetings with Delsoozan (those who care – the writers of the plan) during which he said: “Everything I had to say, and my demands, were made perfectly clear during my Sermon (in July). If my demands are reflected in the document, I’ll gladly welcome it. However, I reserve my endorsement until a final draft is available and I can meet with them (Delsoozan) to discuss it.”
Panel membership is subject to negociations, even in draft. Each side is free to send their  own suggestions for members. The Arbitration Council members mentioned in the draft are subject to acceptance by all sides. It’s pretty leveled, and should be approved by all parties. This is really an attempt to avert chaos, not a distraction.
The thrust for this is obviously based on “Rafsanjani’s 5 point plan”(sermon), Khamenei and principlist appeasement concessions made to Marja and Reformists. Mousavi’s role being solidified as Head of opposition (radical Reform).
Of course, if Mousavi can’t substantiate any accusations of wrong-doing, he’d pay the price while damage is averted for moderate Reformists and/Traditionalists. But there’s enough evidence to implicate Ahmadinejad and his camp that thisis provision is a formality.
Everything gets investigated, publicized. Karroubi and Reformists are out of immediate line of fire, but can contribute to helping in taking down Government/coup.
Mousavi’s role will be to prove that elections were rigged, which is the central issue of the dispute.
For other crimes, National Security Panel’s Report implicates half of IRGC leaders & a lot of cabinet. SL’s classification of that Report didn’t make this go away. People know. The Motalefeh leak is out there.
It won’t get better than this.

Following are informations I got earlier, on the same subject:

– Leaked doc is an old draft from before sending 2 SL.

– Document written by a 6 people team but they consulted many others incl R (3 times).

– Hadad Adel is 1 of authors

– R didn’t like the threatening clauses against M,if he fails to produce proof. Likely excised from current draft

– As hd of expediency, R has right of veto, amendment. This is elegant : expediency is SLs advisory arm 4 such situations. So,constitutionally speaking, SL wld comply w his duty if he authorizes Expediency to take over.

– As far as (insider) knows,this will b subpanels of expediency,so its under R & Rezaei/Larijani/SL supervision anyway

– Whichever way conciliation plan plays out,Rs Conservative coalition wins.

– Plan writers : H.Asgaroladi, M.Mirsalim, M.Bahonar, M.Nabavi, H.Mozafar, Q.Hadad-Adel

– Hadad-Adel is a NeoCon, rest are TradCons & pretty much in R’s camp. But Hadad-Adel had a disagreement w AN & is angry w/him since before elex. He’s on board w/R out of spite. (whatever happened, he was among 5 Ministers who were reportedly not willing to participate in new Gov.)

– Absolute certainty : Elex-Fraud & crimes of AN & Coup r sufficiently documented, that enforcing this plan will doom AN because all will be put to test & publicized. Rafsanjani knows this, Mousavi too.

– Plan is by no means an effort of Reformists or Greens.It’s a purely conservative effort. Coalition isn’t doing this for or even supports green.They r fighting for their own advantage, which helps green out of pure coincidence.

– Plan recognizes all parties as legitimate, stops persecution/prosecution until all is investigated.

– Members from all factions in panel

ARBITRATION Panel members as suggested before SLs review :
Mahdavi Kanni, Shahroudi, Valayati, Aboutarabi-Fard, Doa’i, Hadad Adel, Rohani, Asgaroladi, Mohajeri.

INVESTIGATION panel : supposed to be largely centrists, w right&left;mmbrs included. Being negociated.

CONCILIATION panel members are still being negociated as well.

The arbitration panel will have final judgment in case of conflict between investigative & conciliation panels. It is composed of well known people, and is expected to help people regain trust in the institutions.

Of the names listed above, only neocon, again, Hadad-Adel, who is more of an opportunist than anything.

Mousavi has yet to choose representatives for his faction, currently rumored : Beheshti

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Group of clerics in Fars province write in support of Dastgheib’s criticism of Khamenei

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In Karroubi’s letter to Rafsanjani: Assembly of Experts Should Have Examined Leader’s Record

assembly of experts3In a strongly worded letter addressed to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mehdi Karoubi, head of the Etemad Melli (National Trust) Party protested the Assembly of Experts for Leadership’s indifference to the crisis facing the country and irresponsibility in observing its duty to supervise the supreme leader’s performance.

In an unexpected move, the Assembly, which held its annual meeting last week one month later than usual, not only did not challenge the leader’s handling of the election and the post-election crisis, but in fact praised him in its concluding statement and confirmed him as the most appropriate person to lead the Islamic republic.  

In his latest letter, Karoubi notes that the majority of the Assembly’s members do not believe in the Assembly’s supervisory function.  He writes, “The Assembly’s right in the election, supervision and oversight of the supreme leader has been enshrined in the constitution.  The Assembly is in such a revered position that no institution can pass legislation with respect to it.”  Several influential members of the Assembly, including Ahmad Jannati, Mohammad Yazdi, Sadegh Larijani and Mesbah Yazdi do not believe in the Assembly’s supervisory role.  They believe that the supreme leader is the Hidden Imam’s representative and divinely chosen only through the intervention of the Assembly’s members.  Therefore, they regard any kind of supervision over the supreme leader to be against the law and in contradiction with the duty to follow the leader of the Muslim community.

“We see that the meeting of the Assembly of Experts was held and you (Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani) not only didn’t make any criticism regarding the current situation of the country but didn’t even reflect any criticism [which you should have] according to your duty, and it is even more strange that you were absent in the closing session of the meeting of this importance and in this critical situation!” He also added that, [I have] “no fear that some deceitful propaganda in the name of Iran and the homeland attacks me from land and the sky, and spend public resources for their insults and get paid for it; And transfer the “national” media to a political and partisan attack machine against me; and even taint the Friday Prayer platform with their political agenda and turned it a podium to attack the allies of Imam Khomeini.”

Full english translation of Karroubi’s letter to Rafsanjani@IranWiki


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Dastgheib says secret hand of Hojjatieh (Haghani Circle) at work

Ayatollah Dastgheib is the latest figurehead to reveal the true identity of the coup leaders, the Hojjatieh Society (Haghani Circle).  Most politicians and marja who question the legitimacy of the election have been hesitant to name the group and just refer to them as a faction inside the government.  The regime stalwarts are well aware of the key players engaged with the Hojjatieh;  Mesbah Yazdi, Ahmad Jannati, Ahmedinejad, Esfandiar Mashaei, Hossein Shariatmadari,etc..  It seems that the majority of the true followers of Khomeini are reluctant to acknowledge the hijacking of the system by the Hojjatieh, as it would reveal weakness in the system and the ineptitude of  Khamenei’s leadership for allowing this to happen, which could damage the system irrevocably.   As Rafsanjani, Khamenei and allies try to marginalize the Hojjatieh and weaken their position, it remains unclear just how deep the Hojjatieh’s roots are.  And there is another problem for the Khomeinists, they allowed the security forces to expand into the economy and this changed their original purpose of being protectors of the Revolution to now also being protectors of their own economic interests.  Who has the support of the leaders of the security forces?  Is Jafari, Taeb and Co. just protecting their respective  interests and power and does not really care which group has hold of the government as long as it is not threatening their interests?  We do know that the security forces do not want reformists in power as they fear they will try to weaken their economic interests, influence and power.   And also, that reform means more freedoms which they fear will eventually lead to decay of the system.  Thus, the outcome of the talks going on behind closed doors, reportedly Rafsanjani’s plan, will most likely be decided by the leaders of the security forces.  Whichever side can claim their loyalty will decidedly have the upper hand.  For all intensive purposes, this is no longer the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is the Islamic Military Dictatorship of Iran.   


Ayatollah Dastgheib’s full statement to the Assembly in english:

For farsi here @

In the name of the Great God,

To Honorable members of the Assembly of Experts of Supreme Leadership

May I recall several points; I hope that they would be beneficial.

1) Notes on the constitution: We are all aware that our constitution has no contradiction with Quran and the [Islamic] tradition. It is devised by the prominent clerics and the right intellectuals who have had the constitution considered by the Imam of nation (may love and mercy of God be upon him.)

But who is the guardian of this constitution? Can anybody other than the experts assume this role? Who is responsible for investigating devastations from the constitutions and who should be hold responsible for such deviations? Only the Experts can assume that role. But now why is it that when it becomes necessary to meet so that the experts could investigate deviancies from the constitution, the experts either find themselves incapable to meet or do not meet at all; even the president of the assembly who has been elected with more than 50 votes (out of 80) could not call for a meeting. Is not this just a complete ignorance on part of the Guardian Council towards the basic fundamentals of the constitution? Including the way members of the Guardian council are selected? An issue that I have suggested that the confirmations from two prominent scholars of Qom should be enough [for the selection for the members of the council] but not body paid attention. It would have been great if the honorable Ayatollah Rafsanjani had followed up so that today we wouldn’t have this problem and so many questions and concerns wouldn’t have been left without sufficient answers. People are aware that the fundamentals of Guardianship of the Islamic Juror [velayat-e-faqih] are in the constitution and they agree with it. If the constitution in not acted upon however, the fundamentals, in articles 5 and 110, will not be acted upon either.

2) Issue of desecrating Imam (Khomeini’s) loyal supporters who have put their wealth, dignities and lives for the continuation of the Islamic Republic for years: This desecration started four years ago until recently when IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran broadcast – state TV.) Prominent figures like Ayatollah Rafsanjani , Hojataleslami Karoubi, and the sires Mr. Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi have been berated so significantly that cries of friends of the revolution and laughter of its enemies have been heard all over. Is the drama that unfolded legal? Was it based on constitution and derived from it? If no, why did all the Experts [here] kept their silence? Is it enough to sit down and grieve?

3) Why don’t we see the suspicious hands of Hojattieh [a Shia organisation formed in 1953 opposing the Baha’i religion, Sunni Islam, and the system of velayat-e-faqih] that the great Imam saw it as a threat to the revolution – behind the scenes? Who have jumped over the three branches of power, the parliament, the judiciary and the executive?

Why doesn’t any one take responsibility for all those illegalities? Why is it that the call for justice is answered with the military forces? Is this anything other than the existence of foreigners behind the scenes?

We had great religious scholars like Sheikh Morteza Ansari, Mirza Shirazi, Seyedna-Al-Esfahani, Seyedna-Al-Yazdi and the like. None of them ever thought to devastate the society so that they can provide the context for the Coming [of Imam Mahdi].

4) What is this situation that has overcome our society, and even the parliament? Whenever anyone of an opinion, a Marja, or a scholar makes a criticism, there some that, in support of a specific group, prepare themselves to remove that person from the scenes. All just so that some could be relieved and satisfied.

5) The Experts are responsible for protecting the Islamic ordinances and the belief of people in Quran and the tradition of the prophet (May peace be upon him) and his immaculate kin. This important responsibility is not fulfilled in the current events and unfortunately the efforts of the Islamic scholars have decreased.

6) In the end, I would like to say that it is still not late to ask from this assembly and the honorable speaker to invite Mr. Mousavi, Mr. Khatami and Mr. Karoubi to say what they want to say. Do not assume that everything has ended. People have faith in you.

In other words, concealing the distrust of some part of the society and neglecting them is unfair; for instance, the objection of the Islamic scholars and professors of universities and the rest. It is important to lessen this distrust to a minimum. Such that, if it is not possible to invite Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karoubi to this assembly the State TV invites them so that they would express their objections. If that is not possible either, they can do so through the Assembly of Expert’s website. So that the members of the Assembly can express their opinions on whether there has been a breach of the Constitution or not.

Seyed Ali-Mohamad Dastgheib
September 22, 2009

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به عقب رانده شدن بسیجی‌‌ها توسط سبزها در روز قدس

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Rooze Quds dar Shiraz 18 september 2009 Part 5

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Iran goes green on Quds day

Qods day 2As it was expected, the green wave of the Iranian people turned the International Quds march to a green affair in the most spectacular way imaginable and sent a strong message that no amount of clampdown, torture, violence, rape will deter the Iranian nation from its quest to reclaim its stolen rights.

Mowjcamp has learnt that from the early hours of the morning, chants of Allah-o-Akbar (God is greatest), were heard in streets and alleyways across the capitol Tehran which were calling for an end to tyranny. Haft-e Tir Square also witnessed a large gathering of protestors who had been present after learning that Mahdi Karroubi, one of the leaders of the movement would be present at the Square to join the protests afterwards. Mahdi Karroubi was present at the march despite countless threats by security forces. He was immediately met by strong words of encouragement from the crowd as he joined the rally.

As with previous marches mobilised by the Green Movement, slogans such as “Ya Hossein Mir-Hossein”, “death to Russia”, “liar liar” were only a few among many that were heard. What was very interesting was how demonstrators responded to the person who called on protestors to shout “death to Israel.”  Upon hearing this, the green marchers chanted “death to Russia” in order in response to the pro-government agents among the crowd. This prevented the government forces to disrupt the people’s slogans that were focused on upholding their own rights.

Former reformist president, Mohammad Khatami was also present among the protestors on Hijab Street towards Palestine Square. Khatami was embraced by the crowd as he walked among his fellow citizens and was met by pressure groups led by Abolfazl Shariatmadari who is the son of the radical managing director of the hard-line newspaper Keyhan. Khatami’s turben was forced off his head and the militia attempted to assault him as he was marching.

However, due to the strong presence of the people, threats posed by these illegal groups were thwarted immediately and calm was restored to the march. Also, the presence of anti-riot police prevented these groups from continuing their inhumane and unethical ways. Khatami was later forced to leave the demonstration.
Today also witnessed the green presence of Iranians across the country and in major cities like Isfahan were clashes took places between plain-clothed militia and protestors. On Sepah Street and at Emam Square, tear gas was used by anti-riot police. Interestingly, phone lines were disrupted after noon when the march was gathering momentum in Isfahan. People shouting slogans were attacked by various plain-clothed militia and Basij forces. One protestor was taken to the hospital after being severely wounded by these forces.

Tabriz, Gorfan, Shiraz, Mashhad were also witnesses to onslaught carried out by Basij and plain-clothed militia against massive protests who has started off peacefully. Many citizens were either beaten or arrested during the march. In the holy city of Mashhad, plain-clothed militia even used grenade against the people, however people responded by unifying and chanting “death to Russia” in a matter of seconds.

The city of Kermanshah was flooded with security officials which formed a loop around pro-government protestors so that nothing would take place which went against the predefined agenda of the coup makers. Protestors were arrested and mobile phones confiscated.

Also, people around Iran chanted slogans in support of clerics such as Ayatollahs Montazeri, Sanei and Dastgheib who had previously in favour of the people of Iranian following the fraudulent elections of June and its aftermath.

Some of the chants that could be heard across Iran today are as follows:
Your criminals are our heroes
Quds day is a cry for freedom
Violation is wrong, be it in Kahrizak, or in Palestine
The real Basijis were Hemmat and Bakeri
Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein
Political prisoners must be freed



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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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