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خاتمی:نمی توان گفت نظامی منتسب به خدااست،وقتی ظلم وجود دارد/Khatami: The State cannot claim to be attributed to God when there is oppression in it


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, said: “It cannot be claimed that an establishment is attributed to God and the Prophet when there is oppression in it. Of course, in the social world of the human, the law and just order must be in control; the most important symbols of justice in social life is recognition of the human’s right to govern his fate and be respected.” 

He continued: “In the heart of this same issue freedom also lies. But it must be specifically said that the desirable social order in the view of God, the Prophet and social activists is one in which there is freedom and justice.” 

In continuation of his remarks, Khatami added: “It is appropriate to point out the relation between justice and freedom. What has been said about the contradiction between justice and freedom in the recent history shows that neither freedom nor justice has been recognized correctly; because justice and freedom, although in their meaning are different but in practice and reality, it is not possible to separate one from the other and rather these two are coincident and together.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami added: “Justice is the right of free human and claiming to have justice while people are in chain, captive and insulted is a big lie, just like claiming to have justice while there are people who are hungry and dispossessed is an obvious lie.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami at the end of his remarks while explaining one of the definitions of a government based on Islamic Republic’s constitution added: “One of the definitions [of the government] is that the government is the one that has the sole right to bear arms; and it is obvious that whenever there is a right there is a responsibility as well; and the more significant the rights is, the more significant the responsibly will be. An ordinary individual has responsibilities toward the law, but a minster or a member of the parliament has more responsibilities and obligations.” 

By raising this question, that whether a government can use arms anyway it wants or to achieve some especial goals, he emphasized: “Obviously in order to protect the sovereignty, public safety and national interests, if necessary, arms should be used but of the most important responsibilities arising from this right is the exclusive right to defend the freedom and security of the citizens, in other word, a just government cannot use this right and ability against the citizens to suppress [them] and force its demands. But rather it should use it for protecting the freedom and security of the citizens, and this is a criterion to recognize a just government.”

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اصلاح‌طلبان در کنار هم در افطاری عبدالله نوری+ گزارش تصویری / Many Reformers and Activists in Iran meet to share ideas at Iftar Ceremony


August 22, 2010 – Abdollah Nouri, the former interior minister during Mohammad Khatami’s administration, in an Iftar ceremony (the meal at sunset when Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan) hosted a great number of Green leaders, activists and reformists, as well as senior and well-known political activists and intellectuals.

This was a ceremony without any speeches, and given that many reformist figures from variety of groups and parties were among the attendees, was a sign of “unity and solidarity” among the reformist figures; a kind of strong unity that did not go well with the pro-government propaganda and made them come up with all sorts of rumors and speculations in order to diminish this unity.

 In this ceremony, Abdollah Nouri hosted many reformist figures including Seyyed Mohammad Khatami (former president), Mehdi Karroubi (former speaker of the parliament and one of the Green leaders), the grandsons of Ayatollah Khomeini, son of the late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri (who was the spiritual leader of the Green Movement) as well as many senior members of the main reformist parties and groups including The Unity Consolidation Bureau (main student and alumni organization), The Assembly of Combatant Clergymen, The Participation Front, The Administrators of Construction, The National Trust Party, The Freedom Movement of Iran, The Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution Organization, The Assembly of Researchers and Instructors of Qom Seminray, The National-Religious Activists, as well as some of the religious scholars, journalists and student activists.

One of the attendees of this ceremony in an interview said: “This was a great ceremony.  There was no speech, but a great number of political figures were gathered and shared their views and thoughts after a long time.  The diversity of the figures in this ceremony was unique.  Many of the attendees were also very happy that such a gathering took place.”  He added: “Many of the attendees believed that given the false propaganda of the totalitarians’ media and their false reports that there are some diversions among the Green leaders and various parties, such a gathering was very influential and helpful in counteracting these lies.” 

Regarding the absence of Mir Hossein Mousavi in this ceremony, he added: “Mousavi had announced ahead of the time that he cannot attend this ceremony because of prior engagements and apologized to the other guests.”

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خاتمی: در حکومت‌های خودکامه انتقاد یعنی براندازی / Khatami: In dictatorships criticism is considered overthrowing


Former members of the Union of Islamic Associations of Students in Europe met with former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami. During this meeting, Mohammad Khatami said: “The answer is clear; the religion in the Islamic Revolution was supporter of freedom and wanted the people to rule their own destiny. It was calling for the situation in which the relationship between the rulers and the people would change from [the rulers] being Gods and [the people] being slaves to the relationship in which people were masters and the government their servant and responsible [in front of the people].”

Former president Mohammad Khatami continued: “The result of the Revolution was of course the Islamic Republic; “Republic” with the same meaning that is defined everywhere in the universe in which the base and the focus should be the people, plus the religious standards and Islamic values, especially morality, justice and human dignity are also respected.” By stating that “in authoritarian governments criticism means [attempt for] overthrowing”, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami added: “This is while in our revolution, we wanted a regime and government in which the freedom of expression and criticism was not only the right but even the responsibility of the people (the Islamic rule of invite to good deeds and oppose bad deeds); and we heard this great remark from the late revolutionary leader(Imam Khomeini) that the rulers should not think that no one has the right to criticize and rather the right to criticize is a God-given right.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami continued: “Today we clearly and loudly announce that we do not regret that we carried out the revolution; we are not sorry that we voted for the Islamic Republic; we are proud of our support for the revolution and the Islamic Republic; but we say that the Islamic Republic should not divert from its path even in the name of Islam.”

He reiterated: “We say that in the Islamic Republic the opportunity to participation and have presence in deciding their destiny should be provided for all and its necessity is to have open environment, free parties and organizations, and to allow their activities, and that criticism should not only be allowed but rather considered value.”

Khatami added: “We say immorality and misconduct is major pest of a government and we say that oppression in any form and by anyone is rejected and condemned; and it is amazing that people who talk and act compassionately like this are accused of all sort of accusations and are called conspirators.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami reiterated: “The real conspirators are the persons or movements that bluntly lie and leave the responsibility on the establishment, attempt to squeeze out everyone and every movement that they don’t like and abolish legal freedoms, discredit the law and portray the face of religion and the establishment indecent and obscene, reduce people’s satisfaction, and weaken the society’s trust in the government and make it easier for the enemies who want to bring the fatal blow to the establishment and the country.”

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میر حسین موسوی: خاتمی:باید از حكومت بخواهیم كه پاسخگویی در برابر مردم را بپذیرند / Khatami: The government must be held accountable


Former two-term president, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, in a meeting with a group of war veterans said that the government must be rated based on its abidance to the justice and ethics. He added: “Neither the prophet [Mohammad] nor Imam Ali (the first Imam of Shi’a) and not the true representatives of the religion were willing to force their ruling on the people at any cost without consent of the people or what today is known as their votes and will.” 

In another part of his remark regarding the satisfaction of the people, Khatami said: “The prerequisite for the people’s satisfaction is the government’s being accountable in front of the people.” He continued: “In such [accountable] government, the freedom of view and speech in the society is a solid principle and the fundamental rights of the people and guarding them is the ethical justice.” Khatami added: “The appropriate system at this era is democracy (with all its features).” 

While emphasizing that if there be injustice in the name of justice, it is even worse, Mohmmad Khatami added: “The freedom of speech, gatherings and organizations must be defended and if these freedoms be limited in the name of the revolution, it is even worse. We should warn anywhere we feel that one of people’s rights is being violated and we should move toward a situation that we have a society that has fundamental rights, ethics and justice.” 

Khatami continued: We should demand that different parts and sectors of the government accept accountability in front of the people and act within the boundaries of the law instead of interpreting it as they wish and suspend parts of it.” 

In another part of his remarks, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami condemned the terrorist attack in Zahedan (Southeast of Iran) and said: “The horrible crime that happened in Zahedan by the hands of terrorists is condemned. While offering condolence to the families of the beloved martyrs and praying for the wounded and victims of this tragedy, we should not forget the evil hands behind this event.” 

Khatami also questioned the intentions to permit hated terrorists to restart their works and be removed from the list of terrorist organizations (reference to the Mojahedin Khalgh Organization – MKO, which have assassinated several government officials and beloved public figure at the beginning of the revolution and have murdered thousands of civilians in bomb attacks and have been under the United States list of terrorist groups but are being removed from the list). Khatami added: “For sure, our nation with the hate that it has for all the criminal and terrorist traitors, will see this as a conspiracy against itself.”

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خاتمی:بعضی‌ها فکر می‌کنند که برترهستند و خود را ملاک حق می‌بینند/ Khatami:Some see themselves superior and benchmark for right


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami in a meeting with a group of reformist youth said: “One should pay attention that the role of religion can be resembled to a two-sided sword and as long as it is use to fulfill people’s rights and to establish justice and is for the benefit of the people will be successful but as soon as religion is used as a mean to justify mistreatments and shortcomings it will be dangerous and unsuccessful.”

The former president stressed: “unfortunately there are some that see themselves as the benchmark for the right and wrong and therefore is anyone who disagrees to them is portrayed as conspirator; while we believe that the rule of law, values of the revolution, interests of the country and the people are the benchmarks.”

Regarding the recent arrests, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami emphasized: “We have believed from the very first day that no crime was committed and after one year given all the accusations made it should be clear that truly these accusations and the pressure put [on reformists] were all baseless and unwarranted.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami regarding the compromise of different political parties said: “compromise does not mean that one give up on what is being believed as right and hands be raised as a sign of retreat . Regardless of the principles that exist, there are some frameworks that one should consider wisely and realistically and far from imaginations.”

He added: “In the past year people showed that all their efforts were to avoid violence although they paid a heavy price, like when in a touching act one of the mothers of the [Green] Martyrs said that she would drop legal charges against those who killed her son if they release all the political prisoners. This shows the generosity and the dedication of the people and that they are willing to close their eyes on the past to build the future and freedom, but they want to be ensured of the future and fulfilling the rights and dignity of the people.”

Khatami reiterated: “Unfortunately we have reached a point that even the parliament cannot stop the lawlessness and criticize the administration and even if they decide on some issue under pressure and offense, the kinds like attacking the houses of senior religious figure and [legal] gatherings, are being forced to retreat and this is a catastrophe that the parliament which should be on top of all affairs is also being molested.”

He continued: “I say that they are many who are oppressed and their voice is not reaching anywhere. Regardless of all those who have been imprisoned and the unjustified convictions, the houses of senior religious figures have been attacked and they said anything they wanted in a biased national media without giving the chance to the oppressed to defend themselves and those who attacked the houses of senior religious figure and insulted other figures in no way were dealt with from judiciary.”

Khatami added: “Unfortunately everything has become under control of military, security and intelligence [officials] and this is not good that if someone files a petition to the judiciary and asks for justice feels like his/her right was not honored while those who committed these crimes and violate people’s rights have full immunity.”

He noted: “Recently it was mentioned that there is only one party and all the other parties and organizations are illegitimate and irrelevant! This is really odd! During Shah’s era, he also said that there was only one party and if anyone did not want to be in that party should have left the country. Today many of the people, academia, students, scholars, journalist and recourses of the country are leaving the country. Why no one stops these disasters?”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami regarding justice said: “Justice in economy is important and should be implemented in all levels. We claim that we have a religious state but are even the minimums being honored in this system? Of course everything cannot be perfect and there is no perfect human and we all have imperfections and shortcomings, but there are some who think that they are superior and see themselves as the benchmark for the right and this is the diversion from the religious principles.”

He added: “The failures, oppressions, baseless imprisonments and injustices will only cause us to lose our massive material and intellectual recourses and become isolated in the world. Just compare the today Iran and Iranians with years ago; people used to say that they were respected when they traveled and were honored that they were Iranians but today unlike the false claims, how is out situation in the world? Is this that model we wanted to build for the world?!”

The former president emphasized: “In the past year we witnessed that after the election people came to the scene with conscious and loyalty to the principles. The Green Movement belongs to the people and came to life from the heart of the society and it is not such that few individuals created it and are managing it and can make decisions for it. This movement is against violence and is a sign of the maturity of the people who want to reinstate the values of the revolution, the principles of democracy compatible with religion, their undeniable rights as well as the credibility and prosperity of the country; so that both the republican and Islamism parts of the system can be preserved; and even though the protest movement of the people is comprised of individuals and groups with various views and intensions but the primary demand of the people has been and still is for the people to be accounted and their votes be honored and also to have free and fair elections.”

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یادداشتی پیرامون قطعنامه ۱۹۲۹ شورای امنیت /A Note by Mousavi regarding the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929


Green Voice of FreedomIn a piece published by the Kaleme website, Green Movement Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi has expressed his views on the fourth round of United Nations sanction against Iran in early June 2010. The former Iranian prime minister has also discussed ways with which Iran can face the consequences of the UN resolution 1929 against Iran.

Mousavi said that “The resolution and the resolutions could have been prevented from being forced on our country” if the authorities had acted with “wisdom and rationality.” Referring to Ahmadinejad’s mockery of the resolutions, Mousavi added, “saying that this resolution was like a used handkerchief does not reduce the tragedy brought about as a result of explosive and deceitful policies.”

“Foul language and insults towards other countries are only for internal usage and for an uninformed few,” Mousavi said. “But the external reality is that it will not affect the worsening of the situation,” he stated while adding that unlike Iran, in other countries, it was the national interests of those countries are above the interests of those officials.

“For me, it is as clear as day that this resolution will affect the security and economy of our country. It will cause our gross [domestic] product to decline, it will increase unemployment and worsen the people’s daily and social problems, it will widen the gap between us and developing countries especially neighbouring countries, which will be the last nail in the coffin of the twenty-year development plan.”

“Who in their right minds is not aware that after the resolution, our country is more vulnerable and isolated than before?” Mousavi asked. “We must all look at the fate of other countries in the region, trapped by their leaders’ big-headed and empty rhetoric who found dark and unfortunate fates.”

Mousavi also called for finding “solutions that could minimise the threats against the dependence, territorial integrity and the legitimate rights of the country while at the same time protecting the citizens’ freedom and rights”. “Ensuring national interests without the backing of free and informed citizens is not possible,” he argued and added that the “green networks” had the task of finding solutions to the country’s current problems.

“Before pointing out a number of these solutions, it is important to emphasise on the condemnation of this unjust resolution,” Mousavi stressed. In addition he pointed out the double standards of the United Nations in dealing with the crimes against Palestinian people as well as Iran’s nuclear programme. “We are denied our right to use peaceful nuclear technology. Undoubtedly, this is a resolution against our people. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the effects of adventurist and turbulent policies.”

Mousavi stated that the first and most necessary solution was “honestly informing the nation.” “It is the right of the people to know about the nature of the resolution and other resolutions that are being added. They must know what effects these sanctions have on their livelihoods, the rate of unemployment, inflation, production and the country’s progress and security.”

Mousavi also responded to Ahmadinejad’s claims that the resolution was insignificant. “By merely saying that the resolution is a piece of torn paper, the problems of the people and the country are not resolved. If the people are to resist against the unwanted crises, their trust is necessary, and trust cannot be achieved unless through the state’s veracity and a transparency of information.”

The 2009 presidential candidate warned of the dangers of the latest round of sanctions and the lack of knowledge in respect to it. He added that many of the people did not realise the danger of the new resolution. “If we want to increase the people’s readiness as the most important deterrence element against any possible dangers, we must inform them about the security repercussions of the present conditions.” Mousavi also called on authorities to allow for non-state media to carry out their role in candidly informing the public about the status quo.

Mousavi also compared the handling of the nuclear issue under two different administrations of Mr Khatami and Ahmadinejad and called for more advisors to be used in dealing with the nuclear crisis, especially due to the new circumstances. “As far as I know, contrary to the presidency of Mr Khatami, fewer and less experienced people are in charge of dealing with this sensitive dossier. One of the reasons for entering this unpleasant and critical phase is a lack of able advisors.” He also criticised the cloud of secrecy over the process of decision making on the nuclear issue. “Weren’t the people supposed to govern their own destiny?” he asked.

“Due to the current gap between the people and the state, the threat of outsiders and ill-wishers is more than ever before … an illegitimate and oppressive government at war with its people, cannot stand against foreign threats. Under such conditions, it must either concede to the outsiders or place the country on the verge of a devastating threat.”

Mousavi added that the present situation meant that it was “vital” to hold free and competitive elections and to ensure the freedom of the press and political prisoners and to attend to the needs of the post-election victims. “If our asset in dealing with the current situation is the nation, their votes and opinions must be respected and for any decision to be taken, its effects on the lives of employees, workers, teachers and impoverished sectors of society must be considered before anything.” Mousavi added that it was unfair for the country’s youth and poor to suffer as a result of the leaders’ despotic and adventurist decisions.

The war-time head of state also acknowledged that more than ever before, the Islamic Republic lacked “competent forces” among its ranks. He called for all the country’s managerial resources to be utilised as a way out of the crisis and criticised the removal of many capable managers from their positions. He expressed his dismay over the barring of former president Mohammad Khatami from travelling to Japan. “Does it not raise eyebrows when the country’s former president (with the respect he has on the international stage) is barred from taking advantage of an international platform for defending the people’s rights in the nuclear issue?”

With regards to the Revolutionary Guards’ expanding political and economic function in the country, Mousavi also pointed out the IRGC’s role in the post-election oppressions, arrests and interrogation of political prisoners as well as the Guards involvement in the financial sector with an “unbelievable size”. In addition, he called for the IRGC to return to its initial purpose which was to protect the country in the face of foreign threats and to create an environment suitable for economic development and fighting corruption. “Unfortunately, we will witness a decline in the reputation of the IRGC and a dwindling of popular support for the IRGC. It is foreseeable that with the current trend, the IRGC will defend its companies, shares as well as financial and monitory institutes instead of defending the people and the country.”

Mousavi also called for amendments to be made to the role of the IRGC and the Basij militia in light of the recent resolution and the sanctions against Iran. He also argued that the attacks by Basij militia against Green Movement leaders and the parliament served those behind the sanctions against the country.

In the end, Mousavi acknowledged that the reason for the sanctions against Iran was not aimed exclusively at the government. Recalling the CIA coup of 1953 that overthrew the democratically elected government of Mosaddegh and the experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan, Mousavi stated that certain elements within the Iranian government might favour further tension between Iran and foreign powers and might even encourage military action against Iran. “The Green Movement must use all of its international assets to show foreign powers that it will not allow them to take advantage of the current illegitimate government’s weaknesses and to harm the independence, territorial integrity and the country’s supreme interests.”

“Through the widespread information among different social sectors and the elite, the Green Movement will not allow the oppressors to escape accountability and responsibility and to increase the oppression and terrorising of [political] opponents by placing the country in a state of alert and welcoming military conflict or by giving in to disgraceful agreements over the most important national interests simply for the sake of ensuring their own short-term interests.”

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خاتمی و موسوی با یکدیگر دیدار و گفتگو کردند / Khatami and Mousavi met with each other and discussed current events


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi in a meeting while exchanging views regarding the domestic and international events and the situation of the country in the past year, emphasized on the continuation of civil and legal activities to fulfill people’s rights. In this meeting both parties stressed that firm guarantee for the release of political prisoners, the opening and normalization of the current restricted and security atmosphere, elimination of the obstacles facing the political and cultural activities of the various groups and parties that are in line with the true values of the Islamic Republic and in the framework of the constitution as well as holding free and fair elections were the basic necessities to change the current crisis dominating the country.

In the joint meeting of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, both parties while condemning the new UN security Council resolution and the imposed new sanctions against Iran, called that an action against the national security of Iran and by pointing to the concurrency of this resolution with the empowering of the terrorist groups and their resume activities in the west called it a new conspiracy against Iran, terrorist groups who have the blood of the innocent people of Iran on their hands and have no place among the nation and are a group of dead who have been buried in hatred in the minds of the Iranian people; although the wrong official propaganda and psychological war inside the country have brought up their names once again after many years and gave an illusion to these terrorists and their western supporters that they are still alive. These international actions that were supported by the big powers are being committed while the crimes of the government of Israel which were against the humanity not only are not condemned but are being supported.

The former president and the prime minister during Iran-Iraq war while emphasizing that the great nation of Iran for sure will not allow any one or any power to interfere in its internal affairs also made it clear that any policy, provocative, unconsidered or adventurous behavior by the government officials that would give an excuse for damage the national security and interest of the country is not acceptable by anyone.

While expressing great sadness for the increase in pressures on the critics, as well as the continuation of illegal actions and detentions on one hand and on the other hand the increase in the waves of lies and false accusations against renowned figures devoted to the revolution’s ideas and defenders of the people’s demands and rights who want the prosperity of the country, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami demanded the formation of a free and safe environment for the people and providing an atmosphere to critic the government’s policies and actions in economic, political, cultural and foreign affairs and providing means for everyone’s participation in the country’s fate.

While condemning the spread of lies and unjustified accusations, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami pointed out the extensive release of an audio file belonging to several months ago, which what was mentioned on it was undoubtedly unprecedented in the past thirty years and full of lies, insults and illusions; and called it, contrary to the intention of those who distributed it, God willing, illuminating against many uncertainties in the events before and after the last presidential election and the corruptions surrounding it. A shameful and illegal act that has precedents in the past too, as in 2005, the sitting president, in a report to the head of judiciary, gave clear examples of the illegal interferences of some organizations.

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi considered the spread of these contents under the name of the decisions of “the establishment” sad and called the lack of confrontation against the spread of these illusions, lies and confessed illegal actions on one hand and the collaboration of some official organizations and media with this group on the other hand, shocking.

At the end, the former president, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, and the former prime minister, Mir Hossein Mousavi, emphasized that what should be paid attention to by all, is being vigilant against the internal and external conspiracies and threats, and insisting on the rational demands and expectations, and moving forward within the boundaries of the constitution; and God willing, we will witness the return of everyone to the principles of the Islamic Revolution, the principles of the constitution and the high aspirations of the noble people of Iran.

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خاتمی:امام علی هرگز به محض اینکه کسی مخالفتی می‌کرد با آنها نمی‌جنگید/Khatami: Elections must be free and fair


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami in a meeting with members of central council of Islamic Youth party said: “Unfortunately today insults, lies and false accusations even against those who were allies of Imam Khomeini even before he came to the scene and after the Islamic Revolution were major figures of the revolution has become common and they are being accused of various kinds of accusation without being able to defend themselves.” 

Khatami emphasized: “When in the national-TV constantly false and biased issues are being mentioned (even if they were right, insults and cursing are wrong) is a catastrophe.” 

Khatami said: “Let the legitimate freedoms mentioned in the constitution exist and people will be the judge and this will solve many of the problems.”

He added: “Many of the good individuals who have been arrested or are wanted should be able to come to the scene, the groups and parties should be able to restart their legal activities, we never want to confront the system although are being accuse unjustly to all sorts of accusations and those who are accusing us are causing the most damage to the system.” 

Khatami added: “We are for compromise but a compromise that fully defends the demands and requests of the people.” 

He stressed: “Freedom means that the oppositions would be able to mention their views in front of powers.” He also added: “The constitution should be implemented fully and no one can violate it.”
Khatami said: “If we did badly, why religion should pay for it? Why should we say that any of our actions are the exact religious and revolutionary values and this method have bad consequences on the society and damage public trust? This is a disaster.” 

Khatami added: “We want people to govern their own fate. It means they can participate in a free and fair elections and the prerequisite for that is freedom of parties and freedom of speech. Press freely acts within the boundaries of the law and of course there should be no self-interest interpretation of the law.” 

Khatami also stated: “According to the constitution holding a rally without weapons does not need a permit. If the law is broken, then it should be dealt with according to the law, while now we witness the presence and activities of a group referred to as self-assertive, whom of course I don’t consider them self-assertive because they do whatever illegal and illegitimate act in complete security and come with instruments and gears that are not available to ordinary people (such as guns, batons, tear and smoke gas, radios and etc.) and also have immunity.” 

Khatami recommended: “Let people who defend the religion and the revolution and have an opinion other that the one in control say their words so that a great portion of the society doesn’t lose interest in the religion. Is it in the best interest of the revolution and the country that the atmosphere changes and the [political] prisoners be freed and the activities of all groups, who act within the boundaries of the constitution, be free.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami continued: “Today while the groups who are so-called rouge are free and have security but legal parties and organizations who serve the people are restricted and have become banned, the change of this environment is for the benefit of all and then we all will look forward to the future.” 

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami reinstated: “A future is desired that in which elections that are the most central base of the democracy would be free and healthy with such conditions that people’s rights would not be violated; and the conditions of free and healthy elections can also be mentioned and come to agreement, then we can all pass from the bitter past and look forward to a united future with a condition that the reasons behind the current bitterness would be eliminated.”

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سید محمد خاتمی: کجاست عدالت؟ / Seyyed Mohammad Khatami: Where Is Justice?


Former President Mohammad Khatami, in a meeting with the members of central council of youth fraction and academia of National Trust (Etemad-Melli, Karroubi’s party) party on June 15th, the anniversary of the epic day that millions of peaceful protestors took to the streets following the rigged presidential elections, said: “June 15th is a great day because it is linked to electing and elections.”

He added: “:June 15th is one of the epic days that people came to the scene spontaneously and in the most civilized way that one can imagine and this is the sign of the maturity of our nation that this massive crowd came to the scene in complete peace and without any tension and organizing and announced their glorious presence.”

Khatami added: “June 15th could be and still can be a foundation for a kind of directed unity to achieve the values of the Islamic Revolution, meaning the rule of people on their own destiny.”

In another part of his remarks Khatami while expresseing sorrow and condemning the insults and attacks on Mehdi Karroubi and Grand Ayatollah Saanei by a group of organized thugs during Karroubi’s visit to the holy city of Qom, praised the characters of Grand Ayatollah Saanei and Mehdi Karroubi.

 Khatami also stressed that today we are witnessing a particular movement and thought in the society that claims itself as the center and base of the Islamic Revolution and unfortunately by any means possible is ready to eliminate its critics and competitions and for strengthening its rule is abusing all the resources.

In another part of his remarks Khatami by pointing to the biased performance of the Guardian Council said: “Today we see that those organizations that should confirm the qualifications of the candidates (who run for public office) are massively rejecting many qualified individuals based on their own scale and limit people’s power to choose and this is a great damage to the revolution and system that Imam [Khomeini] founded; or we can see the same trend of thoughts in the security and judiciary confrontations that exist in the society today or in the state-run TV and radio programs and these issues exist in practice which makes it very dangerous.” 

Khatami added: “The outcome of this method that they shutdown all paths in the political scene so that only one particular movement can exist and restrict the social scene and by unethical means but yet organized, put pressure on all groups, is creating despondency in various classes of the people.”

Khatami stressed: “Where is justice? Today are people’s lives easier or harder? Those who are against this trend are caring for the revolution and society not those who are portraying the image of Imam [Khomeini] and the system in a bad way.”

At the end Khatami added: “We should all get united and think of a solution because these behaviors and methods are not right and those who insult, falsely accuse others, use violence and destroy should be stopped.”

Mousavi Facebook 

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بیانیه مجمع روحانیون مبارز در بزرگداشت مناسبت های ماه خرداد /The Assembly of Combatant Clerics issues statement for the anniversary of the birth of the Green movement


On approaching the anniversary of the Green movement’s birth, the Assembly of Combatant Clerics (reformist) issued a statement.

In its statement, the Assembly reminds of the historical importance of the month of Khordad from the beginning of Imam Khomeini’s movement against dictatorship to his passing and then yo the birth of the reform movement by the election of Mohammad Khatami and his re-election four years later, which all happened in the month of Khordad.

 The Assembly continues, that the great participation of people in last year’s presidential election could have paved the country’s path to a better future, but unfortunately the people’s enthusiasm was responded to unfairly by the regime and also the people’s protests in the most civilized and peaceful manner on Khordad 25th was brutally confronted by the government and instead of showing respect for the people and acknowledging their objections, the government called them rioters and created a heavy security environment, made arrests, and put pressure on people.

The statement continues that after a year many are in prisons with heavy and unfair sentences.  The Assembly of Combatant Clerics hopes that the situation changes as soon as possible and the freedoms asserted in the constitution be reinstated and some specific organizations stop their extensive interventions in politics, economy and culture. The Association also hopes that the plans and behaviours that are against the country’s national interests, especially in the international scene will be stopped.  

In the end, the Assembly reiterates that the solution to get out of the current crisis is to free all political prisoners and hold free elections.

Some of the leading members of the Assembly include;  Former President Mohammad Khatami, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Mohammad Mousavi Khoeini, and the brother of the Supreme Leader, Hadi Khamenei.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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