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Protests in university campuses in Iran on uprising anniversary

Iran Focus – Several hundred students staged a protest outside the main gate of Jondi Shapour University in Ahvaz, in the oil-rich south-western province of Khuzistan. They chanted “death to the dictator” and “death to Khamenei” (Iran’s Supreme Leader) and clashed with security and intelligence agents. Several students were injured.
Elsewhere, in the north-eastern city of Mashhad 300 students demonstrated in Ferdowsi University. They chanted “Students would rather die than accept humiliation”, “free all political prisoners”, and “Ya Hojjat Ibn Al-Hassan (referring to the 12th Shiite Imam), root out oppression”.
Special anti-riot forces attacked the protesting students with batons and sticks. Clashes ensued and some students hurled empty cola bottles at the security forces.

In the capital, dozens of plainclothes agents and special black-clad anti-riot units have been stationed at Tehran University’s main gate and are controlling the area.
Around Vali Asr Square, nearby, Special Forces on motorbikes are riding around watching over the crowd. Students and others are walking around in groups of 6 to 10.
Clashes broke out between 200 opposition activists and State Security Forces under Seyyed Khandan Bridge in north Tehran. People chanted “death to the dictator”, and the police were forced to retreat from the bridge.
In Enqelab Square, 150 protesters began chanting “death to the dictator”. They quickly dispersed when State Security Forces and agents on motorbikes attacked them.

On 9 July 1999 widespread protests erupted across Iran after members of the hard-line Bassij militia raided a dormitory in Tehran University. One student was killed when he was thrown out of the window. The ensuing nationwide protests that erupted came as a shock to Iran’s clerical leaders and lasted for over a week.


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Bazaar strikes expand to Tabriz and Mashad



Tehran – 3rd day of strikes

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The mountains of Mashad turn green !

People from Mashad write green slogans and names of green martyrs in the mountains

در ادامه مباحث در مورد راههای رسیدن به پیروزی جنبش سبز، گفتیم که به تعداد افراد ملت ایران راه برای به پیروزی رسیدن جنبش سبز وجود دارد. حالا این سه تا رو هم اضافه کنید : کوهنوردی سبز ، تفریح… سبز و تفرج سبز

سبزهای مشهدی و یادمان شهدای جنبش سبز و کوهنوردی در یک مسیر عمومی و خانوادگی

تابلوها را هم ناخوانا کرده ایم که تا شعارها برای همیشه بماند و برادران ارزشی دیگر به زحمت نیفتند

Secular Democracy for Iran


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فراخوان تجمع اعتراضی سکوت دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد مشهد در سالگرد ۲ خرداد / Call for protests in Mashhad Azad University on Sunday 23 May

فراخوان تجمع اعتراضی سکوت دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی مشهد در سالگرد ۲ خرداد
تجمع در ساعت ۱۱:۳۰ یکشنبه دوم خرداد ماه جلوی سلف دانشگاه

برگزار خواهد شد


فراخوان تجمع اعتراضی سکوت دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی مشهد در سالگرد ۲ خرداد

۳۱ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۹

تحول سبز: گروهی از دانشجویان سبز دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد مشهد با اعلام فراخوانی از تجمع سکوت خود در سالروز حماسه دوم خرداد خبر دادند .

به گزارش تحول سبز در این اطلاعیه ضمن دعوت از عموم دانشجویان فهیم برای حضور در این تجمع سکوت ، به عوامل خود سر و نیروهای لباس شخصی هشدار داده شده است که از هرگونه حمله به دانشجویان پرهیز کنند ، چرا که تمام این مراسم توسط دوربینهای حرفه ای فیلم برداری خواهد شد و در صورت اعمال خشونت و یا برخورد با دانشجویان ، فیلم آن در اختیار رسانه ها قرار خواهد گرفت و عاملین این گونه تحرکات شناسایی خواهند شد .

لازم بذکر است تجمع قبلی دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد مشهد با حمله وحشیانه نیروهای خودسر و در انفعال کامل مسئولین انتظامات و حراست دانشگاه به خاک و خون کشیده شد .

متن کامل این فراخوان بدین شرح است :

به نام خدا
“دانشگاه زنده است”
همشاگردی سلام
بیا تا بار دیگر در کنار هم باشیم
بدین وسیله به اطلاع دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی مشهد میرسانیم
امسال در سالروز دوم خرداد کنار یکدیگر جمع میشویم ، یاد شهدای
جنبش اعتراضی سبزمان را گرامی میداریم ، و اعتراض
خودمان را نسبت به زندانی کردن فرهیختگان جامعه و همچنین احکام
صادره برای دوستانمان را با تجمع سکوت بار دیگر گوشزد میکنیم

تجمع در ساعت ۱۱:۳۰ یکشنبه دوم خرداد ماه جلوی سلف دانشگاه
برگزار خواهد شد
دوستان و گروه هایی که برایشان مقدور هست
اقدام به دیوار نویسی و پخش تراکت کنند

تذکر های مهم :

دوستان تجمع در سکوت کامل خواهد بود
پس از هر گونه شعار و حرکات و تندروی ها به شدت پرهیز کنید

دوستان دقت کنند در صورتی که بسیج و نیروهای انصار اقدام به شعار دادن نمودند
به هیچ عنوان مقابله به مثل نکنید و هیچ بهانه ای دستشان ندهید

در صورتی که نیروهای مزدور وحشیانه حمله کردند از یکدیگر دفاع کنید

دوستان برای پوشاندن چهره از عینک آفتابی استفاده کنید و از زدن ماسک بپرهیزید

اخطار به نیروهای مزدور امینتی ، انصار و بسیج :

تجمع دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد مشهد با دوربین حرفه ای تصویربرداری میگردد
در صورت هر گونه وحشی گری به سرعت نور این تصاویر به شبکه های خارجی ارسال میگردد.

زنده باد جنبش سبز

جنبش سبز دانشگاه آزاد مشهد


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May Day Reports from Iran | Protests under heavy security

High Volume of Security in Tehran for International Worker’s Day

Astreetjournalist – Received reports indicate that in accordance with International Worker’s Day (that is recognized on May 1st) a high volume of security is apparent in Tehran, especially in the central region.

Military and disciplinary officers are concentrated in Enghelab Square until near Azadi Square. [Government-operated] vans are stationed around Enghelab Square.

The Kaleme website reports that the security agents are concentrated outside the Ministry of Labour and Laborer’s House (on Azadi Street). The area has been reported to look like a military zone.

There are also reports from Fatemeh Square

of security agents based across the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

A number of Iranian employers have threatened their staff with termination from their position if they decide to act in protest for International Worker’s Day.

Workers Gather in Protest after Labour Minister Speech in Mashad

Yesterday in Mashad, on the first national conference for the day of labour mobilization and celebration of worker martyrs, Abdolreza Sheikholeslami, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, analyzed the third verse of Surat Al-Baqarah from the Qur’an and then interpreted the concept of absence of the Imam and faith. Since the conference was supposed to be held on May Day and he did not mention the situation of workers in Iran,

a group of workers gathered after his speech in the Ayeha building to protest the minister’s talk.

One of the workers said, “We expected the minister to say better words on the improvement of workers situation, but he did not even mention workers.”

Another worker said, “When the Health or Education Minister talks, part of the speech focuses on congratulating nurses and teachers, but the Labour Minister spoke and didn’t say a word about workers.”

A worker Mohammad Karimi said, “The minimum we expected from the Labour Minister was that after he analyzed the Qur’an, he would talk about problems pertaining to workers and also provide solutions.”

He added, “Unfortunately, in our country, there is no value for workers. The proof of this is all the letters and correspondence I had with the Ministry of Labour since March 2009 that have gone nowhere.”

Buses Filled with Workers Stopped By Regime Forces, Man Badly Beaten

Despite the strong security atmosphere, a gathering began in front of the Ministry of Labour. Currently a crowd has gathered in Azadi and Enghelab Squares. Some people are holding flowers to commemorate May Day.

Between Enghelab and Azadi Squares, undeclared martial law continues. INA correspondent reports three buses full of workers coming from Varamin was stopped by police.

The forces acknowledged that the workers were on their way to the demonstration, but did not allow them to proceed. One worker was badly beaten and left there in his blood.

May Day Protest Gathering in Shiraz

Workers in Shiraz organized a protest gathering on the occasion of International Worker’s Day (I.e. May Day).

The gathering took place in front of Shiraz’s Azadi Avenue in the province of Fars. Demonstrators held banners that read: “Expelling workers will bring them a black destiny.” Another banner read: “Workers, congratulations on your day of employment, we won’t sit down until we get what is ours.”

One of the workers at the gathering said that in the last few months he has been expelled from the Gooshe Fars industrial complex and has not been paid his wages for seven months. The annonymous worker explained that Gooshte Fars Industrial Complex has been shut down for over two months and close to 1,200 workers are now unemployed.

Workers from the Gooshte Fars factory also protested their situation in March and April 2010.

Several Hundred Protesters Gather in Tabriz for May Day

Several hundred workers in Tabriz gathered in front of the Labour Department to celebrate International Worker’s Day

Based on reports recieved by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran (HRDAI), several hundred workers and citizens gathered in front of the Labour Department on Khomeini Street in Tabriz and protested against massive expulsions, unemployment, and poverty.

The protests began at 11:00am (Tehran time) and hundreds of people continue to protest [as evening approaches]. The gatherings have taken place despite the vast presence of oppressive forces.

Eyewitnesses have reported over 40 cars belonging to regime agents stationed at the scene of protest. Also, a large number of baton-wielding motorcyclists are patrolling the streets. Plainclothes forces from the Ministry of Intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards are present in strong numbers as well.

Heavy security presence in Tehran and other major cities

According to eye witness reports, there were heavy security presence in Tehran and some other major cities of the country on International Worker’s Day.

Kaleme website reports on the large security and plain cities militia presence in the central areas of the Tehran and near Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Organization.

Based on this report there have been gatherings and heavy security presence in other major cities of Iran including, Tabriz, Shiraz and Qazvin; in these gatherings workers by holding signs in their hands stressed that layoffs will bring the workers “Black fate” and some other signs read: “Worker, congratulation on your Unemployment Day” and “We will not give up until we gain our rights”.

There have also been some unconfirmed reports of clashes between protesters and security forces.

International Worker’s Day celebration in Saqez, Kurdistan

On may 1, 2010, at approximately 5:30am, a large number of workers moved toward Jaghal Mountain, a leisure hanging place for the citizens of Saqez (a city in the province of Kurdistan).

Around 8:00am, a large number of people also gathered at the mountain to celebrate International Worker’s Day.

First a moment of silence was held for those killed for the freedom of the working class. After, everyone stood up and a poem was read to break the silence.

Activist Mahmood Salehi addressed the crowd for Worker’s Day. An article was read by another activist, followed by a poem titled, “I am a worker.”

A student present at the gathering also gave a speech.

At the end, a nationwide resolution was read and then the people, in an organized manner, returned back to the city.

Coordinating Committee for the Formation of Worker’s Organizations

To see videos of May Day in Iran:  Droi’s vodspot

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Warnings of a labor crisis looming in Iran

Roozonline – As International Workers Day approaches there are warnings of a labor crisis in Iran.  During the past week, and only 10 days before May 1 International Workers Day, labor news sources report the laying off of at least 2,500 industrial and leather workers in Ilam and Mashad.  Counting other laid-off workers in industrial and large cities such as Abadan, Ahwaz, Khorramshahr and Shiraz, during the last two weeks, more than 4,000 workers have lost their jobs just in the recent past.

In fact this unemployment trend has picked up unprecedented pace in the recent year.  The crisis in Iran’s industrial sector has reached such a level that, in an interview yesterday, the head of Iran’s House of Labor predicted the closure of hundreds of large and medium industrial firms per year and the subsequent laying off of 200,000 workers every year after that.

A labor activist in Ilam told Iran’s Labor News Agency yesterday that at least 1,000 industrial workers had been laid off in Ilam, adding, “Officials think that the situation in less developed areas is better because of lower costs. But this is not true.  An industrial crisis has spread throughout the province and during 2008 and 2009, 20 firms have shut down and more than 1,000 workers have been laid off.  All of this points to the absence of occupational security for workers.”  

The wave of closures and lay offs has reached industrial firms and workers in Mashad.  According to various reports, the closure of leather factories in Mashad is continuing, so far leading to the laying off of at least 1,500 workers.  

According to Safir website, one leather expert in Mashad said, “Fluctuations in the exchange rate, increasing smuggling of Chinese and Thai shoes at much lower prices has caused 45 major leather factories in Khorasan to shut down since 1382, laying off at least 1,500 workers in the sector.”  

The increasing frequency of firm closures and worker layoffs prompted House of Labor president Alireza Mahjoub to hold a press conference for the second time in as many weeks.  

The labor leader called the crisis in Iran “unprecedented” and predicted that the “critical situation would worsen as a result of the inflation shock from the subsidy reform plan.”  

Noting that even prior to the subsidy reform bill, the cost of production of domestic goods were higher than their market price, he said, “Because the subsidy reform plan will increase the price of water, electricity, gas and other basic goods, we will see an increase in the production costs of domestic firms.”  

At the end of the interview, Alireza Mahjoub announced plans to hold International Workers Day events, while last week the interior ministry and governor of Tehran refused the House of Labor’s request for permits to hold events on the International Workers Day.

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Anti-government clashes with police persist in Tehran December 31, 2009

Despite repeated warnings from authorities, Iranian protesters have refused to back down and unrest persists in downtown core of Tehran.

Ministry of Intelligence and the Judiciary each issued statements warning protesters that the government will show “no mercy” in dealing with dissidents.

The warnings have been coupled with the deployment of the Special Forces all across the city.

ValiAsr and Haft-e Tir Squares have seen sporadic altercations between protesters and the Special Guards today. Police has used tear gas bombs to disperse the crowds and reportedly several protesters were also arrested.

Full story @ Radiozamaneh

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Sparked by video of Khomeini picture burning, Universities erupt in protest on 22 Azar(Dec.13)

On 22 Azar ( Dec. 13 ) Iranian Universities again erupted in protest across the country.  Sparked by a video alledgedly showing protestors burning a picture of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, in which the regime is exploiting in an attempt to justify harsher crackdowns and possble future arrests of reform leaders.  Protestors, reform leaders, and many clerics across the country blame the coup government for staging the video.  Here are a some of the videos of the subsequent protests  from across Iran.

Beheshti University

Tehran University

Qazvin University

Khaje Nasir University

Shiraz University

Iran-Al-Zahra University

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Night protest at Mashad Universtiy on 16 Azar تظاهرات شبانه دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد16آذر

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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