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The Only Way Forward

سالي يکبار مقام معظم رهبري به آسمان مي روند / Mesbah Yazdi says, “Once a year the Supreme Leader goes to heaven!”

حضرت آيت الله مصباح يزدي فرمودند: مقام عظماي ولايت هر سال در 5 اسفند به مدت 5 ساعت به اسمان مي روند ودر انجا با حضرت خضر و حضرت ولي عصر جلسه برگزار مي كنند وسپس به زمين مراجعه مي كنند.

سال گذشته به خاطر فتنه سبز اقا نتوانستند به اسمان بروند. اما امسال به جهت ارامش ايجاد شده اقا دوباره به اسمان خواهند رفت

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi said: The supreme leader (Khamenei) goes to heaven each year on 5 Esfand (february 24) for 5 hours. There he has a meeting with the Hidden Imam and Prophet Khazar and than he comes back to earth.

Last year, he couldn’t go there because of green seduction, but this year our leader will go back to heaven because the situation is calm again…

Note:  The new calendar year in Iran  runs from March 20, 2011 to March 19, 2012.  So, this means Khamenei will ascend to Heaven on February 24, 2012.  In the event this trip is a one-way ride, we believe we have found his perfect replacement here on earth.


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New commander chosen for Khamenei’s protection guard

It was announced about 10 days ago that Brigadier General Ibrahim Jabari has been appointed as the new commander of Khamenei’s protection guards. The reason behind this appointment was not announced.

Background info:

Khamenei’s protection guard known as the Vali Amr Corps consists of 12,000 people. Ibrahim Jafari was appointed as the head of the Zanjan IRGC Base after the Iran Iraq war as a second brigadier. He was chosen as the head of the Qazvin IRGC Base in 2002 and in this post, suppressed the people in this city for six years. Seven months before the elections in 2009, Jabari was transferred to Tehran and was appointed as the deputy commander of the IRGC in Tehran. Eleven days before the elections, he was elected as deputy to the head of the Bassij, Hossein Taeb.

In this time, from June 15 to Aug. 16, 2009, the Bassij directly controlled everything in the capital along with the RGC and suppressed the post-election protests. In the first six months after the elections, Jabari acted as the senior deputy to Taeb in violently suppressing the protests. He has close contacts with Mesbah Yazdi. Yazdi who is a cleric is known as the godfather of Ahmadinejad. Jabari went to Qom on November 17, 2009 on orders of the head of the IRGC in Iran, Mohammad-Ali Jafari, and became the IRGC commander in this town. In the 12 months of his command, there were many protests in Qom. He played a major part in suppressing these protests. This IRGC official who has a history in suppression and committing crimes against the people has been chosen as the new head of protection for Khamenei. 


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Administration Supporters Seeking Islam Without Clergy

Roozonline – While protests against last year’s presidential elections have created divisions between the government and protesters, and as political forces have reorganized themselves along new fault lines, news reports point to increasing divisions among the Principalists, the ideologue group that is in power. In the latest incident of this sort, Morteza Nabavi, the editor-in-chief of the conservative Resalat daily, warned against the “emergence of a deviant faction within the Principalists” that support Ahmadinejad, and other Principalist group that strives to turn Ahmadinejad into a “Putin” [a reference to the former Russian President who after two presidential terms openly supported Dmitry Medvedev to succeed him and then assumed the position of Prime Minister himself].

Concern about Ahmadinejad’s supporters is not a new phenomenon. Much discussion existed about him and his supporters since his first days in office in 2005. The most important discussions revolved around ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, one of Ahmadinejad’s most important supporters and his spiritual god father, who has been often accused of vying for more power (especially since Mesbah Yazdi ran for a seat in the Assembly of Experts in 2006 on a separate slate.) Mesbah Yazdi’s power has been on the rise ever since.

Perhaps that’s why a Principalist blogger writes, “Mesbah is the behind-the-scenes threat against ayatollah Khamenei. The supreme leader has been gradually moving toward the respectful dismissal of Ahmadinejad while at the same time not wanting to leave the field entirely to Ahmadinejad and Mesbah by fully eliminating the Greens. Ahmadinejad kissed Mr. Khamenei’s hands in 2005 but not in 2009, an  indication of the direction in their relations. Publications like Ansar News refer to Mesbah as ‘Imam Mesbah,’ and lately claimed, that ‘serving Mesbah is serving the hidden Imam.’ Visit the Ansar News website and read it yourselves.”

Characterizing the “Green Movement” as a side distraction, the blogger continues, “While pure and clean Basij forces and supporters of the supreme leader are spending their energy to fight the conspiracy leaders [a reference to Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Karoubi], Imam’s family and even grand ayatollahs, ayatollah Mesbah is targeting the supreme leader’s last remaining sources of power in an effort to capture the post and we are focusing all our efforts to suppress the so-called green students. One by one, Mesbah first took Hashemi Rafsanjani away from the supreme leader, then the Imam’s family, then the three conspiracy leaders, who, like it or not, are strong personalities in the regime, and recently weakened the Majlis while pretending to defend the supreme leader. The Basiji youth must be careful. Mesbah is occupying Mr. Khamenei’s post.”

The Principalists are already worried about the eleventh presidential election in 2013, in which Ahmadinejad does not qualify to run for a third term. Amir Mohebian, an editor of Resalat daily and a right wing strategist, wrote, “It is possible that Mr. Ahmadinejad would assume a more influential role in the upcoming presidential election and even before that, in the Majlis election. It is even possible that the Putin model is chosen, meaning that Mr. Ahmadinejad would bring forward a candidate close to himself as the next president.”

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Mesbah Yazdi’s Danger for Khamenei

Mohtashamipour’s Third Warning About the Mesbahiyeh Cult
Roozonline – A senior member of the reformist clerical group Assembly of Combatant Clergy [Majma Rohaniyoon Mobarez] Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour, warned about the increasing power of hardline cleric Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and his disciples, noting, “The Mesbahiyeh cult, which I have been warning about for years, is not sitting idle; this is a very dangerous and violent group that won’t show mercy to anyone, neither to the Imam, nor to ayatollah Khamenei. They are using him as a tool to reach their goals, and when they accomplish that, they would destroy the supreme leader too.”

He added, “I am certain that Mr. Mesbah Yazdi does not believe in the supreme leader. Mr. Mesbah did not believe in the Imam, and after the revolution, he was not present in the war, or in other positions to help the Imam. Why do you think he believes in ayatollah Khamenei?”

This is Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour’s third warning about the influence of the “Mesbahiyeh cult” in Iranian power structure. He had warned before in 1385 and 1387 about the gradual infiltration of Meshab Yazdi and his close disciples into sensitive power centers in Iran.

Mohtashamipour, who was himself close to revolutionary founder ayatollah Khomeini, has accused Mesbah of seeking to strip the Islamic republic from its republican core and “popular sovereignty.” Describing the Mesbahiyeh cult’s views, he said, “The Mesbahiyeh cult is extremely restrictive against women, the youth, students, journalists, and internal politicians. We don’t see anytime during Imam’s life when he accused the Iranian youth of being heretics; or to refer to students as secular, materialistic, and egotistical.”

Mohtashamipour revealed that he has warned the Islamic Republic supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei during a face-to-face meeting about Mesbah Yazdi’s increasing influence, adding, “I still believe that the danger posed by the Mesbahiyeh cult for the revolution and the Islamic Republic regime is much stronger than the one posed by many other groups and factions. God forbid, one day it will official wage war against the Islamic Republic and the person of the supreme leader.”

Despite opposition from many figures close to ayatollah Khomeini, including ayatollah Tavassoli, Mehdi Karoubi, Mousavi-Tabrizi, Mohammad Khatami, and even verbal clashes between Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mesbah Yazdi over the latter’s promotion of violence against political opponents, and Mesbah Yazdi’s clear remarks about the insignificance of popular votes and the divine sovereignty of the supreme leader, Mesbah Yazdi’s disciples have advanced so far into the Iranian power structure that his supporters and former students now occupy sensitive posts, particularly in the Islamic Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps, Basij and the police.

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روانبخش:هاشمی بدون شک تا 6ماه دیگر از صحنه سیاست کشور کنار خواهد رفت Rafsanjani will be gone in six months

For Farsi  rahesabz

Qasem Ravanbakhsh said he believes the elimination of Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani from the political scene was ‘not something out of reach.’

The editor-in-chief of Parto Sokhan, a publication affiliated with the institute managed by Ayatollah Mohammad Mesbah-Yazdi, added, “But Agha [term used to refer to Iran’s Leader] is against eliminating people from the political scene of the country or else it is not that implausible to omit him.”

“But we believe there is no longer a need for revolutionary forces to omit Rafsanjani as he will omit himself from the political scene of the country,” he told Haghighat news.

“If you look at it no one restricted Rafsanjani from leading the Friday prayers, rather he himself deprived himself of this divine blessing because he knew that the people would no longer follow him in prayer,” he claimed.

“Rafsanjani always takes stances according to the political weather forecast of the country. Whenever there is to be a meeting of the Assembly of Experts or at the time of electing a new [AE] presiding board he adopts stances close to that of the Leader and immediately afterward he becomes close with the heads of the Green Movement and the Reformists.”

“This is evident to and obvious for the members of the Assembly of Experts and the Iranian nation and within the next six months he will be banished from the political scene of the country.”

“The Reformists and the Principlists have no trust in Rafsanjani because he is only after his own interests and has always adopted stances according to the political weather forecast [of the country] and his own interests.”

English translation from Tehran Bureau

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محتشمی‌پور: پشت سر تمام فتنه‌هایی که رخ داده، انجمن حجتیه را می‌بینم


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طائب:دولت احمدی نژاد مقدمه ظهور امام زمان است


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Is the Hojjatieh in “Check?”

Internal jousting between factions of the Islamic Republic continued as hardline member of the Guardian Council, Gholamhosein Elham accused the moderate cleric Hashemi Rafsanjani of trying to “cut off” Ayatollah Khamenei form leadership. He also claimed that former President Mohammad Khatami has always aimed at “crossing over the Islamic system.”

Gholamhosein Elham, who was speaking to a group of Qom citizens, gave examples of how he felt Ayatollah Rafsanjani had repeatedly tried to exclude Ayatollah Khamenei from leadership and “take over the system and the Revolution through the executive branch of the government.”

Mr. Elham is a close associate of Mesbah Yazdi, member of the Haghani inner circle (Hojjatieh), and sits along side the dominant members of the powerful extremist Gaurdian Council which includes, Ahmad Janati (Chairman of the council and Co-founder of the Haghani schools). 

 Rafsanjani has been the main target of the Hojjatieh, even as far back as the 2005 election, as he is the biggest obstacle in their bid to eventually remove the “republic” element from Iran’s system, and realize their dream for a wholly “Islamic Iran.”  Rafsanjani still wields considerable influence and commands allegiance by many of the power brokers and clerics.  Without him, the system becomes extremely vulnerable, and ripe for a complete takeover.  If Khamenei has inked a deal with, or has come to an “understanding” with Rafsanjani in a desperate bid to unite the regime, it is evident that the Hojjatieh is fighting back.  One must consider, after months of relative silence, Rafsanjani would not rejoin the chess match if he did not at least hold the position of “Check.”  What remains to be seen is,  if in fact a deal has been made, how far is the Hojjatieh willing to go, and exactly how much support do they command.  Stay tuned.

For more on Gholamhosein Elham’s remarks:  Radiozamaneh


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Janati says allegations of fraud in Iran election are “absurd and stupid” and calls oppositon leaders treacherous

Iranian hardline cleric, Ahmad Janati announced that Iran’s June presidential elections were the “healthiest” elections and the allegations of fraud in it were “absurd and stupid.”  Janati told a group of Amol citizens that there is no question in the validity of the elections because the Guardian Council regards it “fundamentally healthy and legal,” according to Fars News. 

He added that the Guardian Council is “not tied to any party or power and it desires neither money nor status.”
Ayatollah Janati, the Chairman of the Guardian Council spoke of the disputing candidates today saying: “The treachery of these individuals who have sold out themselves to the enemy is unrivalled by any other.”

The Guardian Council (all appointed by the Supreme Leader) is the body that  is charged with interpreting the Constitution of Iran, supervising elections of, and approving of candidates to, the Assembly of Experts, the President and the Majlis, and “ensuring  the compatibility of the legislation passed by the  Majlis with the criteria of Islam and the Constitution.”  They are the watchdog of the constitution and  can veto any law passed by the Majlis.  This body wields considerable influence in Iran and on highly sensitive issues heeds the Leader’s wishes. It’s leader, Ayatollah Janati is a Co-founder of the Haghani schools, along with Mesbah Yazdi (Messianic Ayatollah) and is very supportive of Ahmadinejad.


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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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